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Soul Journal 20/02/21 #4: ●When I Am Melancholic & Feel Rather Lonely●

●《Soul》 When I’m melanchoic or feel rather lonely, sometimes I make my way down the street, put headphones on my eyes, put a beautiful tune on that takes me to another place through the vibrations and frequencies, smile and take myself to another place in my mind..

Today I listened to this; a blissful tune – especially the endingish: https://youtu.be/R7qhVQK9_-Q 《Soul》●

Guest Post: The Un-Dead

This is a guest post by: https://topomzblog.wordpress.com

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It is a replacement to trial,
Quite unfortunate, we are no different than the UN-DEAD,
So we were told,
This is how we walk,
Now we were told,
This is how we should hide .
So much price we can’t pay, that left us UN-DEAD,
The mice, the lab rats, the test subject,
Are we not like the undead?
Some more alive than others,
This is how we were told,
Take precautions, the vaccine are coming.
The fear of survival is hunting the soul of men,
Running towards what we were been told,
Dose that not makes us the undead?
Brains we can’t use,
Education and more without result,
And then we were told to do so.
Just like the undead.
Irritated by lives and meaning,
We are so lost we need help,
This is like the blind leading the blind,
Oh, no the slaughter house are killing,
With just syringe and needles,
Now the vaccines have arrived.
We will queue up like the undead to feed,
On the living to stay alive.
Some times it’s good to second guess.

Now we need vanhelsing to vanquish Dracula once more,
The long fight is causing more undead living,
Let’s be sure to wake up,
We slept long and hard.
Its either we all get infected or we stay clean.
Food for thought.

To see more of this poet’s work, check here: https://topomzblog.wordpress.com

Philosophy #18: Positivism

Positivism is a philosophy of science based on the view that in the social as well as natural sciences, data derived from sensory experience, and logical and mathematical treatments of such data, are together the exclusive source of all authentic knowledge. Obtaining and verifying data that can be received from the senses is known as empirical evidence. Society operates according to laws like the physical world. Introspective and intuitional attempts to gain knowledge are rejected.