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Poetry #117: Turning To Dust

No matter what happens

Our souls are eternal

We in all, and all is in us

For we all one day turn to dust

Keep the trust

You will return home no matter what

This journey in the grand tapesty of life is but a fart in cosmic time

A squeeze and zest of fragrant lime

Believe in yourself, I believe in you, sublime

Your spirit will never die, society has taught you that you are a crime.

~DiosRaw 25/02/21 10:20AM

Soul Journal 20/02/21 #4: ●When I Am Melancholic & Feel Rather Lonely●

●《Soul》 When I’m melanchoic or feel rather lonely, sometimes I make my way down the street, put headphones on my eyes, put a beautiful tune on that takes me to another place through the vibrations and frequencies, smile and take myself to another place in my mind..

Today I listened to this; a blissful tune – especially the endingish: https://youtu.be/R7qhVQK9_-Q 《Soul》●

What Is Energy, Vibration & Frequency?

“To understand how vibrations and frequencies work, we first have to start by talking about energy. So what is energy? Well that’s easy…EVERYTHING is energy! Seriously, everything. Whether it be a human, plant, chair, or thought, everything in our existence is part of an interconnected web of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies. This web of energy is commonly referred to as a “life force” or “soul” that connects a stream of consciousness between all atoms and particles in the universe.

Vibrations refer to the oscillating and vibrating movement of atoms and particles caused by energy. Even solid objects like tables are actually made up of microscopic vibrating atoms that receive, store, and emit energy. Pretty neat, huh? Because of this, all humans and objects have an energy field that has its own vibrational frequency.

Frequency, which is measured in hertz (Hz) units, is the rate at which vibrations and oscillations occur. Frequencies are used to determine and differentiate vibrational patterns. So, an atom that is vibrating at a faster rate would be considered a higher frequency than one that is vibrating at a much slower rate. Differentiating between high and low frequencies is important for understanding how the two interact with each other and can be beneficial or detrimental to your health.

How Vibration and Frequency Affect Your Wellbeing

Humans have an optimal frequency–as does everything else in the universe–that occurs when each of the cells in our body vibrates at the frequency it was designed to. Bruce Tainio, a famous researcher and developer of Tainio Technology, found that a healthy body resonates at a frequency of 62-70 MHz, and when your frequency drops to 58 MHz, that is when the disease starts1. Bacteria, viruses, and disease each have their own, low frequency that influences your energy field2.

As your frequency drops due to environmental and physiological factors, your immune system is compromised and opportunistic bacteria and viruses are able to wreak havoc on your body–making you more susceptible to disease. Trapped emotions stored in our organs, muscles and tissues as pockets of electromagnetic energy also have a negative influence our wellbeing. Disharmony and imbalance in the body’s energy field shows up long before it becomes a physical problem.”

Source: https://purelysimpleorganicliving.com/vibrations-frequencies/

Shamanism #4: The Four Earthly Consciousness Kingdoms

There are four types of earthly consciousness kingdoms – mineral, plant, animal, and human.

Human Kingdom

The human kingdom is the youngest of the four kingdoms. Compared to the other three kingdoms we are still fairly new to this physical realm.

In our infancy we were much more connected to our environment and our spirituality, we had a connection with the other kingdoms, our soul and spirit. We then found science and religion and these two moved us away from our environment and our spirit; we developed ‘tunnel-vision’ on this physical world, and the spirit world was deemed outside of our control and separate from this physical life.

Our awareness is around 85% – 90% in the physical and only around 15% – 10% in the energy/spirit realm.

Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom is the next youngest Kingdom and is very close to us. Some people even consider us a part of the animal kingdom. We are not.

The animal kingdom is very closely related to us, we can connect and relate to animals – pets and domesticated animals. However, animals are much more connected to the energy and spirit realms than we are.

Recently I saw a report of a dog that was able to diagnosis a person with early cancer, long before our medical system could. This demonstrates that the dog was tapping into something that we are not.

Animal awareness is around 70% – 75% in the physical realm and 25% – 30% in the energy/spirit realm.

Plant Kingdom

The plant kingdom is the next oldest and has been around for a lot longer then either the human or animal kingdoms. There were millions of years between when the first plant materialized on mother earth and the first animal materialized. This time gap between the plant and animal kingdoms creates a detachment between the two, and this detachment is even more pronounced with the human kingdom.

Although we view plants as a ‘life-form’ we do not usually see plants as a ‘conscious life-form’. We are somewhat removed from this ‘life-form’. However, a gardener with awarneess will have a different view on how aware plants are.

Plant awarness is around 55% – 60% in the physical realm and 40% – 45% in the energy/spirit realms.

Mineral Kingdom

The mineral kingdom is the elder of the four kingdoms and has been here on mother earth since the very beginning, millions of years before even the first plant materialized. This gap distances us from the mineral kingdom even more.

We generally do not see the stones and crystals as being alive; we see them as just physical objects that are not conscious or with any sign of life connected to them.

The Mineral Kingdom expresses themselves here in the physical with the many wondrous formations that the members of the mineral kingdom creates. However, the awarness (soul) of the mineral kingdom resides more in the spirit realm than here in the physical.

The mineral kingdom is almost the mirror image of the human kingdom – our awareness (soul) is mostly focused on the physical realm and our physical body whereas the mineral kingdom’s awarness (soul) is mostly focused on the spirit realm and not the physical.

With the mineral kingdom almost the opposite of us, we need to expand our awareness in the spirit realm in order to comprehend the consciousness of the mineral kingdom.

Crystals & Stones:

The members of the Mineral Kingdom consists of two forms – Crystals & Stones and there is a difference with the two.


Crystals are much different than stones. Crystals actually grow and growth is a sign of life, much like plants grow, crystals also grow. Crystals are not as dense as stones, they are a lot lighter and more accessible to us.


Stones are much denser than crystals. The denser stones requires more effort on our part to connect with them. Connecting with the crystals first gives us some experience working with the mineral kingdom and this experience makes connecting with the stones easier.

Mineral awareness is different for the two forms;

-Crystals are around 20% in the Physical and 80% energy/spirit realm.

-Stones are around 10% in the physical and 90% energy/spirit realms.

Source: http://crystalspiritmedicine.blogspot.com/p/mineral-kingdom.html?m=1

You Brave Souls

A long time ago, you brave Souls agreed to take on a special role on planet Earth through your soul contract you made before this lifetime. You who have courageously responded to this call, you have incarnated all over the world.

You have spread far and wide on this specially created planet in preparation for this preordained Cosmic Event, the Mass Ascension of humanity and Earth.

Many of you are becoming aware of your origins and potential as a carrier of Cosmic Light.

Maintaining Higher Immunity & A High Vibration

Maintaining Higher Immunity and a Higher Vibration – you will beat it – if you get it. Been saying it the whole way and still standing by it.

“CV has a vibration of 5.5hz and dies above 25.5hz.
For humans with a higher vibration, infection is a minor irritant that is soon eliminated!
The reasons for having low vibration could be:
Fear, Phobia, Suspicion
Anxiety, Stress, Tension.
Jealousy, Anger, Rage
Hate, Greed
Attachment or Pain
* And so …… we have to understand to vibrate higher, so that the lower frequency does not weaken our immune system. *
The frequency of the earth today is 27.4hz. but there are places that vibrate very low like:
Assistance Centers.
Underground etc.
It is where the vibration drops to 20hz, or less.
For humans with low vibration, the virus becomes dangerous.
Bread 0.1 to 2hz.
Fear 0.2 to 2.2hz.
Irritation 0.9 to 6.8hz.
Noise 0.6 to 2.2hz.
Pride 0.8Hz.
Superiority 1.9 hz.
A higher vibration on the other hand is the outcome of the following behavior: –
Generosity 95hz
Gratitude 150 hz
Compassion 150 hz or more.
The frequency of Love and compassion for all living beings is 150 Hz and more.
Unconditional and universal love from 205hz
So … come on …
* Vibrate Higher !!! *
What helps us vibrate high?
Loving, Smiling, Blessing, Thanking, Playing, Painting, Singing, Dancing, Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditating, Walking in the Sun, Exercising, Enjoying nature, etc.
Foods that the Earth gives us: seeds-grains-cereals-legumes-fruits and vegetables-
Drinking water: help us vibrate higher ….. !!!
* The vibration of prayer alone goes from 120 to 350hz *
So sing, laugh, love, meditate, play, give thanks and live!
_ * Let’s vibrate high … !!! *”

This information is compiled & edited by Naturotherapist Dr. Harshal Sancheti, Nasik but
the original source of this information is from the book * Power Vs Force *
Based on * David R Hawkins’ Doctoral Thesis *.

Please share this valuable information!

The Brain On Psychedelics


“Your mind’s interconnectedness, placebo vs mushrooms:


Now that’s what integral thinking looks like! 😀


The Guardian: LSD’s Impact On The Brain Revealed In Groundbreaking Images
Journal Of The Royal Society: Homological Scaffolds Of Brain Functional Networks”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=25

Who Are The Machine Elves?

“Great video. But hold on to your hat. Radical openmindedness required.

Note: meeting entities on a few grams of mushrooms as this guy describes is very rare. He is clearly an exceptional case. Ordinary folk will have much better luck with N,N-DMT.”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=17


“Here’s some really interesting research on corruption:

Corruption World Map

Corruption is basically a measure of Collective Ego, or the consciousness level and the developmental level of a country. The less conscious a group of people are, the more corrupt their country is.

If you want to quantify which countries are the most evolved, don’t measure their GDP, measure their corruption index. If you want to know whether a country is advancing forward or regressing backward, look to see if their corruption index is improving decade after decade.

You want to live in a country which has the least corruption. Unless you’re a corrupt devil, in which case you want to exploit that corruption to benefit your survival.

A quick way to gauge whether a specific policy proposal is high consciousness or low consciousness is to ask the question: Does this reduce or increase corruption? You’d be amazed by how many laws, bills, and proposals actually increase corruption! This is by design. Corruption can’t help but to spread itself.

If the corruption index of your country is below 50, then you’re in a sketchy part of the world and development will be harder for you. Not impossible, just harder. Countries below 50 will have a lot of Spiral Dynamics Stage Blue and countries below 40 will have a lot of Stage Red & Purple. Don’t create a victim mentality about it. Do the best you can with the cards you’ve been dealt. And if you were born in a country with a corruption index above 50, consider yourself very lucky. You don’t even understand how bad life can get. You have been totally spoiled. Be grateful and use this gift to make something of your life and uplift the world. Countries below 50 badly need help from the countries above 50. Be careful not to demonize countries below 50. They need your help, not your scorn.”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=15