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The Human Family Community Open Thread #12: Welcome All

I decided to start a new project called “The Human Family Community Open Thread.” These open threads will be for anyone to comment on and express how they feel, if you need a friend, any ideas, make new friends, thoughts, topics, quotes or simply if you feel alone or lonely or suicidal or want to speak to others; feel free to comment below and start a conversation. You are not alone.

The Human Family Open Thread #12

-Amber @diosraw 16.12.20

The Coming Age

We need to shift from centralized power and control, to the return of power to the people!

“Many people don’t know this, but Benjamin Franklin worked with Astrology. When Benjamin Franklin picked a date for America’s Founding Fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence, he made sure the day was a fabulous astrological day. He chose July 4, 1776, because on that day, FIVE planets came together in the sky to form a FIVE PLANET PLANETARY ECLIPSE.

This isn’t just a powerful day astrologically, it really is the convergence of many other systems as foretold in Hopi and other indigenous prophecies. This portal is a MAJOR Galactic Upgrade of Earth & Consciousness ~ the Great Rebirth of Humanity!”

Source: The Galactic Federation Email Article