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Spirituality #21: What Is A Bodhisattva?

“In Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is a person who delays enlightenment in order to help all living beings achieve liberation (Nirvana). The word itself is composed of the Sanskrit words bodhi which means “enlightenment, awakening” and sattva which means “essence, being.” Put together, Bodhisattva can be translated as “one whose essence is enlightenment.”

And do you know what’s so beautiful about this term? What I love is how inclusive and universal it is. Everyone’s essence is enlightenment. We’re all unique expressions of the Divine. Therefore, we can all become Bodhisattva’s if we so choose.

“But do you need to be a Buddhist to be a Bodhisattva?” you might wonder. No. This is a term that refers to the fundamental essence within all of us that ultimately transcends all religions and labels.

“Do I have to be special or spiritually elevated to be a Bodhisattva?” might be the next question. Again, no. This is a path for everyday people living everyday lives – it’s not reserved for the “spiritual elite” (p.s. there’s no such thing!).”

Source: https://lonerwolf.com/bodhisattva/?utm_source=LonerWolf&utm_campaign=1fd4e29ede-weekly_220221_bodhisattva&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4b168bb5ac-1fd4e29ede-100777074&goal=0_4b168bb5ac-1fd4e29ede-100777074&mc_cid=1fd4e29ede&mc_eid=440df01dc3

Soul Journal 20/02/21 #4: ●When I Am Melancholic & Feel Rather Lonely●

●《Soul》 When I’m melanchoic or feel rather lonely, sometimes I make my way down the street, put headphones on my eyes, put a beautiful tune on that takes me to another place through the vibrations and frequencies, smile and take myself to another place in my mind..

Today I listened to this; a blissful tune – especially the endingish: https://youtu.be/R7qhVQK9_-Q 《Soul》●

Poetry By Woodsy & Amber #1: How They See Us, But Not Who We Are


There is a place in all this where you feel somehow more human than anybody…

right in the middle of a sentence from which all reference to your humanity has been removed.

You know the texture of it,

the taste of it on tears,

the yearning that keeps you holding desperately on to something undefined

and borderlined –

fences beyond which you know there is only wasteland.

The last human thing at the far end of the galaxy,

weeping for a second chance at stars.

They’d kill this place if they knew it was there –

a ghost in the machine,

reminding us what was lost.

Rounding us up as if like cattle in rows and lines..

For injections, in supermarkets and in white-washed, numb health facilities

It’s as if we lost our sense of humanity and what this essence and purity means..

A cosmic blip in time of an exsistence, walking down the city streets..

No one seems to smile or acknowledge eachother anymore

Hearts sink to the ground..

Apathy chills to the bone..

It’s as if some far away place gravitates and spins,

A home far-away, a planet full of warmth and love seeks out beyond the atmosphere

Love yearns to find a home

It tries to settle in this place but no matter how comfortable it is made to feel, nothing seems quite right..

Is it heard what is being said? Or do they already have a pre-programmed response conjured up in their mind?

Listening to muffled sounds, undefined

Band-aids are slapped onto the muffled voices

They think they’ve given us choices..

How they see us..

But not who we are.

-By Woodsy (https://woodsydotblog.wordpress.com ) & Amber (diosraw.com)

~Source Connection~

The only way to change the reflection in the matrix and ultimately leave the matrix into the Higher Dimensions is to forge a strong connection to SOURCE.

The more attention you are paying to your connection to SOURCE, the less attention you’ll pay attention to the reflection in the matrix.

The more attention you are paying to your connection o SOURCE, the more you are able to feel the Divine Perfection of SOURCE.

The more you are feeling the Divine Perfection of SOURCE, the more you are able to bring it into your Emotional, Mental, and Physical body.

Poetry By Ace & Amber #3: Spinning Daydream

Easing into the night, I decompress

Contemplating my universe

I yearn for deep rest

Voices in my head tell me I am stressed

But that force in my heart reminds me I am blessed

Intuition rises, igniting my zest

Starting to drift out of this world

Into yet another dream

Fears arise, pulling me into their stream

Hazy thoughts hypnogoically lead me into this scheme

I see many faces

In various different places

Some ring a bell

Others I don’t know well

But one thing is for sure

I see you

Hidden in all your codes

Travelling through my minds many roads

My soul speaks many languages, in signs and symbols as I navigate these crossroads

Blurry voices come and go

But that mysterious something inside is starting to glow

Creating this magical flow

All these Universal lessons are teaching me to grow

The whispers are calling, enchanting me into the low

But my higher self is opening to bestow

Aligning and aiming my crossbow

I set my intention

Gazing into ascension

Letting my soul spin in any dimension

This universal dream is beyond my comprehension

An eternal daydream, I feel the world’s tension

My purpose is getting loud, I spread love and affection

By Ace (fearlessfreesoul.com) and Amber (diosraw.com)

Psychedelics #7: An Introduction – What Are They? Why Do People Use Them?

“Psychedelics (from the Greek psyche: mind, delos: make visible, reveal) are substances that induce a heightened state of consciousness characterised by a hyperconnected brain state . The best known psychedelics are psilocybin (found in Magic Mushrooms), DMT (found in Ayahuasca), mescaline (found in Peyote and San Pedro Cacti), LSD and 2C-B.

Why do people take psychedelics?
Studies suggest psychedelics could be a breakthrough therapy for mental health issues including depression, anxiety, addiction, OCD, and PTSD through their ability to work on a deep emotional as well as biological level. Matthew Johnson, who leads the Johns Hopkins University Psilocybin Research Project, says “Unlike almost all other psychiatric medications that have a direct biological effect, these drugs seem to work through biology to open up a psychological opportunity”.

Psychedelics can also bring about profoundly positive and meaningful experiences for people who aren’t facing any particular issue or difficulty. In a study by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, 80% of those who received psilocybin said it was one of the five most meaningful experiences of their lives; 50% said it was the single most meaningful experience. Many of the participants said they were left with the sense that they understood themselves and others better and therefore had greater compassion and patience – a change reported by their colleagues, friends and families too.

Psychedelics may also improve creativity and problem-solving abilities. Apple’s Steve Jobs said taking LSD was “one of the most important things [I did] in my life” , whilst Gregory Sams, co-founder of Whole Earth Foods, said “It was as a direct consequence of my brother and myself taking LSD that we introduced natural and organic foods in the UK.”

How safe are psychedelics?
The classical psychedelics are not addictive and, whilst they can temporarily induce powerful mental effects, they are not toxic to the body like alcohol is. Unfortunately, many unfounded scare stories in the media have greatly exaggerated the risks.

A 2010 study published in top medical journal The Lancet rated LSD and magic mushrooms as among the safest of 19 commonly used psychoactive substances; twelve times safer than alcohol and four times safer than tobacco. As for longer term safety, an unprecedented 2013 study of more than 130,000 people found that psychedelic use was not indicative of increased mental health problems . In fact, some use of psychedelics corresponded with lower rates of psychological distress.

So why are psychedelics illegal to possess?
Despite thousands of years of use by humans around the world, psychedelics were abruptly made illegal to supply and possess by a UN convention in 1971 as a consequence of President Nixon’s War on Drugs.

Whilst the policy was framed as promoting public health, one of Nixon’s top advisors said in 1994 that the drug war was in fact a ploy to undermine Nixon’s political opposition :

“You want to know what this was really all about? The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

To this day, the UK government persists in claiming that psychoactive substances are classified on the basis of harm, but the House of Commons’ own Science and Technology Committee has described UK drug law as “arbitrary”, “unscientific” and “based on historical assumptions, not scientific assessment”, and the government’s chief drug adviser was famously sacked when he pointed out that classical psychedelics are far less dangerous than alcohol.”

Source: https://psychedelicsociety.org.uk/introduction

Poetry #83: Assumptions

Inflate the ego at your own risk

Your assumptions are brisk

Try to understand

Instead of putting words in your common mind land

That’s a scam

That is not who I am

Everyone has their perception

Of who they think you are

You have a perception

Of who you think you are

Different versions

Exist, of you, excursions

Of this universal Spirit

The true self is behind all things

It unveils it’s wings

This infinite soul being

Is who you are seeing

Look behind your false beliefs

They are but leafs

Of the brief


And cemented presuppositions

Are things as you see them?

Do you see behind the eyes, the gem?

Or is their more to what you think


This soul is on the brink.

~DiosRaw 25/01/21 10:30AM

Amber & Raffaello’s Self-Empowerment Series: The Hero’s Journey

Welcome to Raffaello’s raffaellopalandri.wordpress.com and Amber’s diosraw.com collaboration project called “The Self Empowerment Series.”

Together we will provide you with the tools through words on how to empower yourself and face the world in your own divine sovereignty.

Today we will take you through the concept of the “Hero’s Journey”, a term coined by Joseph Campbell who was an American professor of literature at Sarah Lawrence College who worked in comparative mythology and comparative religion. His work covers many aspects of the human experience.

The Hero’s Journey is a quest for self-transformation, for creative rebirth. We go out and seek, so that we can discover that the seeker is itself the mystery which the seeker seeks to know.

The storyline that Campbell describes in his “Hero with a 1000 Faces” book is this:

“A hero ventures forth from the world of the common day into a region of supernatural wonder; fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won; the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.”

1. Seperation

We experience a call to action.. Something shakes up our ordinary world. It could be: divorce, illness, moving to another country, the birth of a child or death of a parent. Some form of crisis or suffering or existential crisis impels us to go out of our comfort zone. Our journey begins. Some people refuse this call and their life stagnates. But for those of us that answer the call, our life will not be the same.

At this point, the universe guides us. We meet a mentor who helps to guide us. We read the right book or a dream inspires us. Our higher self is supporting us, and the universe will protect us as we become willing to take the leap into the unknown.

“We cross the threshold into unfamiliar territory, and there is no looking back.”

Our ego and our fear have loosened its grip upon us enough so that we are already leaving behind who we were and opening up to what awaits.

2. Initiation

At this point more allies join us or we acquire skills or develop aspects of ourselves previously ignored. We then face monsters with these new found skills and allies

“We are tested. This is a dark night of the soul.”

We must acknowledge our worst fears and use all of our skills and wisdom to overcome the challenge. Sometimes we are victorious. Sometimes we are not.

3. Return

If we survive the initiation, our journey is not concluding yet. We must integrate what we have learnt.

“We cross back over the threshold, different, with more awareness, with something to offer those around us.”

Maybe it’s the story that we bring back that is the biggest gift. Or maybe we now are called to teach others the skills we acquired. We press play on our lives in an upgraded form.

Our inner demons – the feeling that we can never be enough, that we constantly have to do and achieve in order to be worthy – are disconnecting us from our authentic selves. And it is by listening to our bodies, and finding community amongst other seekers, that we can be reborn as whole and healed..

We hope you enjoyed learning about The Hero’s Journey, let us know what you think below!