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Guest Post: The Un-Dead

This is a guest post by: https://topomzblog.wordpress.com

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It is a replacement to trial,
Quite unfortunate, we are no different than the UN-DEAD,
So we were told,
This is how we walk,
Now we were told,
This is how we should hide .
So much price we can’t pay, that left us UN-DEAD,
The mice, the lab rats, the test subject,
Are we not like the undead?
Some more alive than others,
This is how we were told,
Take precautions, the vaccine are coming.
The fear of survival is hunting the soul of men,
Running towards what we were been told,
Dose that not makes us the undead?
Brains we can’t use,
Education and more without result,
And then we were told to do so.
Just like the undead.
Irritated by lives and meaning,
We are so lost we need help,
This is like the blind leading the blind,
Oh, no the slaughter house are killing,
With just syringe and needles,
Now the vaccines have arrived.
We will queue up like the undead to feed,
On the living to stay alive.
Some times it’s good to second guess.

Now we need vanhelsing to vanquish Dracula once more,
The long fight is causing more undead living,
Let’s be sure to wake up,
We slept long and hard.
Its either we all get infected or we stay clean.
Food for thought.

To see more of this poet’s work, check here: https://topomzblog.wordpress.com

Poetry By Woodsy & Amber #1: How They See Us, But Not Who We Are


There is a place in all this where you feel somehow more human than anybody…

right in the middle of a sentence from which all reference to your humanity has been removed.

You know the texture of it,

the taste of it on tears,

the yearning that keeps you holding desperately on to something undefined

and borderlined –

fences beyond which you know there is only wasteland.

The last human thing at the far end of the galaxy,

weeping for a second chance at stars.

They’d kill this place if they knew it was there –

a ghost in the machine,

reminding us what was lost.

Rounding us up as if like cattle in rows and lines..

For injections, in supermarkets and in white-washed, numb health facilities

It’s as if we lost our sense of humanity and what this essence and purity means..

A cosmic blip in time of an exsistence, walking down the city streets..

No one seems to smile or acknowledge eachother anymore

Hearts sink to the ground..

Apathy chills to the bone..

It’s as if some far away place gravitates and spins,

A home far-away, a planet full of warmth and love seeks out beyond the atmosphere

Love yearns to find a home

It tries to settle in this place but no matter how comfortable it is made to feel, nothing seems quite right..

Is it heard what is being said? Or do they already have a pre-programmed response conjured up in their mind?

Listening to muffled sounds, undefined

Band-aids are slapped onto the muffled voices

They think they’ve given us choices..

How they see us..

But not who we are.

-By Woodsy (https://woodsydotblog.wordpress.com ) & Amber (diosraw.com)

Poetry #74: Obscure Souls

Does anyone think of our fellow souls

Lost and deep in obscure black holes

The homeless out on the streets

With nothing to eat

Shivering and shaking

A sure death in the making

The mentally ill locked up inside

Dreaming of the world outside

Love and support is what they truly need

I don’t believe that’s what they are getting in places similar to a weed

The old people in homes

Looking out of glass windows

Their figures cast in the shadows

The people living on their own

With no one at home

Lonliness and suicide, they are all alone

The mother’s and father’s struggling to feed their children

The night workers keeping this matrix going

People want to be overthrowing

But war on peace

Will not equal what you want

Where are these people

In the midst of time

It’s something I want to remind

The world of

These parts of the universal fabric

Need our help

Why can’t we hear their yelps?

Will they ever get true help?

With a system designed

To set us up for failure

This society has no allure

Just know you are in my mind

One day will be the time

When you are free

To be healthy, strong and happy

You hold a place within me.

-DiosRaw 15/01/21 09:30AM

Guest Post: How Betrayal Trauma Reveals Itself

This is a guest post by: Don’t Lose Hope, https://sexaddictionpartners.wordpress.com. Check this website if you would like to read more of their posts.

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The term betrayal trauma describes the damage caused when you experience a profound, and often unexpected, betrayal in a close or intimate relationship. This deeply undermines your ability to trust, and your sense of safety and security.

“You cannot experience betrayal where there is not a deep sense of safety and trust. But when there is a deep sense of safety and trust and you uncover an unknown addiction or infidelity, it can be the most debilitating moment in your life.”

How does betrayal trauma manifest itself?

  • 1. In the aftermath of the discovery, the person experiences a sense of crisis, one they feel ill-prepared to navigate. They are in a state of shock. They’re unable to think, and to cope with and manage the basics of life. It also greatly undermines their sense of confidence.
  • 2. Learning that you have been deliberately betrayed by someone you trusted, and was vulnerable to, causes you to feel extremely unsafe and insecure in all your relationships. Instinctively, you feel there is no-one you can trust.
  • 3. Also, the person doubts themselves and their ability to judge, and to accurately assess, anyone or anything, at all. In their mind, they have made such a huge mistake that they fear they can’t tell who, and what, is bad for them.
  • 4. They may struggle with excruciating feelings of shame related to their partner’s infidelity. Thus, they might attack and start to blame, and look for causes, in themselves. For example, a betrayed partner might start thinking things like: “Maybe if I had been thinner or had had a better figure then they wouldn’t have strayed.” Or, “It’s all my fault … because I wasn’t funny, or interesting, intelligent, or supportive enough.” Of course, they’re not to blame. This was not their fault at all. Cheating and deceiving are a choice their partner made.
  • 5. Society’s judgment of sexual betrayal and sexual addiction is often negative … and the partner usually feels that they’ve been tarred with the same brush. This can greatly exacerbate their feelings of shame, and can result in them withdrawing, and isolating themselves (which deprives them of the love and support they need).
  • 6. They are likely to experience a drop in self-esteem, and to feel they have lost their identity. Gaslighting (a form of manipulation and deceit) contributes to this loss of identity, too.
  • 7. Sex is now a painful source of anxiety and dread. Partly, because it’s now associated with being discarded, rejected, unwanted and replaced; but also because there is a very real fear of contracting some kind of STD (which could lead to having cancer, or even HIV).

Note: If you have been betrayed then it’s important that you know you’re not alone. There are those who understand. There are others who have gone through this – and they’ll be there for you. And although you are in crisis, you are going to make it through.

Check out this blogger here: https://sexaddictionpartners.wordpress.com

Guest Post: Where The Stars Should Be

This is a guest post by: https://woodsydotblog.wordpress.com

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You’re not your age.
But they’ll still say you are.
You’re not your gender.
But they’ll still say you are.
You’re not your job status.
But they’ll still say you are.
You’re not your bank balance.
But they’ll still say you are.
You’re not your race.
But they’ll still say you are.

They’ll label you
and box you with it,
put you in small rooms,
prod you
and poke you
and let you rip each other to shreds
with the small,
sharp gaps
between the things you never were.

They’ll let you scream
in all these
small, harsh places,
put them on leaflets and posters
and TV adverts
with fake smiles,
and weave them into speeches
to get you quoting small things
where your real spirit could be…

where your vast inside
could swim and glide.

You’re not the small,
sad thing
they painted here,
with nothing but burning cars
and missiles
to draw yourself home with.

You’re a lost thing
on its way to so much more,

being sold the lie
of what a warrior you are
by small voices
that would rather see a sword in your hand
than a new word
stretching over burning cars
and broken streets
and small things
where the stars should be.

Check out this poets work here: https://woodsydotblog.wordpress.com

Poetry #32: Happy Communist Christmas

Happy Communist Christmas

Don’t forget to be obedient

And follow all the rules you are told

Be a good boy and girl now

Don’t forget to put on your dog mussle

Dont forget to wear it to bed, to shower, to shit, to walk around the house

Don’t forget to save granny and lock yourselves away

Don’t forget to sanitize everything and I mean everything every five seconds

Don’t forget to stand ten metres away from someone and try and shout to talk to them through your mask

Don’t forget to put your suffocating mussle on deprivating you of oxygen

Don’t forget to clap for our “leaders”

Don’t forget to inject yourself with A.I and poison

Don’t forget to not speak the truth

Don’t forget to only meet one person at a time now, don’t be greedy

Don’t forget to die of lonliness and isolation

Don’t forget this is all for the survival rate of 99.9% of this “pandemic”

Don’t forget if this gets taken down

You will know the truth now

Don’t forget that they care about you

It’s all for your safety remember.

-Amber @diosraw 23/12/20 15:14PM

The Tale Of The Boiling Frog & How It Can Be Applied Today

The Tale Of The Boiling Frog

Urban myth has it that if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water it will instantly leap out. But if you put it in a pot filled with pleasantly tepid water and gradually heat it, the frog will remain in the water until it boils to death. Allegedly, the frog is not able to detect the gradual increase in temperature until it’s too late.

-Can you see this happening worldwide? Our freedoms are being taken away one by one slowly and painfully and because it is gradual we will boil to death (end of free speech).

The Slavery In Which Mankind Lives Is Based Upto This Fear

“The crowd neither wants nor seeks knowledge, and the leaders of the crowd, in their own interests, try to strengthen its fear and dislike of everything new and unknown. The slavery in which mankind lives is based upon this fear. It is even difficult to imagine all the horror of this slavery. We do not understand what people are losing. But in order to understand the cause of this slavery it is enough to see how people live, what constitutes the aim of their existence, the object of their desires, passions, and aspirations, of what they think, of what they talk, what they serve and what they worship. Consider what the cultured humanity of our times spends money on; even leaving the war out, what commands the highest price; where the biggest crowds are. If we think for a moment about these questions it becomes clear that humanity, as it is now, with the interests it lives by, cannot expect to have anything different from what it has.” – G. I. Gurdjieff