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Poetry #107: Wounded Healer Friction

Sacred alchemy

The wounded healer

The ultimate scar concealer

Your wound becomes a window

Spilling out light into the world, take an arrow and a bow

Tripping up in this blind forest, keeping sanity in tow

This path is tortous and steep

The gorge beside is remarkably deep

Thousands of moments we weep and weep

With our skill and hard earned art

The gift is there to open our fellow soul’s hearts

Illness is an altered state

A sense of isolation and depression correlate

Helplessness drowns out the sound

One day my will and power will pick me off the ground

Fear is the friction in transitions

Shapeshifting, warping into a magican.

~DiosRaw 18/02/21 08:30AM

Chakras #9: Other Chakras

“8th chakra – Located slightly above the crown chakra, about 1 inch above it. With the 8th chakra, we enter realms transcending space and time. This energy center is said to open access to parallel universes and lives; it gives access to the realm of the Akashic records and the sphere of potentialities in the making. It is a useful center for shamanic healing and communication with spirit guides.

9th chakra – Located further above the crown chakra, the 9th chakra is said to be the “seat of the soul.” It allows access to your soul’s code or higher purpose. It can be seen as the door to archetypal energies or patterns that play an important role in shaping our destiny.

10th chakra – Located about a foot and a half below the surface of the ground. It ensures our connection with the earth. Because it works primarily with the energies of the earth, it is very physical in nature. It participates to our physical well-being and connects us to the grounding energies of the earth and our environment. Just like the first (or root) chakra, it is useful to heal any bone and bone marrow-related issues. It can also play a role in any DNA-reltated or hereditary issues.

11th chakra – Located outside of the human body, it is said to be accessible through the hands and feet. It makes up and energy field that connects of human sphere of influence to the supernatural. Shamans can use this chakra’s dimension to produce magic and influence the physical with supernatural powers. The 11th chakra emphasizes the mind as a powerful tool to shape matter.

12th chakra – Located on the outskirts of the 12-chakra system, it allows us to stretch beyond our common sphere of understanding into universal unity with all that is. It is said that it’s the chakra of mastery of the soul’s purpose through our human existence.”

Source: https://www.chakras.info/12-chakras/

Healing Vs. Curing

Healing, you see, is different from curing. Although healing is very often accompanied by a cure, a cure alone seldom results in a healing. For instance, many of us know people who have undergone a coronary bypass or had a tumor removed, but who haven’t healed their toxic relationships or changed their diet; consequently, their condition recurs months or years later. We also probably know individuals who have been in psychotherapy for years, yet they still can’t find a healthy relationship or get over their anger at their parents. But, we may also know of those who say, “My cancer saved my life,” because it gave them the opportunity to reinvent every aspect of themselves, from their diet to their relationships and careers.

In other words, curing is the business of medicine, and it involves eliminating symptoms; while healing is the crafting of a healthy lifestyle by eliminating the cause of suffering and disease and then creating a meaningful destiny. Western medicine cures the body, while psychology treats the mind—but healing attends to the soul and the spirit.

Source: The Four Winds Society Email Article

Poetry #96: Jungle Girl

There was once, a young old soul

A teenage school girl

A baby pearl

Who blocked off the world

She didn’t want to be hurt anymore

She shoved the pain down, it was torturously sore

So she didn’t drown

Or slip into the cavern, down

She didn’t even notice her own self-deception

She thought she knew her conceptions

She knew she needed a deep and thorough spirit cleanse

She saw through a different lense

Alone for four years

She didn’t hear herself speak

She starved herself and made her space vehicle weak

A knowledge addict, day until night

She learnt the ways of mind and had no fright

To build up her knowledge gave her self-worth

To become skinny gave her the feeling of being beautiful

All she was doing was coping with the pain of the past, not dealing with it, putting band-aids over wounds

She wanted to escape this place

And leave England behind

To find


When it was there all along

Singing an unheard song

To end samsara

Struken by a documentary


This plant medicine of healing

And universal revealing

Westerners travelling to Iquitos, Peru

The only jungle city, reached by boat or plane in the Amazon Rainforest

The biodiversity, the people, the healing, a new life

She was intoxicated with this dream

She waited years until she was eighteen

Legal to be able to fly and enter Peru

Legal to be able to work at a retreat centre doing a shamanic apprenticeship and volunteering

Many years she waited, pain steering

Through the pain, she held onto this dream

The day came when the parents teared up

There was nothing they could do to stop her

If they tried, they knew they may wake up to an empty bedroom one day and no way to contact their daughter

She felt nothing but fearlessness

She had not been exposed to the world yet

She had everything to forget

And everything to gain

For her existence felt insane

She died? She didn’t care

She wanted out of her miserable lair

The world was in the palm of her hands

Strolling across vivid lands

Her intoxicated dream

Was within reach

Only a few connecting flights away

Until she reached Spain

All was going to plan

Her next connecting flight was leaving soon

In Alicante

She layed down on seats, she didn’t sleep much the past day

Peru would let the girl in

But the airline company wouldn’t

She hadn’t flew to South America before they said

They said she needed a return flight

So, this girl phoned her parents

She asked Spanish ladies at a desk to purchase her connecting flight

She didn’t have the funds

She ran out of time

Her mother couldn’t pay over the phone, not allowed

For all the research that she had done

This one slipped under her thumb

She thought she could fly without a return flight

And she just didn’t have enough time to catch the flight even if her mother paid for her return ticket she would never use

Dreams melted

A pit of despair swallowing her whole

She cried outside the airport

Crouching down on her knees

Asking God, “why?”

All those years she waited to escape her bedroom

The prison she caged herself in for years

All turned into, once again, tears

Spanish hotel

Numbed and dead

All alone, eighteen, in an empty vacant stark bone room, lead

Lying on the bed

She wished she was dead

Rather than having to return to England once again

She roamed the local town

Always alone

She enjoyed her own company

Contemplating the world

Philosophy dripped from her eyes

Knowledge teamed at her sides

Yet now,

What was she to do?

The Amazon rainforest shut its gates

Eventually, the girl ended up traumatised from another travelling expedition

Now she is a blog magician

Fulfilling her mission.

~DiosRaw 08/02/21 10:25AM

Instruments #2: Steel Tongue Drum

“The tongue drum, also referred to as a steel tongue drum, a tank drum, or a hank drum, is a relatively new instrument belonging to the idiophone family of percussion instruments. An idiophone is an instrument that produces sound via the vibration of the instrument itself. Tongue drums are similar to, and were inspired by, other percussion instruments like the hang drum, slit drum, whale drum and tambiro. Today, however, they are well-known in their own right as they have become very popular for meditation music, yoga practice and sound therapy. The drums, which look a bit like UFOs, are not from another planet, but the music they can create is otherworldly! Tongue drums are an excellent instrument for anyone wishing to get creative, jam, enjoy beautiful melodies and relax. They can be enjoyed by anyone at nearly any age.

The History of Tongue Drums

Idiophones are one of the oldest types of musical instruments based on archaeological finds. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors throughout Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania carved or constructed these instruments out of bamboo or wood. These “slit drums” look like a box and have one or more slits on the top. Two examples of this type of instrument are the African log drum and the Aztec teponaztli drum, the oldest ancestors of the tongue drum.”


Source: https://www.shantibowl.com/blogs/blog/tongue-drums-complete-guide

Spirituality #15: Orbs

“Orbs of light are generally thought to be the manifestation of energy – which is why they’re sometimes referred to as ghost orbs or spirit orbs. Some of the orbs you see in pictures aren’t actually “ghostly” in nature: they’re mere refractions of the light on the lense of a camera, or are a result of the flash of a camera picking up a piece of dust, metal or even tiny insects in the air. Dust or particles on the lensecap of a digital camera are also well-known for causing orb-like phenomena.

Although orb definitions vary from place to place, it’s generally accepted that a “true” orb is an orb that is relatively solid from the centre, without any of the spokes of light that you’d see from orbs caused by light interference. Often, they emit their own light, if only a very small amount of light. Whilst orbs are most often thought of as spirits, some believe them to be a separate form of energy that we don’t yet understand, or a manifestation of Native spirits. The truth is, we don’t yet understand orbs, but we know that they appear most commonly in certain places, which means that we can draw some conclusions about what they are and more importantly, what they might mean.

Orbs can be sighted in different colours, and although they are most commonly spotted as transparent or clear light orbs, it’s generally thought that different coloured orbs have different meanings, and that the energy captured within the orb is trying to convey a message.

White orbs: orbs that are white or silver are typically thought to be positive, although they could also indicate that a spirit or energy is stuck or trapped on a plane that they don’t belong on

Red orbs: red or orange orbs (orbs that are warm in colour) are generally considered to be warm and protective spirits. Although red and orange can be considered passionate and fiery colours, this is typically not the case when we talk about ghost or spirit orbs. Red orbs could also be a manifestation of the energy of a protector or a caretaker; someone who was watchful in life – perhaps a mother, teacher or nurse.

Black orbs: orbs with a brown or dark hue may have a reputation as being negative or angry spirits, but in reality they may simply be spirits with negative or heavy emotions attached to them. These are not evil spirits or energy; they are simply spirits with a lot of low or overwhelming emotions attached to them, which may be difficult to deal with if you are inexperienced. Black orbs can be a sign that a certain place is not particularly friendly in the way of energy or spirits, but it is up to you to decipher those spirits or energies before you proceed.

Green orbs: green is always associated with nature, and in the case of orbs, it tends to represent onness with the Earth and with the heart – the association between the body, the soul and the Earth. It can also indicate spirits that have never lived on Earth, such as deceased infants.

Blue orbs: the colour blue is often used to try to illicit a calming, healing response, and in the case of orbs, blue often indicates the presence of a calming or healing energy or spirit. It may also represent some sort of truth, particularly if you’re looking for answers or trying to contact a specific spirit from the afterlife.

When we ask “what are orbs?”, we really need to talk about when and where we see them. Typically, they are seen at night, in areas where there has been paranormal phenomena or other atypical phenomena already reported. Ghost orbs and spirit orbs may be seen around places like graveyards or churches, or when activities such as seances or clairvoyance work are carried out. Orbs have also been reported in areas where many deaths have occurred – as an example, eyewitness accounts have recorded orbs at the Gettysburg battlefield at night.

Orbs can also be seen around people. When certain people attract orbs, it’s often thought that the question “what is an orb?”, is answered a little bit differently. In these cases, orbs are thought to represent halos, angels or deceased relatives – a tiny manifestation of protective energy that we can see either through the naked eye or captured on film. Generally, if someone has an orb or multiple orbs that “hang around”, they are often more of a spiritual person, and may experience other paranormal phenomena, although this is not always the case.

Orbs can also be seen within an individual’s aura, particularly if they are a psychic or spiritualist. This may indicate that they can communicate with spirits or energies, or simply that energies or spirits are trying to communicate.

Conducting a spiritual ritual, such as prayer, healing or worship makes it more likely that orbs will appear in photographs, and it’s also more likely that orbs will be seen when a ritual occurs between the border of life and death, such as at a funeral or death. However, orbs and the spirits and entities within them will also make themselves known at any special life event, such as a birth or wedding – or at any other time, which is why you could see orbs crop up in the most mundane of photographs or videos.”

Source: https://www.hauntedrooms.co.uk/orbs-of-light-explained-what-is-an-orb

Psychedelics #6: DMT

“DMT, or N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, is a psychedelic chemical that occurs naturally in both plants and animals from underwater organisms to land mammals. DMT is also the active hallucinogenic compound in ayahuasca, a tea brewed from the shrub Psychotria viridis used for ritual purposes by indigenous people in the Amazon.

People also ingest DMT in crystal form, smoking it in a pipe or bong, as well as vaporized. This form of ingestion produces a powerful but short-lasting hallucinogenic state, considered to be one of the most intense psychedelic experiences in existence.

It can also retain its psychoactive properties in other forms, including psilocybin (4-PO-HO-DMT, found in psilocybin mushrooms).

Many often confuse DMT with 5-MeO-DMT, or 5-Methoxy-N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, which is also a hallucinogenic compound. 5-MeO-DMT looks exactly like DMT on both a macro and micro level, but the latter has a few extra atoms attached, which is enough to change the experience. While the DMT experience tends to be highly visual, 5-MeO-DMT is more like a perspective shift. For this guide, we’ll focus on DMT.


DMT is found in the human brain, so our bodies are accustomed to handling this molecule. Research suggests that it plays an important role in various processes taking place in the central and peripheral nervous systems. DMT trips are so short-lived because our bodies are so good at metabolizing it. All of this makes it is a fairly safe compound to ingest—and helps us understand the potential benefits of a DMT trip.

For centuries, indigenous people have used DMT for healing and change, and, more recently, science is backing this up. Johns Hopkins researchers recently conducted a survey into the anti-depressant qualities of 5-MeO-DMT and found that the use of the compound resulted in huge improvements in well-being—among 362 adults, around 80% of respondents reported improvements in anxiety and depression. Another study, conducted with rats, found that microdosing DMT also led to positive improvements with anxiety and depression.

All of this could have something to do with DMT’s propensity to creating god- or spirit-like hallucinations. After all, there’s a reason Rick Strassman called it “the spirit molecule”—and a reason the name has stuck. With many psychedelics, studies show that the more a person experiences certain “mystical” qualities during a trip, the more healing they receive, it’s believed that DMT’s ability to make users “see God” could be the key to its healing powers.

However, very little systematic research exists on DMT and spiritual experiences. This has caused some to question the direction of the relationship between psychedelic use and spirituality. Does DMT aid in spiritual growth, or do people who are inclined to seek spiritual growth end up taking DMT?

From what we can tell, it’s probably a bit of both.”

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/thethirdwave.co/psychedelics/dmt/amp/