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Poetry #83: Assumptions

Inflate the ego at your own risk

Your assumptions are brisk

Try to understand

Instead of putting words in your common mind land

That’s a scam

That is not who I am

Everyone has their perception

Of who they think you are

You have a perception

Of who you think you are

Different versions

Exist, of you, excursions

Of this universal Spirit

The true self is behind all things

It unveils it’s wings

This infinite soul being

Is who you are seeing

Look behind your false beliefs

They are but leafs

Of the brief


And cemented presuppositions

Are things as you see them?

Do you see behind the eyes, the gem?

Or is their more to what you think


This soul is on the brink.

~DiosRaw 25/01/21 10:30AM

How To Protect Your Mental Health In 2021

Welcome fellow souls to « The Human Family Crash Course Series, » a new project collaborated together by empress2inspire.blog and diosraw.com. Together we will be working on a different topic for each crash course; our second topic is focused on «How To Thrive In 2021.» Each topic will have eight posts with posts on Mondays and Thursdays. We hope you enjoy our series and we look forward to knowing how our posts have inspired you!

At this moment in time, things seem uncertain. Our mental health is the foundation, the garden, from which our flowers grow.. Many of us are living in lockdowns which have been shown in many studies to affect our mental health in a negative way.

Here are some tips on protecting your mental health in 2021:

Support Network. People with strong family or social connections are generally healthier than those who lack a support network. Make plans with supportive family members and friends to talk over the phone, or seek out activities you can do together such as having a deep conversation and collaborating on a project.

Taking care of yourself physically. Looking after your body can improve your mental health since both are intertwined. Be sure to: Eat nutritious meals, avoid smoking and vaping, drink plenty of water and exercise (which helps decrease depression and anxiety and improve moods).

Spend some time with an animal friend. Time with animals lowers the stress hormone cortisol and boosts oxytocin – which stimulates feelings of happiness. If you don’t have a pet, hang out with a friend who does or volunteer at a shelter if you can.

Practice forgiveness. Even if it’s just forgiving that person who cut you off during your commute. People who forgive have better mental health and report being more satisfied with their lives.

Get enough sleep. Researchers believe that lack of sleep contributes to a high rate of depression in college students and increases anxiety, food cravings and reduces your productivity.

Humour. Laughter is one of the best medicines. Getting through these times involves finding the humour in situations rather than seeing something as a curse. Change your perspective and see the blessing. Put some funny videos on, talk to a friend and laugh, increasing your immune system strength and lowering pain levels.

Discover Spirituality. Look into different spiritual concepts. Do you know what spirituality is? Awakening the spirit within you will help your mental health by learning you are an eternal spirit that never dies.

Manage your news and social media intake. Try to find a source of news that you can trust during these difficult times to keep you informed. But take a break from it all and check the news every once in a while. Try to also limit your intake of news and social media, which can help you manage your feelings if you find yourself worried or if you are finding news updates upsetting.

Are you feeling claustrophobic or trapped? Open the windows to let in fresh air or you could spend time sitting on your doorstep, or in the garden if you have one. Try looking at the sky out of the window or from your doorstep. This can help to give you a sense of space and regularly change the rooms you spend time in.

Take in as much sun and fresh air as you can. Being outside, particularly surrounded by nature and greenery, can benefit your mental wellbeing. If you are able to leave your home under current government restrictions, try to seek out walks or areas to exercise that are nearby but also allow you to be surrounded by nature. If you are unable to be outside, try opening your window and spending time in rooms which get a lot of natural light. You could also try garden planters on your window sills or placing house plants around your home.

Find things you love doing. Do you write? Do you love to cook? Do you enjoy painting? Do you love to learn new things? Focus on these and boost your mood.

Work on the self. This is a time to go within and discover yourself. Who are you? What values do you live by? Who is that voice in your head? Get to know yourself and ask yourself questions, I’m sure you’ll be intrigued by what you find.

Talking about your feelings. Talking can help you stay in good mental health and deal with times when you feel troubled.Talking about your feelings isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s part of taking charge of your well being and doing what you can to stay healthy. Talking can be a way to cope with a problem you’ve been carrying around in your head for a while. Just being listened to can help you feel supported and less alone. And it works both ways. If you open up, it might encourage others to do the same.

Clean your outer environment. Having an ordered and clean surrounding will make you feel more in control, calmer and relaxed. When your outer world is ordered, you will be inspired to keep your inner world ordered.

Establish a routine and schedule. Bringing structure to your day can give you a better sense of control and can make a difference to your mental health. Work out how you will spend your time each day, write it down and check-in with your schedule regularly.

Nutritious foods. Choose foods that will nourish your mind and body. A plant based diet that is rich in diversity has been proven to boost good mental health and take years off your life. Cherries, avocados, grapes, nuts, legumes and greens will brighten your mind.

Find new healing methods. Look into alternative healing to find other ways of clearing the past from your mind and body. Sometimes conventional medicine doesn’t have all the answers for your health. Have you looked into aromatherapy? Acupuncture? Reflexology?

The future of communication will be cyberspace. With the way things are going, the world is turning to the internet for support and connection. Start a blog, find online support groups or groups with similar interests to you. You may find new friends and different forks in the road may open up for you!

We’ll catch you next time, before you go, here is some food for thought:

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein. Try something outside of your comfort zone.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” -Maya Angelou. If you have personal experience with mental illness or recovery find a way of sharing it with others. Check out what other people are saying on different cyberspace sites such as WordPress.

We hope this post helped aid you in protecting your mental health this year with some ideas to add to your tool kit. Let us know below how you choose to protect your mental health!

How To Stop Judging Yourself & Others

Welcome fellow souls to « The Human Family Crash Course Series, » a new project collaborated together by empress2inspire.blog and diosraw.com. Together we will be working on a different topic for each crash course; our first topic is focused on « Self Love. » Each topic will have eight posts with posts on Mondays and Thursdays. We hope you enjoy our series and we look forward to knowing how our posts have inspired you!

Learning to Stop Judging Yourself and Others

We all judge ourselves. We don’t even realise how hard we are on ourselves. Judging oneself and others affects our mindset and thoughts to a large extent.

Harsh judgments will poison your life. It is a vicious cycle that was learned. When we judge other people we also judge ourselves in the same way. If you have a negative perception of yourself, it is probably because someone did that to you. When we were born on planet earth we never thought anything bad about ourselves. We never judged anyone or anything. Because judging is so ingrained in all of us since childhood, it is highly unlikely that we will get over it but what we can do is become consciously aware of it, work through it and with it so that it does not hold us back or make us a mean person.

Here are some ways in which we can start becoming aware of that little dictator who is trying to control your life inside of you and start learn to letting it go :

● Forgiveness – First it is important to forgive yourself. You must understand what you are feeling, doing and have learned. The quicker you accept your programming, the quicker you start healing. Look for danger signs and red flags for what you attract in your life. Being critical is a part of your history and you are drawn to what you are familiar with. So forgive yourself because you didn’t know better then. Breathe in deeply and breathe out and let go. Repeat it again till the time you feel lighter.

Write It Down – Take 30 minutes to write down or just say out loud all the judgments you have for yourself. For example saying things like I am lazy, not good enough, fat, stupid, there are so many things. Also use this time to write down or say out loud all the judgements you have made for other people. Everytime you hear yourself saying something negative or judgments about anything, take a note to reflect on it later. This list should be lengthy, so don’t shy away. Write down even positive judgements. You will start to see some patterns on why you make judgements.

Allowance – Allow yourself to feel the judgment that you are having because it is a human thing. Just like negative thinking we have to break the cycle pattern of judgement. When we judge ourselves and we are not aware of it, we act out of it like we will have a tantrum. Now as we are learning to be aware of our judgement, we then allow it to not let us control ourselves. By feeling it emotionally and physically we can then ask ourselves if we want to hold on or let go of this judgment. Do what feels right for no, no pressure..or no judge…oops!

● De-construct Judgement – If someone has judged you or you have judged someone hard and that has affected you a lot, remember it’s just an opinion, it is not an end all. Know that when someone is judging you, it speaks more about how they judge themselves than how they are judging you. Judgement is a way to control lives either ours or others. Everyone is chasing a self made ideal. People have rigid expectations. Get over it, let that go. You are enough. Pray for the person to be well and send some healing vibes to them.

Recognising self judgement is one thing but letting it go is a much harder task, I understand that. I am barely even trying to do that myself. So just again think of letting go as pre-emptive forgiveness of self and others. Instead of suppressing negative emotions and fester, let it go.

Poetry #56: There Isn’t A Day That Goes By When I Don’t Think Of You

I miss your calm nature

With your silent mind

And your fast paced information downloading brain

I miss your pain free body

And the friend in you

I miss not needing anyone

And your blissful temperate nature

I miss the freedom in my mind

I miss the young girl who had the world in the palm of her hands

And the notes I wrote in the sands

I miss your calming presence

And your ability to sleep at night

I miss being okay on my own

I miss your purity

And meditating for hours on end

I miss the connection to my higher self

And spirit guides so close to this realm

I miss your silence

I miss your words of wisdom

At such a young age

So pure, so intelligent, so sweet

Then I went out into the world

To find who I am

All I wanted was love and peace

And I lost you

And went to hell

You saw things a young girl that no one should have to see

I’ve been crying for you for three years

How has time gone by

Without you

My former self


Addicted to pharaceuticals

With no options given

Laying in bed weak and hazy

Cottonwool head

That’s what I’m left with instead

I could cope with this lockdown

If I had my former self

I miss that girl

There isn’t a day that goes by

When I don’t think about you

Muscle tremors jolt my body

As I write this

In the depths of hell

I miss you

And one day I hope to find you again.

-Amber @DiosRaw 02/01/21 16:08PM

Poetry #38: For Amber, Happy Birthday


I’m talking to you,

Take a moment,

I want to let you know something

It’s something important

Listen carefully

And remember these words

I love you

I always will and always have

You are an eternal spirit and soul duality in a human form

I don’t conform

At least where the truth needs to be stood for

And today is your 21st birthday

What a strange thought

Twenty one years around the sun

Gone in a blip of cosmic time

I admire you

You inspire me

You carry me through the depths of hell

You have always been there for me

The way you carry on through the most unbearable experiences of life is astounding

This is not narcissistic, this is self-love

I think you are beautiful inside and out

Without a doubt

You shine so bright

You have an infectious light

Hold tight, and

You speak your truth

As much as you can

I understand

That you feel so alone

Turning to your phone

How could anyone know what you are actually going through?

You survived four suicide attempts


Jumping off a high dam

Overdosing on pills twice

Waking up in a clinical hospital

Void of life, just white and dead inside

I should have been dead by now

I understand why you did it

I have total compassion and understanding

Don’t worry

I know your life is hellish

Burning acid pains all over your body twenty-four seven

Pills taken that weaken your immune system

Lack of support

Health issues each day

Mental and emotional pain

That bursts at the seams in your brain

Flashbacks of trauma

You deserve the best

You deserve to love and be loved

I know it can get very lonely

And you have thoughts of suicide daily

You survived the most horrifc circumstances

You survived yourself hate

I once hated you

Now I love you

I love your body

I love your dreadlocks

I love the way you try and make people smile and laugh

I love your tattoo filled body

I love the piercings over your skin

I love your self expression

I love all the lessons

I love your comedic ways

I love your persistence

I love how you confront your fears head on

I love the way you keep going

This soul path is not an easy one

It is a slow painful death but

Hopefully not your last breathe

Keep writing

Keep inspiring

Keep growing

Keep loving

You always have had that passion for writing

And spreading the truth

And you made your dreams come true

Even though blistering storms

And quicksand

And dense jungle vines

Tangling your soul up

You became a full time writer

Your blog has blown up

You made two new friends




I love you both

You don’t know how much you mean to me

I was always afraid of females

After so much bullying at such a young age

I know all is not okay

But I want to say

How amazing and brave you are

You have travelled wide and far

You have so much more to learn

I pray you find relief and respite

From the lonely nights

Even if that means in the next life

What an amazing woman

You have become

We all have a shadow side

I’m not going to lie

I have aspects of self I need to work on

To continue on this journey home

Happy Birthday Amber

I love you forevermore and eternally

Keep shining and sprinkling your magic as best you can

Until you can no longer

-Amber @diosraw 27/12/20 09:30AM

Amber & Raffaello’s Self-Empowerment Series

Hi all!

Welcome to Raffaello’s raffaellopalandri.wordpress.com and Amber’s diosraw.com collaboration project called “The Self Empowerment Series.”
Together we will provide you with the tools through words on how to empower yourself and face the world in your own divine sovereignty.

My name is Raffaello Palandri, and I will walk a part of this journey with you, sharing ideas, talking about growth, and contributing, for what I will be able to, with my personal and professional experience.

I am a holistic coach, a writer, a healer.
I am with you, in the most critical moments of your life to let understand who you really are, what you really want, why you do thing the way you do. I let you look inside yourself to find your deepest and truest purpose, and I help you to achieve it.

I have developed a holistic coaching method called Yourself, Understood in my 25+ years of international experience in helping people and businesses.

I make use of MMQG, a series of practices from Meditation, Mindfulness, Qi Gong, to help you find your way empowering your body, mind, and soul.

I practice and teach Neijia 内家 – Internal Martial Arts (like as Tai chi chuan – 太極拳, Xingyiquan – 形意拳, and Baguazhang – 八卦掌), Chin Na, Self Defense and Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga.

I am a Reiki Master and a Energy Healer. I practice and teach TANTRA, using it as a healing practice.

Most of all, I am a lifelong learner, a perennial curious, an aspiring polymath.

I am happy to be here and to have the opportunity to share with you my journey, to answer your questions, to talk about what makes you think. I want to thank Amber for having invited me here, and I am sure that wonderful things happen when like-minded people and spirits work together.

My blog is raffaellopalandri.wordpress.com and I invite you to have a look at it, if you want.

Animals & Universal Consciousness

“More often than I like to admit, I’m forced to realize that some people are simply a lot smarter than I am – doggone it. At other times, I catch myself in one of those moments of spontaneous prideful arrogance, thinking how much smarter I am than somebody else.

It’s easy for me to see that there are lots of people smarter than I am, and maybe a few who aren’t. I think, therefore I think I know what intelligence is – but that intelligence has let me down many times in the past, as it has for even “the greatest minds of their times” – former members of The Flat Earth Society and all.

For much of my life I thought that, at least, I was smarter than an animal – an assumption taken for granted in our modern, technological culture. Now, I think that assumption was wrong. I think animals are smarter than all of us, and it all has to do with the arrogant, typically human way I think about what intelligence is.

My intelligence seems to be a function of how well my senses and capabilities work, especially in terms of feeling “successful” about my life; but what if I could hear, see, or smell, thousands of times better than I can? What kind of world would I perceive, and how much more would I know about it? What if I didn’t have to worry about wearing clothes (believe me, I do), or whether I had a roof over my head? What if the supermarket were closed, or I was dropped in the middle of the ocean or the woods – could I feed myself, or would I end up becoming somebody’s dinner? Suddenly, I don’t sound much like ‘the top of the food chain.’

“Stay calm. Share your bananas.”—Koko the Gorilla

Profound Consciousness in Animals
One of the most difficult barriers for people to break is the one that prevents us from perceiving the profound levels of consciousness alive in our animal relatives. This kind of prison of the human ego that demands we place ourselves above all other creatures is possibly the most soul-depleting (and destructive) obstacle to human spiritual evolution there is, forcing us to live life through the limited filter of human sensory experience, generally misinterpreted by our collective and personal ego, and the delusions of “intellect.” As a result, we tend to destroy our home and hurt those from whom we could learn the most.

Science Demonstrates Animals Are Self-Aware
Let’s consider a couple of different realities about animal intelligence that science is demonstrating with increasing regularity; the first reality being what we’re most familiar with – the intelligence described by language, cognition, and problem-solving abilities.

Recent studies indicate that dolphins, and other cetaceans, display so much of this type of intelligence, in so many ways, that they should be considered as “non-human persons.”

“Science has shown that individuality – consciousness, self-awareness – is no longer a unique human property.”

– Ethics Professor Tom White, Loyola Marymount University of Los Angeles, in BBC News

Cetaceans efficiently adapt rational processes to overcome problems and take part in team efforts – even between species. They clearly possess complex language skills, so much so, in fact, that even whale songs which originate in one area of the earth’s oceans can become popular, and migrate to other parts of the world, like hit songs. Cetaceans also demonstrate compassion and are unquestionably self-aware.

“These are ancient, sentient Earth residents, with tremendous intelligence and enormous life force. Not someone to kill, but someone to learn from.”

Dr. John C. Lilly, on his research with dolphins

Crows possess human-like intelligence that includes problem-solving on a level greater than most six-year-old human children. They also exhibit an elaborate and nuanced language, as well as self-awareness, superb personal recognition, character determination, personal attachments, and cooperative, community-oriented behavior. These are all characteristics also shared by elephants, whose infra-sonic speech (which they can hear up to six miles away) when speeded up, sounds remarkably articulate, like talking.

Even man’s best friend, the good ol’ family dog, has been shown through the science of MRI brain-scan analysis to demonstrate neurological activity very similar to that of humans. In addition, dogs, cats, and other animals demonstrate cognitive, and even what we may consider ‘extra-sensory’ skills that relate to another, more profound kind of intelligence – one that may add credence to the assertion that the wholeness of animal intelligence is, in some very critical ways, superior to our own.

Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., in his direct, video-documented experiments on dog telepathy and his book, Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, has demonstrated how dogs are aware of when their distant owners (partners) even start to think about returning home. His experiments, although roundly dismissed as unscientific, feature dog owners returning home after absences of different durations, and the video-documented simultaneous responses of the dogs, back at home, clearly indicate an awareness of their owners’ intentions and actions from afar.

Animals and Telepathy
It’s long been known that many animals demonstrate a reliably ‘telepathic’ awareness of oncoming earthquakes, tsunamis, and other catastrophic phenomena; and dogs, with their largely unexplained ESP, can read emotional states more reliably than a lie detector and are currently employed working to sense and warn of oncoming seizures in epileptics, as well as detecting cancer in hospital patients – well before standard medical tests can.

All of us can psychically connect with animals. Learn how with James Van Praagh in Spirit Talk{.inline-media .inline-video}.

All of this relates to what Dr. Sheldrake refers to as “morphic resonance,” the existence of invisible connecting fields of energetic coherence, of sorts, essentially described by the larger concept of a shared field of consciousness, where the material world is imbued with the energy of intelligence, the physical realization of spiritual life. It’s the spiritual life of the planet and all of its occupants, a reality known for millennia by the indigenous peoples of every continent, but mostly denied by “modern” man. Here we know it as Gaia.

Animals, unlike humans, simply live their being. Their consciousness is joined with that Source intention, so they attain purity of conscious, highly developed multi-sensory experience that humans never realize mostly due to the interference of our intellect.

Unburdened by superficial, egoic thought, animals’ senses allow them to participate in an infinitely richer world, directly joined to what we may refer to as the Divine field of being.

They are highly sentient, extraordinarily conscious, and deeply intelligent, in a very real way. In a world that is, in fact, much more real than common human sensory perception and thought ever allows.

Animals Enhance Our Spiritual Evolution
Alex, an African Gray parrot, became a practically conversational research associate of Dr. Irene Pepperburg of Brandeis, after more than thirty years of working together on a daily basis; and, by her testimony, he was her best friend. His final words said to her as she left the laboratory the night before his death were: “You be good. See you tomorrow. I love you.”

I like to think that I’m smart, that I know good from bad, and right from wrong. I’ve guess I’ve eaten that mythological forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That’s what got us humans kicked out of The Garden, wasn’t it? As it is, we’ve been struggling with what our real role is here ever since, and still insist on imposing our self-entitled destruction on all the Divine life that we remain ignorant about – on all the Divine life that I like to think I’m smarter than.

“I do not see a delegation for the four-footed. I see no seat for the eagles. We forget and we consider ourselves superior, but we are, after all, a mere part of the Creation…the elements and the animals, and the birds, they live in a state of grace. They are absolute. They can do no wrong. It is only we, the two-leggeds, that can do this. And when we do this to our brothers, then we do the worst in the eyes of the Creator.”

Oren Lyons, to the United Nations, 1974″

Source: https://www.gaia.com/article/animals-and-universal-consciousness

Introducing Myself

Someone asked me to introduce myself briefly so here it goes..

“To introduce myself to you guys… It is hard because there is so much to articulate haha.

My blog’s “About The Author” page is here: https://diosraw.wordpress.com/about-the-author/ This goes into depth about myself and you might find it useful in some way.

My name is Amber, I am a young human from the UK. I have spent my life from fourteen onwards after having a spiritual awakening researching into why I am here, what this world is, what my purpose is and I am a knowledge addict. I have travelled around the world, I had dreams of going to Peru to work with the tribes, study plant medicine and do some journalism there but the retreat centre went bankrupt in 2017 and that plan did not work out. I came back to England last year in July traumatised and am very very severely damaged by what I experienced travelling. I was put on many medications and it has caused brain damage.. I was desperate for relief and they fucked me up. I am down to two pharmaceutiucals and am weaning off them. I have tried to stay alive by writing a blog as therapy, learn about spirituality, meditate, yoga, research and study all the time. I’m  a photographer, philosopher and the people’s journalist.

I have researched into the corruption of this world, I am in search of truth. The truth is not always pretty, AT ALL. I  know about what is going on with the U.S, Trump and the elites trying to bring in the nwo as much as I can.

That’s a little bit about me.
Love to you all.