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Poetry #93: We Drink The Poison Our Minds Pour

Sweet nectar

Tempted by your disguised sweet aura

Twisted plethora of poison

Thick dirt sets upon the earth

To give birth

To a world full of poison

I can’t breathe because of this sotty pollution

I can’t see because of the muffled air solution

Venom pours from some mouths

I can’t drink, this fluoride blocking the third eye and soul awakening expoused

I can’t think because of these deathly pills

Putting a bandaid over what is being over filled

Mouthpieces in the media spewing up life’s they tore

Food laced with pesticides, oh what I used to adore

Oceans that teemed with life before

Now leave death washing up on empty shores

Sealife choking on plastic


Coating itself with a nasty thick slime

You must learn to distinguish

Who will empty your existence and extinguish

Staining you with their poison

Albeit teaching you a reflection of yourself

And who – with their aura

Will enrich your soul

To begin the process of making it whole

Your poison seeps through the wounds and into the skin

Intoxicated, I took my time

Devouring slowly

Sipping the poison

As if it were the finest beverage

Poision swirls in the atmosphere

A fatal lesson man will learn

Not enough time before it all burns

But interestingly of all, we drink the poison our minds pour

And wonder why we feel so sick.

~DiosRaw 05/02/21 09:45AM

Did You Know #47: How Many Colours Are There?

The answer is basically infinity, But the number of colours we see is a different story.

Psycho Physicists; who study human responses believe they have figured out the total number of colours the human eye can distinguish.

A study done by these Psycho Physicists, says that the eye can see one thousand shades of light, as well as one hundred levels of red-green and one hundred levels of yellow-blue.
This means its 1000 x 100 x 100 = 10,000,000. (ten million)

Ten million shades of color!

However, they all stem from 11 main colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, gray, black and white.

The rest are just combinations of these colors.

It may also interest you to know that today’s standard computer screen shows over 16 million hues of color for a single full color image.