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Poetry #121: Smokes & Mirrors

Truths on differing dimensional levels

Mind, soul, body and spirit revels

Dualistic concepts of good and bad

Mind twisting concepts sending the soul mad

Elemental spirits lurking in the meadows of mystery

Lacking full knowledge of our history

Some will not be able to cope with the truth of what’s truly going on

Implanting the seeds in the rhymes of this lyrical song

We want to be loved

Love starts with us

Loving the self thus

Enveloping ourselves in soft billowy auric energies

Blurred hues and synergies

Smokes and mirrors

Reflecting lies and confusion

Truth cuts with precision

It cannot be hidden forever

Universal intelligence is eternally clever.

~DiosRaw 28/02/21 09:44AM

Poetry #120: Life A Divine School

Gems polished, lessons of God

Life a divine school, meeting our squad

Universal synchronicities giving us a prod

Pain onto grinding torment

Contemplating our lessons to repent

Swirling into eurphoria

Spinning down, tunnel entering dysphoria

Waves crash with tides

Harmonizing with Gaia’s strides

Mysterious phenomena abound

Patiently hidden in plain sight to be found

Earthing and ground

Coming back to our core

You are universal beauty galore

~DiosRaw 27/02/21 10:50AM

Remember you are loved, you are the one you are seeking.

Poetry #119: This Is What It Did To Him

Hurrying into a taxi in the dead of night

The driver told me a man stood on a bridge

It happens very often he says

Standing on the bridge

Lockdown had brought him to crack

His spirit and soul yearned to go smack

My heart dropped, I felt sick

Trying to gently coach him down

The police had blocked off roads into town

Hours and hours

On the verge between life and death

This is what cold isolation had done to him

Alone day after day

Contemplating when to make his move

He completely had enough

No more, no more

He couldn’t bear another living breath

And if only for some human connection

He had to stand on a bridge

Hours later the taxi driver said

He’s gone now, he’s not dead

Hopefully he will get help

This world is upside down

I pray he smiles one day instead of a psychological frown.

~DiosRaw 26/02/21 10:42AM

Inspired by a true story a few days ago. In the local city people are jumping off bridges during lockdown.

Poetry #118: Burning Concoction

Fifty minutes felt like five

A tingling burning fire at the core of her chest was eating her up inside

It wouldn’t be shaken

She tried to snap out of it and awaken

Sleep deprivation

Neurotransmitter starvation

Mixed with menstruation

No pills in the middle of the night agitation

Silent she was, storing it all, sitting on the lid of her suppressed anger

She couldn’t even smoke anymore after her heart rate sped up and an ambulance was called

Not the mention her millions of pilled on torment

Pretending to be normal, laying dormant

She cracked

Praying to the univese for her rage to leave

This concoction surely conjures psychosis?

Wouldn’t anyone with this blended potion?

She ripped things off the walls

Dust swamped the air and her allergy calls

She had never done this before

Pushing over the side table

Chucking the candle

Loud bangs

And still no lack of anger

She fell on her knees

Trance hypnosis

Begged God please

That burning in her chest, the rage of anger felt out of her control

Howling and streaming

Tears flowed

Nothing would stop this state

She wanted to jump out of her skin

Hours past

And at last

She went back to her normal fucked up state, not the one the anger did create

Her life is fucked and she knows it

She forgave herself and apologised

As usual it was in the early hours and she couldn’t take a break from this reality..

~DiosRaw 26/02/21 05:01AM

Poetry #117: Turning To Dust

No matter what happens

Our souls are eternal

We in all, and all is in us

For we all one day turn to dust

Keep the trust

You will return home no matter what

This journey in the grand tapesty of life is but a fart in cosmic time

A squeeze and zest of fragrant lime

Believe in yourself, I believe in you, sublime

Your spirit will never die, society has taught you that you are a crime.

~DiosRaw 25/02/21 10:20AM

Poetry #116: Maybe Then You’d Believe Me, Wouldn’t You?

Cutting, jabbing, stabbing

Crumbling bones

Soggy muscles

You look healthy, don’t you?

My health is dire, not wealthy

Maybe if you could see the bruises I feel

Shades of struken teal

Maybe if they were blue, purple and green

If the skin burned off

Then you’d believe me

If the tremors were more violent

If my screams were heard in the silent

If my muscles screamed louder

If you could hear the creaking off my joints

Or the persistent poisoning and pounding of my head

I wish honestly I was dead

I don’t know what is happening

I feel as if I’m dying

If I said any different I’d be lying

Suicide attempts

Jumping off dams

How much more until you understand?

There’s a fog swirling around in my brain

What if I crack and go insane?

If you could see the shooting pains as shooting sparks of light

Would you hold me tight?

In the dead numbness of the nightmarish night?

The whole body is a red glow

It’s invisible and only I know

Pretending to be okay

Questioning if I am fake positivity

The cells in my hippocampus are dying

Starving for dopamine and serotonin

If you touched my hand and swapped bodies

If only for a second

Could you feel how heavy of the weight it carries

If you could see the dreaded melancholy greying the hues of my canvas

And the shaking of my out stretched hands

Lying cold dead on a beach, with a bottle and packets rolling across the sand

If my misery made me waste away and disappear

If you knew how I felt the end is near

If the pain swallowed me whole

And you saw my weary decimating magnetic pulling black hole

If the nightmares and sweats of each night became reality

And I never woke up

Maybe then you’d believe me


Wouldn’t you?

~DiosRaw 24/02/21 19:00PM

Poetry By Ace & Amber #7: Dancing In The Trance

I am a tree, alive and free

And now with this warm touch

Human auric fields blending, I aid them as a crutch

Embracing arms around my trunk in times so clutch

Grounding and spreading my underground network

Expanding my leaves even through the murk

Each one of us has our own beautiful quirk

No matter what creatures lurk

Painting the scenery with my artwork

The wind makes me shiver

My branches shake and quiver

Then hits the sun as the ultimate giver

The night pours over but the star’s light leaves a sliver

Shedding what needs to go, as it flows away into this endless river

Sucking up nutrients as they deliver

No concept of appearance or time

Hearing the nature spirits’ chime

There is no prime

For life’s journey is the eternal climb

Energies latch on and if ever there’s slime

Clearing through cells and enzymes

Holding gracefully this wisdom

Beyond the veil, there’s a geometrical prism

Protecting me from society’s system

I lean into my vibrations rhythm

Swaying in this mystical and magical dance

My name is truth and I’m a tree in a trance

~By Ace (fearlessfreesoul.com) & Amber (diosraw.com)

Poetry #115: Gods & Goddesses

A true God of a man

Will uplift his lady, he can

Comforting her when she needs him

Vulnerability with his emotions and allowing them to swim

Open and honest, trusting his counterpart

Not throwing her about like a dart

With wide open arms

Protecting his companion through storms and thunder

Not letting her heart spin into a blunder

He is her Goddess

Not a game of chess

Let go of the illusion of better or less

Treasure her and be tender

Not a damn pretender.

~DiosRaw 23/02/21 12:38PM

Poetry #114: Sacrificial Lamb

Weave your fingers into mine

I’m fine, I’m fine

My love for you as a soul, a part of this spiritual family

Just growing used to it’s hurt

Stop telling yourself you can fix it

It’s been this way for quite some time and it didn’t intend to work for itself or for me

The silence of promises

Don’t be a sacrificial lamb, on the alter of it’s rage

All of this seems one encompassing stage

You can never save someone by allowing them to destroy you.

~DiosRaw 22/02/21 23:30PM