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Poetry #73: I Got Issues

I got issues

Thats why I use the drugs that I misuse

No, these pharaceuticals I use

Out of despair, obtuse

That’s all the help the doctors choose

They were issued

When I got all bruised


I felt I loosed

Fragments of my soul screws

No time for tissues

I yearn to return to be diffused

And re-introduced

I am a recluse

I want peace to be induced

I laugh, am I living a lie?

The pain

All I want to do is die

I turned to myself to be amused


My mind is confused

We all have issues

That’s why our soul came here, it choosed.

-DiosRaw, inspired by Mr. Jacobs 14/01/21 12:14PM

Inner Peace

Inner peace is what we feel when our body, mind, heart, and soul is at rest. Instead of striving to control or resist ourselves and others, we feel a sense of profound acceptance, forgiveness, love, and compassion. Inner peace is synonymous with being in touch with your True Nature or Soul. And above all, inner peace can only and ever occur in the present moment (which is all we truly have).

The Human Family Community Open Threads #33: What’s Troubling You?

I decided to start a new project called “The Human Family Community Open Thread.” These open threads will be for anyone to comment on and express how they feel, if you need a friend, any ideas, make new friends, thoughts, topics, quotes or simply if you feel alone or lonely or suicidal or want to speak to others; feel free to comment below and start a conversation. You are not alone.

The Human Family Open Thread #33

@DiosRaw 11/01/21

WordPress Update: Site Unblocked (A Victory)

Hello Friends, warmest morning welcome.

To update you on what’s happening with the blog; McAfee (internet security site) has emailed to say that the block will be removed and the site will get changed from potentially risky to minimal risk! The McAfee email response is below:

Sometimes we have to fight to keep our dreams alive. And this fight ended in a victory.

I would like to thank Parneet at: http://timelessmind.org for making this issue of my site being blocked on the internet by McAfee known to me, very grateful.

Now there are still issues with the blog but this is great news.

Best wishes all and have a wonderful day,


What Is Gematria & Can It Unlock A Hidden Code To The Universe?

“If you speak to someone who studies numerology they will tell you that there is an uncanny relationship between numbers and words. They’ll tell you that letters and words all have a numerical value and weight that is implicit of deeper meaning, connecting other words of similar weight. In fact, this concept has been given merit and studied in relation to biblical texts for hundreds of years. Kabbalist Jewish scholars call this study gematria and believe that there is a hidden code in the Torah that contains clues to current and future events.

The concept of gematria numerology stems from the idea that mathematics is the universal language of nature and within it may be the keys to explaining our universe or evidence of supernatural power. Marty Leeds has taken this concept of the Kabbalistic gematria and applied it to the English language, believing that he has found a cipher in our alphabet to prove this theory.

What is Gematria?
In Hebrew, every letter is given a numerical value and those values can be added up to achieve the numerical value of a word. While some might think that this is a system of drawing arbitrary connections, practitioners of gematria believe there to be an intentional context to the sounds of the vowels and consonants that we use in language with an interconnected mathematical meaning.

An example of the influence of gematria in Judaism can be found in the tzitzit, the shawl worn during a Jewish ceremony. Combing the numerical value of the knot, and the number of strands of knots, with the value of the word tzitzit, results in the number 613, which is the same as the number of commandments in the Torah. Or some look at the number of windings of the thread between each knot, of 7-8-11-13, broken down into their corresponding Hebrew letters and find the spelling of God’s name.

Hebrew scholars are not the only ones who have given consideration to the concept of gematria, as it is also common to other religions and cultures. Plato made reference to Greek gematria, and the Abjad numerals are the Arabic equivalent. Many of us even have similar beliefs when it comes to superstitions that are seated in religion, whether we know it or not. 666 is a number we associate with words like devil or beast. Some have found the gematria of 666 to be a reference to Nero Caesar.

Leeds says that it makes sense that a language could be distilled down into basic numbers since we already do this with binary code. The intricacies of everything that is digital can be broken down into 1s and 0s. And science often relies on the simplicity of Occam’s Razor, a.k.a. the law of parsimony, where the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions is preferred or at least the best place to start.

What is Gematria’s Meaning?
The main focus of the Kabbalistic use of gematria is on the name of God. The tetragrammaton, or the Hebrew name of God in four letters, YHWH, was the original focus of gematria. Leeds has applied his cipher of the English alphabet to the tetragrammaton and believes there is something there.

He breaks down the 26 letters of the English alphabet into two parts, as a representation of duality in our world. He uses the number 7, representing the seven days of creation, to assign numbers to each letter of the alphabet. He then points to the summation of the non-prime numbers, denoted by the Jewish menorah, equaling 22. When 22 is divided by 7 the result is 3.142, or pi. This is where he says to have found the name of God, in pi, an archetypical number of creation that is central to mathematics, extending infinitely in its calculation.

When the numerical value of the Hebrew letters of the tetragrammaton is added up, they come out to 26, the number of letters in our alphabet. The characters themselves, according to Leeds, look like they symbolize pi begotten by 7 and pi begotten by 7 – or the same way that he has used gematria to break up the English alphabet to create his cipher. In Leed’s cipher, the numerical value of the words Lord and God both add up to 13, which combined equals 26.

Leeds says there is innate evidence like this in many aspects of our world, like with the number three. Three can be found in descriptions of the divine throughout a number of religions. This can be seen in the Christian holy trinity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost or the Hindu Holy Trinity of Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahama. The primordial sound AUM is often spelled with three letters and has a 3 in its character. Time is represented by the past, present, and future and, of course, pi is represented by 3.1415. The 3 degrees and 33 degrees are also very symbolic in Freemasonry.

The evidence of gematria in freemasonry is thought to be seen in the strange way masons letter their passwords. This evidence of a kabbalistic influence dates back as far as the early 1700s. Some have pointed out that the word God is thought to be an acronym rooted in Freemasonry and Hebrew. And Leeds points to the G in the symbol of the Freemason’s square and compasses as having a connection to the number 7 in his cipher. But are these alphanumerical connections evidence of a secret code that is undeniable proof of a creator, or merely coincidental and cherry-picked? What more can we glean from this code if it is significant? Does your name in gematria tell you anything?”

Source: https://www.gaia.com/article/what-is-gematria

What Gifts Does WordPress Give To Us?

“Here I can read a number of different perspectives on one particular subject according to different people’s opinions and beliefs. It helps to expand the scope of thinking and helps to understand the world more profoundly.” – Maya

Words by: https://maayaland.wordpress.com

WordPress is a gift; it creates understanding, seeing different perspectives, inspires us, motivates us, increases our awareness and knowledge of different topics, opens up the doors for connection to many different characters from around the world… These are a few of the gifts this site brings. Blessed. Amber

Silver Birch: Cancer

“Q: Do spirit doctors know the cure for cancer?

THERE is no specific cure in the sense that there is one remedy that will cure every type of cancer, because they do not all owe their origin to the same cause. Some are physical, some are mental and some are spiritual in their origin. It is not possible to treat them all alike. You must try to understand the way we work. It is not done by saying “Your world has a problem, here is the answer.” Your world must earn the answer. But if you have wrong living in your world, if you have the needless cruelty to which helpless animals are subjected, if you have not earned the right to be cured, then no one can give you a cure.

What is done is twofold. Where patently sincere and devoted individuals are working along truly spiritual lines, they are helped automatically because they attract wiser beings who were in their field and who desire to help them. The other method is by the outpouring of spirit power in healing which produces results when the sufferer is ready to recieve them. All healing from our world is accomplished through spirit power. It is not a magic wand that can be waved. That power is attracted to the soul of the sufferer. Therefore it cannot induce a response until the soul is touched. There is no magnetic link until the soul is open. If it is closed in, it cannot make contact. It also depends on other factors, too. It depends on what is the cause of the disease. It depends whether a choice has been made beforehand to express itself through a certain type of bodily mechanism. It is not a simple question.” – The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers