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Spirituality #15: Orbs

“Orbs of light are generally thought to be the manifestation of energy – which is why they’re sometimes referred to as ghost orbs or spirit orbs. Some of the orbs you see in pictures aren’t actually “ghostly” in nature: they’re mere refractions of the light on the lense of a camera, or are a result of the flash of a camera picking up a piece of dust, metal or even tiny insects in the air. Dust or particles on the lensecap of a digital camera are also well-known for causing orb-like phenomena.

Although orb definitions vary from place to place, it’s generally accepted that a “true” orb is an orb that is relatively solid from the centre, without any of the spokes of light that you’d see from orbs caused by light interference. Often, they emit their own light, if only a very small amount of light. Whilst orbs are most often thought of as spirits, some believe them to be a separate form of energy that we don’t yet understand, or a manifestation of Native spirits. The truth is, we don’t yet understand orbs, but we know that they appear most commonly in certain places, which means that we can draw some conclusions about what they are and more importantly, what they might mean.

Orbs can be sighted in different colours, and although they are most commonly spotted as transparent or clear light orbs, it’s generally thought that different coloured orbs have different meanings, and that the energy captured within the orb is trying to convey a message.

White orbs: orbs that are white or silver are typically thought to be positive, although they could also indicate that a spirit or energy is stuck or trapped on a plane that they don’t belong on

Red orbs: red or orange orbs (orbs that are warm in colour) are generally considered to be warm and protective spirits. Although red and orange can be considered passionate and fiery colours, this is typically not the case when we talk about ghost or spirit orbs. Red orbs could also be a manifestation of the energy of a protector or a caretaker; someone who was watchful in life – perhaps a mother, teacher or nurse.

Black orbs: orbs with a brown or dark hue may have a reputation as being negative or angry spirits, but in reality they may simply be spirits with negative or heavy emotions attached to them. These are not evil spirits or energy; they are simply spirits with a lot of low or overwhelming emotions attached to them, which may be difficult to deal with if you are inexperienced. Black orbs can be a sign that a certain place is not particularly friendly in the way of energy or spirits, but it is up to you to decipher those spirits or energies before you proceed.

Green orbs: green is always associated with nature, and in the case of orbs, it tends to represent onness with the Earth and with the heart – the association between the body, the soul and the Earth. It can also indicate spirits that have never lived on Earth, such as deceased infants.

Blue orbs: the colour blue is often used to try to illicit a calming, healing response, and in the case of orbs, blue often indicates the presence of a calming or healing energy or spirit. It may also represent some sort of truth, particularly if you’re looking for answers or trying to contact a specific spirit from the afterlife.

When we ask “what are orbs?”, we really need to talk about when and where we see them. Typically, they are seen at night, in areas where there has been paranormal phenomena or other atypical phenomena already reported. Ghost orbs and spirit orbs may be seen around places like graveyards or churches, or when activities such as seances or clairvoyance work are carried out. Orbs have also been reported in areas where many deaths have occurred – as an example, eyewitness accounts have recorded orbs at the Gettysburg battlefield at night.

Orbs can also be seen around people. When certain people attract orbs, it’s often thought that the question “what is an orb?”, is answered a little bit differently. In these cases, orbs are thought to represent halos, angels or deceased relatives – a tiny manifestation of protective energy that we can see either through the naked eye or captured on film. Generally, if someone has an orb or multiple orbs that “hang around”, they are often more of a spiritual person, and may experience other paranormal phenomena, although this is not always the case.

Orbs can also be seen within an individual’s aura, particularly if they are a psychic or spiritualist. This may indicate that they can communicate with spirits or energies, or simply that energies or spirits are trying to communicate.

Conducting a spiritual ritual, such as prayer, healing or worship makes it more likely that orbs will appear in photographs, and it’s also more likely that orbs will be seen when a ritual occurs between the border of life and death, such as at a funeral or death. However, orbs and the spirits and entities within them will also make themselves known at any special life event, such as a birth or wedding – or at any other time, which is why you could see orbs crop up in the most mundane of photographs or videos.”

Source: https://www.hauntedrooms.co.uk/orbs-of-light-explained-what-is-an-orb

22/11/20: A Message To A Shaman #2

Hey, thanks for the message. Hoping you are having a serene sunday my friend.

Indeed, I think vaccines should be a personal choice as sovereign beings.

After studying vaccines extensively I won’t be taking any. I believe the body has all it needs to defend itself and I think a lot of these things are correlated with the placebo effect. Belief is the core. It all boils down to ones metaphysical reality, how one sees themselves, the world and what beliefs they hold. We have been programmed to believe that we need an external substance to save us. We have propaganda everywhere telling us what we should be thinking about our bodies. And because we are all traumatised by society from birth we have lost our belief in ourselves and thinking for ourselves so we listen to outside authority. I see through it all. The question is who profits or benefits from vaccines? Big pharma. Unfortunately I think that technocrats and billionaires are profitting off of the rest of society.

This corona vaccine, after investigating, is very very worrying to me for the world. In these vaccines are cells from fetuses, A.I technology and dirty stuff. This could be the end of humanity if we all have these injected into us.

And the sad thing is Nick, that many people will blindly take it because they have the belief that there is a “deadly virus” (99.7% survival rate going by supposed data) and are brainwashed into all this. Who will profit? The company, who paid billions in legal battles to people injured by vaccines. Ta-da. It all seems a joke, it’s hard whe the world around me is lost in the dream, the matrix, the illusion of this reality someone else created, that we are playing parts in.

Best wishes and take care,

18/11/20: A Message To A Shaman #1

Hey Clare, thanks for your message I appreciate it. Good to hear you are exploring how you feel and are opening your heart. Wonderful.

I agree with what you are saying regarding vaccines, I’ve extensively researched into the covid vaccines and they are dangerous for all of humanity. The Covid crap is a disguise I believe for a great reset proposed by the technocrats and cabal etc.

I’m not doing well. Not sleeping. Pain all over that is screaming at me. I’ve made a plan to wean off Pregablin, the second medication to conquer after being on five at one time last year. I feel confused and lost. I don’t know what I am doing anymore or where to turn or what to believe. I just let it be. I work on my blog which is blowing up and help educate people on various topics which is my purpose right now. I am a mess, depressed, anxious, socially anxious.. I don’t know where to start. I want to end my life but I know I have a purpose here and am too scared to follow through with it after failed attempts. I don’t want to die, I just want to euthanize myself because of the extreme levels of pain I am in. I’ve found myself turn into a comedian, humour gets me through the days. The world is having a dismemberment and I pray light prevails, as it always does in the end. I feel scatty and have an over active brain. I keep getting downloads of information and keep writing constantly. Oh Clare, what a mess, a beautiful mess hey. It’s sometimes lonely out here in the dark.

Best wishes and love to you,

Angel Number #23

Angel number 23 is a message from your angels encouraging you to believe in yourself and the quality of your natural abilities.

Angel number 23 means that your guardian angels and the Ascended Masters are supporting you in your endeavors.

Angels are messengers from the spiritual realm, carrying messages from Divine Source full of encouragement, inspiration, and optimism about your place in the universe.

Source: https://thesecretofthetarot.com/angel-number-23/

Life Is Too Short To Waste

“Life is too short to waste any amount of time on wondering what other people think about you. In the first place, if they had better things going on in their lives, they wouldn’t have the time to sit around and talk about you. What’s important to me is not others’ opinions of me, but what’s important to me is my opinion of myself.” – C. JoyBell C.

A Message To My Dad

Have a good walk. That is beautiful you still remember his death every year as many humans don’t get that sort of yearly appreciation for someone’s life that he does from you and his other friends. Some people just get forgotton and not bothered remembering by their fellows.

The next lockdown will be a disaster for mental health, the economy, in all ways. It is ridiculous and the science does not match up when you research outside of the news media. A totalitarian state is coming if we don’t wake up to what is really happening in the world. This virus will never go away, it will never go away Dad, the elites have planned this all out for years. Civilisations throughout history, the Roman empire etc, have ended after a few hundred years and become corrupt and die out. The Muslim population are not all bad of course, like each human can be good or bad, however it is an invasion of the western world with the importation of refugees and the allowance of all this happening. The French navy are dropping migrants off into the sea and they arrive in England and get 4 star hotels.. then the dingys they came in are sent back to the French Navy to be reused. What the fuck?? Who knows who is being imported wheb people arrive with no documents, they could be criminals being spread all over Europe like wildfire……

A Message To My Mother

Nope, it will not stop. There will be a vaccine and the only way out of lockdwon is to take a vaccine that will control and destroy humanity. What the hell to believe anymore? The WHOLE world is corrupt and all governments are corrupt. We are not meant to be slaving our lives away working to survive, this is backward. People really need to wake up now as the more we comply the more they will then take us into a full totalitarian, communist, non-freedom, non-privacy world where our EVERY move is tracked. Scary times. This is why the US electon next week on Tuesday is so important, because Biden (democratic party) has ties to China which, if he wins will take over the US and the western world and the whole world will follow. We are in very, very, dangerous times. All tribes from around the world have talked about this time, it is the end of the world as we know it…… The veil is being lifted and we are seeing behind the curtains like in the film The Wizard Of Oz where Dorothy lifts the curtain and finds an old man behind the scenes. Behind the scenes are a small amount of psychopaths who control the world and they only have power if we allow it. We are the majority.

The virus is a HOAX, the media are propaganda/telling lies to us and are owned by these psychopaths. The news is not real. The deaths are lies made up and even if some are Covid many died from various causes and Covid was put on the death certificate by corrupt doctors recieving bribes. Cases are a joke because the PCR test wasn’t invented to diagnose coronaviruses and it is 93% inaccurate and can detect any coronavirus and there are many.

It is all a lie and the sooner we all realize this the sooner we can save humanity.

The world as we knew it is OVER. This is the new world if we allow it…… We have the power to change the world, each and everyone of us if we stand up for our freedom and do not give in..