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Poetry #107: Wounded Healer Friction

Sacred alchemy

The wounded healer

The ultimate scar concealer

Your wound becomes a window

Spilling out light into the world, take an arrow and a bow

Tripping up in this blind forest, keeping sanity in tow

This path is tortous and steep

The gorge beside is remarkably deep

Thousands of moments we weep and weep

With our skill and hard earned art

The gift is there to open our fellow soul’s hearts

Illness is an altered state

A sense of isolation and depression correlate

Helplessness drowns out the sound

One day my will and power will pick me off the ground

Fear is the friction in transitions

Shapeshifting, warping into a magican.

~DiosRaw 18/02/21 08:30AM

Did You Know #60: What Happens At The Taiwan Lantern Festival?

“The night of the first full moon of the lunar year is when the people of Taiwan, both young and old, venture out to celebrate the world-renowned Lantern Festival. Featuring everything from handheld children’s lanterns to huge floats bedecked in paper lights, this festival is one of the most popular events in the Taiwanese calendar, and it’s easy to see why.

The Lantern Festival in Taiwan is now a major tourist attraction thanks to the Taiwanese Tourism Bureau. Each year they organize a variety of events with many local companies sponsoring high-tech lanterns that are a far cry from the children’s lanterns of bygone days. But there’s more to this festival of light than floats with lasers on the streets of Taipei and Kaohsiung.

How it all Began
In 1990 the Tourism Bureau devised a plan to hold an event that would help celebrate local folklore. They decided to hold a major lantern festival to coincide with age-old customs such as the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival and the Yanshui Fireworks Festival.

The Original Traditions
The lunar calendar is extremely important in Taiwan so it should come as no surprise that the first full moon of the year is considered an auspicious time of the year. There are many traditions surrounding this special night but here are the most famous.

The small hillside town of Pingxi, is home to a breathtaking tradition that has made it a hugely popular tourist destination. Around the time of the first full moon sky lanterns are released to the heavens. These were once used as signals for villagers to let their families know they were safe and sound but now carry people’s wishes and hopes for the new year into the night sky.”

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/theculturetrip.com/asia/taiwan/articles/a-brief-history-of-the-taiwan-lantern-festival/%3famp=1

Woodsy & Amber Poetry #6: The Sting Of Soft Things Duet

If I could lift your fingers,
show you the ice where my page froze
and swing a little pirouette,
catch you falling
through the sting of soft things…

paradoxes catch the fall in their duality
the funny thing about the heart is, may it be so that a soft heart is a strong hard?
yet a hard heart may be a weak one?
this beaming life vessel feels sunken in from all the winds of life’s endurances
blankly staring at my page

I can only speak for my own scars,
forged in an anger that screams into words
and glowers over silence.
I can only speak for the rawness that will not let go –
the courage of the vulnerable, hunting for worthy words

misty eyes scrambling to see through the fog –
how can I know what you feel when all I have is my experience to relate
most go through life judging their fellow human family through tunnel vision
concotions of confusion with muffled voices

So tired of what is written,
I find myself diving between,
sailing the spaces, the pauses –
safecracking the combinations between chapters
and running away with a small piece of unwritten soul
this fragment of soul stills the perpetual cycling of the mind’s cogs and finds that treasure warping open into the next door

By Woodsy (https://woodsydotblog.wordpress.com) & Amber (diosraw.com)

Poetry #105: Wilting & Shrivelled Into The World

That glow, smiling frontal to the sun

A pure free soul, creating wonder

Then she heard the crashing of thunder

Unknown to her she’d be initiated into a blunder

Stepping out into the world

Wilting at every criticsm

Flower head turned upside down

Twisting the beaming smile, denigrates into a frown

Life smacks her left and right, turning her into a stuttering fright

Turning for comfort here and there

Ending with a harsh sharp glare

Creeping around

Trying not to make a sound

Burying under old archetypes she found

She’s shrivelled up, broken and bitter

Her love for the earth, she still picks up litter

There’s good inside

She doesn’t let the light hide

Fuck the rest

This life is a test

Let her be with open arms

Smoking her coping mechanism of a cigarette..

~DiosRaw 16/02/21 09:40AM

~Laika Believe~

Laika believe that the physical world nests within the realm of the mind, which rests within the domain of the soul, which is held within the folds of the spirit. Spirit is the wellspring from which everything else emerges: It is pure light.

As seers who perceive the invisible world of energy and spirit, the Laika understand that everything in the universe is made of light, and that it forms and creates matter. In some things, light is bound very tightly, as in trees and stones, while in others it’s more fluid, such as in rivers or in sunlight. Today, scientific discoveries confirm that when we look deeply into the heart of matter at the most fundamental level, all we find is vibration and light.

Source: The Four Winds Society Email Article

The Human Family Community Open Threads #61

This is a project called “The Human Family Community Open Threads.” These open threads will be for anyone to comment on and express how they feel, if you need a friend, any ideas, to make new friends, thoughts, topics, quotes or simply if you feel alone or lonely or suicidal or want to speak to others; feel free to comment below and start a conversation. You are not alone.

The Human Family Open Thread #61

~DiosRaw 09/02/21

How To Maintain Social Connections In 2021

Welcome fellow souls to « The Human Family Crash Course Series, » a new project collaborated together by empress2inspire.blog and diosraw.com. Together we will be working on a different topic for each crash course; our second topic is focused on «How To Thrive In 2021.» Each topic will have eight posts with posts on Mondays and Thursdays. We hope you enjoy our series and we look forward to knowing how our posts have inspired you!

As many of us face a more virtual life during this confusing planetary time, it is vital that we maintain social connections to protect our mental well being.

As the below quote elaborates on, human connection is a powerful force that we learn early on in life:

“Never underestimate the empowering effect of human connection. All you need is that one person, who understands you completely, believes in you and makes you feel loved for what you are, to enable you – to unfold the miraculous YOU.” – Drishti Bablani, Wordions

Here are some tips to aid you in maintaining your social connections this year:

Blogging friends. As many of you read this, you will know that you have a blog that can connect you to beings from all across the world. How amazing, right? Use your blog to create friends by leaving comments here and there and seeing if you get a response that resonates with you. Be brave, send out the frequency into the universe that you will find friends on this platform. From personal experience I can say that making friends on WordPress has changed my life, maintaining connections are vital to keep you on the right track.

Friends and family. Have you spoken to your family and friends recently? Maybe we could rekindle a friendship and see how your friends are doing. Sending an email, making that phone call.. reaching out and holding your arms open may be the key to maintaining your social connections. You never know until you reach out.

Use technology to connect with family and friends. From Facebook to FaceTime to Skype to WhatsApp, plenty of options are available.

Check on your neighbors who live alone to ensure they are okay. Strike up regular conversations with these individuals at the same time every day or several times a week. Ask if they need anything before you go to the grocery store. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you can give much-needed support to others in your community.

Participate in group activities. If you live in an apartment building with a courtyard, for example, someone might lead group activities such as light exercise or talking sessions from the courtyard with residents participating from their balconies and front yards. Or find online group activities you can participate in.

Volunteer. Community support groups could need you for outreach calls, either over the phone or in person, to support others who are not socially connected in some way during this time.

Spend more time in the park or dog park. Say hello to other dog owners or those you pass in the park. Many people might be grateful to connect and chat.

Hang out in your front yard and interact with neighbors. Pull up your chair and chat across the fence while they work in their yards or wash their cars. Talk to postal workers as they deliver mail, or chat with those walking along the sidewalk.

Online support groups. Search around on the internet for online support groups that fit your criteria for what you are looking for within that group. You may feel more supported knowing there are others out there that feel as you do my friend.

Social connections are the threads that bind our communities together. By prioritizing human interactions and finding meaningful ways to connect during this time of physical distance and social isolation, we can support each other.

We hope this post inspires you to understand the importance of social connections during this time; let us know how you manage your social connections below..