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A Story Of Life, Death & Reincarnation

Welcome fellow souls to « The Human Family Crash Course Series,» a new project collaborated together by empress2inspire.blog and diosraw.com. Together we will be working on a different topic for each crash course; our second topic is focused on «Western Esotericism.» Each topic will have eight posts with posts on Mondays and Thursdays. We hope you enjoy our series and we look forward to knowing how our posts have inspired you!

Have you heard of the Greek mythological story of Hades and Persephone? I’m sure you have at some point in your life as it’s one of the well known Greek myths. Hades was the brother of Zeus and the god of the underworld. Persephone was the daughter of Demeter, the Goddess of nature.

Persephone Taken To The Underworld
Hades was love stricken by Persephone and kidnapped her, he traveled above ground to pursue her, while she was gathering flowers in a field. Hades confided his secret to his brother Zeus, asking for help; the two of them concocted a plan to trap her. As Persephone played with her companions, both Gods caused the ground to split underneath her. Persephone fell beneath the Earth and Hades stole her to the Underworld where he made her his wife. Persephone was very unhappy, but after some time, she came to love the cold-blooded Hades and lived happily with him.

Demeter Searches For Persephone
Demeter hurried back to where she had left her daughter, horrified to find her missing, she asked all as to the whereabouts of her beloved daughter. No one could tell her anything at all and the furious Goddess said that they couldn’t protect her child. Demeter cursed all the nymphs into becoming women with plumed bodies and scaly feet, called the sirens. The river Cyane was the only one who helped Diameter by washing over the belt of Persephone, indicating that something very suspicious had happened. Demeter went absolutely mad and hunted for her daughter everywhere. The Goddess even disguised herself as an old lady with a lighted torch in her hands roaming the Earth for nine long days and nine long nights. Finally, she met Hekate, the deity of magic, witchcraft, spirits and crossroads, at the dawn of the 10th day who had sorrow at her dismal condition and asked her to seek help from the all seeing Helios, the sun god. Helios told Demeter how Hades had dragged her daughter, Persephone, into the underworld.

Persephone In The Underworld
Demeter, Persephone’s mother, begged her brother Hades to let Persephone back to live above the underworld, denoting that the young Persephone was not supposed to live in the underworld. Hades conversed with Zeus and they both decided to allow Persephone to live on earth for six months each year and the other half of her time would be in the Underworld.

Before Persephone left the underworld, she was persuaded to eat four seeds of a pomegranate. Ancient mythology says, to eat the fruit of one’s captor meant that one would have to return to that captor or country, so Persephone was doomed to return to the underworld for four months of the year. But she was allowed to spend the remaining two-thirds of the year with her Earth Mother, Demeter.

The myth of Hades and Persephone is associated with the arriving of Spring and Winter, when Persephone comes to the earth, it’s springtime and when she descends to Hades, it is winter. This symbolises the changing of the seasons and cyclical everlasting time.

The disappearance and the return of the goddess Persephone were the occasions of grand festivals in ancient Greece, among them the Elefsinian rites, whose secrets were very closely guarded and little is known about them today. Some experts in this field believe the rites or mysteries gave birth to the idea of a more perfect life after death, and thus helped lay the foundation for the coming of Christianity, which upholds the idea of everlasting life.

The basic tenet of this story is that energy never dies, even when we pass on, we are always forevermore. We are eternal beings.

Let us know your take on this mythological tale below.

~Ten Spiritual Truths That Are Not Taught In Schools~

“What would be our world today if the 10 spiritual truths in this article were taught in our schools, as well as in our official media?

How could we change the system by introducing these subjects for future generations? What would the world be like if these spiritual truths were officially recognized?

1. We humans are spiritual beings on a journey. Before we were born into this physical body, we planned a moment in time, in which we will start waking up and know how to answer the questions: ′′ Who are we and what are we doing here?” Our mother’s womb was for we as a tunnel of forgetting and we knew in advance what is the biggest risk: to never remember again, in this life. We were never disconnected from our source of Light; our challenge is to help our inner pillar of Light grow, in remembrance of who we truly are.

2. Our souls never die; we will only change the vehicle. When it’s time to disconnect the cord of life from our physical body, our soul rises outside the physical body. We take with us the experience of our lives, but our focus changes to a slightly different level of vibrations. We will no longer have the same physical form in a future life – and that’s because our soul has no shape. Every life brings us more experience and wisdom.

3. Everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. All living things on Earth have consciousness – even stones and trees. Everything is connected to the ′′ tree of life ′′ or an infinite energy source. We can connect to the consciousness of trees and stones and we can even initiate conversations with them, on their private vibration frequencies. Our bodies are 90 % water and can be programmed and modeled towards a certain vibration frequency, through thoughts, sound, color, and love. The moment we understood the vibrations, then we can cure any disease or indisposition in our body by changing the vibration.

4. Our thoughts create our reality. All thoughts are energy that manifests in what we see as reality. Always, being aware of our thoughts is one of the first steps in taking responsibility for co-creating your own reality. It is a simple concept, but it requires awareness and work. If every person on Earth directed their thoughts towards peace and love, then there would be no war and no tyranny in the world. By focusing on negative thoughts, we will create a lower vibration frequency; if we focus on positive thoughts, we can increase the vibration frequency. Our reality is a manifestation of what we create through our thinking patterns.

5. We are here because we were expected here. There are several races and dimensions of beings on this planet: angels, cherubim, archangels, those from Sirius, etc. We volunteered to be here, at this point – answering the call of planet Earth, which cried for help. I came here from other galaxies, universes, and cosmos. Many came here every time there was a chance to get a ′′ golden age “, after ′′ fall “.

6. Most of us have incarnated here before, several times, in order to prepare for this life. There are souls who are here to be leaders or spiritual path guidance, but there are also souls who wished to be here, just to help raise the vibration of the human race. Many of us have more ′′ classes ′′ to graduate, to become our own masters, in the process of reincarnation.

7. We are never alone. We couldn’t exist here without the help of our spiritual guides, high vibrational beings, of Light, who made pacts with us to help us in the path to ascension. These spiritual guides exist on a vibrational or dimensional level other than ours and therefore most of us cannot see them. They are always with us and waiting patiently for us to ask for their help. They respect our free will and cannot intervene if we do not ask them to. Most guidance comes from within, as an intuition, through a telepathy process; messages can also come from other people, who are a kind of ′′ intermediaries ′′ of our spiritual guides.

8. Time is an illusion. We have a past and we have already been in the future. Most of our energy particles (our souls) exist in a place without time. Time is created in order to experiment and is part of a controlled experiment. Meditation is the key to returning to the place without time, where you can find all the answers.

9. Ascension does not mean going somewhere. Is a state of being, a focus towards awareness and consciousness in a higher vibrational frequency. We don’t go anywhere, but simply rediscover the place we thought we were gone from. We are already what we want to be; we just need to be conscious again.

10. Love is everything. Finding and reconnecting to the feeling of love is the most important thing we as humans can do. Unconditional love is the key to returning to the Source. Without love, nothing is.

If these 10 truths were known and put into practice by everyone, then all humanity could change enormously. Envy, war, enemy, hatred, selfishness… all these things could disappear in a flash, and all that would remain would be just love, peace, and spiritual peace. Wouldn’t it be wonderful?”

Source: https://thegalacticfederation.com/02-024?utm_content=12310282&utm_medium=Email&utm_name=Id&utm_source=Actionetics&utm_term=Email

Poetry #120: Life A Divine School

Gems polished, lessons of God

Life a divine school, meeting our squad

Universal synchronicities giving us a prod

Pain onto grinding torment

Contemplating our lessons to repent

Swirling into eurphoria

Spinning down, tunnel entering dysphoria

Waves crash with tides

Harmonizing with Gaia’s strides

Mysterious phenomena abound

Patiently hidden in plain sight to be found

Earthing and ground

Coming back to our core

You are universal beauty galore

~DiosRaw 27/02/21 10:50AM

Remember you are loved, you are the one you are seeking.

Poetry #119: This Is What It Did To Him

Hurrying into a taxi in the dead of night

The driver told me a man stood on a bridge

It happens very often he says

Standing on the bridge

Lockdown had brought him to crack

His spirit and soul yearned to go smack

My heart dropped, I felt sick

Trying to gently coach him down

The police had blocked off roads into town

Hours and hours

On the verge between life and death

This is what cold isolation had done to him

Alone day after day

Contemplating when to make his move

He completely had enough

No more, no more

He couldn’t bear another living breath

And if only for some human connection

He had to stand on a bridge

Hours later the taxi driver said

He’s gone now, he’s not dead

Hopefully he will get help

This world is upside down

I pray he smiles one day instead of a psychological frown.

~DiosRaw 26/02/21 10:42AM

Inspired by a true story a few days ago. In the local city people are jumping off bridges during lockdown.

Poetry By Ace & Amber #7: Dancing In The Trance

I am a tree, alive and free

And now with this warm touch

Human auric fields blending, I aid them as a crutch

Embracing arms around my trunk in times so clutch

Grounding and spreading my underground network

Expanding my leaves even through the murk

Each one of us has our own beautiful quirk

No matter what creatures lurk

Painting the scenery with my artwork

The wind makes me shiver

My branches shake and quiver

Then hits the sun as the ultimate giver

The night pours over but the star’s light leaves a sliver

Shedding what needs to go, as it flows away into this endless river

Sucking up nutrients as they deliver

No concept of appearance or time

Hearing the nature spirits’ chime

There is no prime

For life’s journey is the eternal climb

Energies latch on and if ever there’s slime

Clearing through cells and enzymes

Holding gracefully this wisdom

Beyond the veil, there’s a geometrical prism

Protecting me from society’s system

I lean into my vibrations rhythm

Swaying in this mystical and magical dance

My name is truth and I’m a tree in a trance

~By Ace (fearlessfreesoul.com) & Amber (diosraw.com)

Symbols #43: Tibetan Buddhism Auspicious Symbols

In Tibetan Buddhism, these symbols are said to be the luckiest and most sacred of all. Frequently seen in combination with one another, each represents a different component of Buddhist philosophy.

The Parasol: Representing protection and shelter, the Parasol shows how Buddha’s teachings will shield us from the “heat” of forces like greed and lust.

The Golden Fish: A symbol of joy and liberation, the Fish represent freedom from samsara, or the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

The Conch Shell: Used to call individuals to prayer, the Conch’s resounding trumpet represents the influence of dharma and its ability to awaken us from ignorance.

The Lotus: A symbol of enlightenment, the Lotus mirrors human suffering. Growing through muck in order to blossom, the Lotus shows that we too may blossom through Buddha’s wisdom.

The Urn: A symbol of abundance, the Urn is evocative of Buddha’s spiritual wealth, demonstrating that there is no end to his knowledge and wisdom.

The Infinite Knot: With no beginning or end, the Infinite Knot reflects Buddha’s infinite compassion as well as the interconnectedness of all living things.

The Banner: Also known as the Flag, the Banner represents victory over ignorance and the obstacles that block the path to enlightenment.

The Wheel: The Wheel of Law, or Dharmachakra, is a summation of Buddha’s teachings. The eight spokes are Buddha’s Eightfold Path, while the inner hub is the discipline required to follow it.