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Poetry #17: Lonliness Is A Killer

Lonliness is a killer

It puts your heart in a chiller

I too know this feeling very well

I too have known what it is like to feel rejected, alone out in the cold and misunderstood

Masked under my hood

Having a chronic illness

There is never any stillness

In my mind

Lonliness is like dust on your skin

Becoming thicker, heaver with every empty day

This void inside


Until your eyes are sealed shut

Your blood goes cold

Ligaments filled with gut wrenching mold

Your heart ceases to beat in unison

With the rotations of the world

The soul shrivells

Your days are dark

Because you have no love to light your way

Alone all day, all day, all day

Trying to figure out a way

To pass today

The pain of lonliness is felt in deafening silence

In silent screams

Suicidal ideations cramp the consciousness

You lived below us

Dead for a week maybe

Maggots eating your flesh

Feeding on your lonely dead body

I wrote you a note

To say you are loved

I know you will see

Between you and me

Beyond this life

My message to you

Left by your door

With flowers on the floor

If I had of known you were all on your own dieing from lonliness and fear

I would have come to see you

If only I had known

The media spewing up it’s guts

Brainwashing your delicate old mind

Dear old Paul you are loved

Rest in peace my friend

This is not the end

May you find peace in your next exsistence

Whether you transmute into a bird, a tree, a mineral or plant

Your spirit lives on

In all our hearts.

-Amber @diosraw 18/12/20 9:03AM

Silver Birch: To What Extent Is Man Allowed To Kill?

“I DON’T like the use of the word “allowed.” Mankind is given free will, but in a measure that is qualified and restricted. It is not an unfettered free will enabling individuals to do everything they would like to do. The bestowal of free will is part of the divine plan so that people have the opportunity of cooperating, of living in harmony with the natural laws, the infinite processes of creation, and achieving health, understanding, realisation and fulfillment. Killing is wrong, though there are qualifications. Because you have not the power to confer life, then you should not have the power to end it. There are qualifications because there are other considerations to be met. The more you evolve spiritually the more you realise that you must act in accordance with clear principles that are based on a knowledge of spiritual realities.” – The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers