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Bem poderia ser diferente, mas como diz um querido amigo meu de infância ,não seria a mesma coisa …E nesse ponto estou totalmente de acordo com ele, e ele é das pessoas que melhor me conhece , pois somos amigos desde os 5 anos.


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Hello dear readers,

Fun… Well, I believe that in life we all have to have a little fun, relax and decompress… disconnect, even for a moment, from certain things in life!

I have my very particular and goofy way of doing it, I also have my comical and funny side and I have the ability to laugh at myself!

It could be different, but as a dear friend of mine says, it wouldn’t be the same thing … And at this point I totally agree with him, and he is one of the people who knows me best, because we have been friends since we were 5 years old.

So many times in our childhood that we shared antics together, and mischief as well, is part of being a child. And at that time it was so healthy to be a child, to randomly ring the bells and run away, because it was a child’s prank where evil was not present!

Fortunately, our friendship still lasts until today, and we have the same phrase when we say goodbye until the next time we are together…. ”Behave badly, but with style”…

We used to say this silly phrase when we were kids, and we found it so funny that it grew and became our way of saying goodbye to each other!

But I don’t want people to think I’m funny, not least because I’m terrible at telling anecdotes and I don’t have any vocation to be a clown, a profession that I have enormous respect for. For me to laugh at myself, that’s enough!

One of my favorite amusements is taking selfies with the snapchat application, with funny faces and I’m not ashamed to post them on my social networks if I feel like it, I don’t care about the opinions of others …

There have been people who ask me if I am not old enough to have sense, oh and how I love that question in this context …

Yes, I have sense, but what I do or do not do is my problem!

If my jokes or selfies bother someone, well, we’re sorry or not…

People only see what they want to see, and they put evil in what is not evil and vice versa!

The important thing is that what amuses us, makes us smile is because it is good, because the smile is the most beautiful curve we have!

He who has the ability to laugh at himself, at his healthy foolishness, may well be considered the happiest goofy in his world … So have fun and be healthy, laugh at yourself a lot !!!!

Poetry #32: Happy Communist Christmas

Happy Communist Christmas

Don’t forget to be obedient

And follow all the rules you are told

Be a good boy and girl now

Don’t forget to put on your dog mussle

Dont forget to wear it to bed, to shower, to shit, to walk around the house

Don’t forget to save granny and lock yourselves away

Don’t forget to sanitize everything and I mean everything every five seconds

Don’t forget to stand ten metres away from someone and try and shout to talk to them through your mask

Don’t forget to put your suffocating mussle on deprivating you of oxygen

Don’t forget to clap for our “leaders”

Don’t forget to inject yourself with A.I and poison

Don’t forget to not speak the truth

Don’t forget to only meet one person at a time now, don’t be greedy

Don’t forget to die of lonliness and isolation

Don’t forget this is all for the survival rate of 99.9% of this “pandemic”

Don’t forget if this gets taken down

You will know the truth now

Don’t forget that they care about you

It’s all for your safety remember.

-Amber @diosraw 23/12/20 15:14PM