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Guest Post: Harsh Stars

This is a guest post by: https://woodsydotblog.wordpress.com

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simply standing was enough –

simply standing in a place
where everything grinds and grates.

Every now and then,
you’d find yourself fighting my monsters again,
teeth and tentacle
for custody of my arms –

the hand that scratched and the arm that bled.

They’d paint the air, these scratches,

right across the sky,

like vapour trails.

They’d leave the world tattooed on skin,
still growling
and fussing
and pulling me down –

harsh stars.

They were yours once –

yours to watch

and fuss over,

you being the one place I couldn’t hide my pollution from.

You hated them,
hated seeing me make them,

even made me weep for hurting you –

the one weapon you had left,

your wounded disapproval,
handwritten in the clouds.

But you knew the skies I ached for…

and you knew,

better than anyone,

that scratches were as close as I could get –

the vapour trails
of tiny fingernail flights.

So you owned the days when I made them…

sat and held me through them

and told me stories of a love,
big enough to scrape me free
from all those jet wounds in my soul.

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Guest Post: Happiness

This is a guest post by: aarvii.wordpress.com

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Let’s talk about happiness Today..
“State of mind” you will find these words echoing whenever you ask anyone about it. Some will say it is joy that you find once you attain your goals or once you find the people you are seeking. I am still not able to absorb that. I won’t be philosophical but being at this point of my existence, though I might not be experienced enough to conclude that but being so dependent on others remarks and delivering our best to people only to find some recognition should not be the lone source of happiness, which is quite a thing nowadays. That state of mind which gets liberated once you find the words of identification is corrupt one. Liberating ourselves from all the dependencies and formulating our happiness majorly based on our inner self is what will make you achieve that true happiness. Once in a while lending a helping hand without asking for anything in return or having a cup of coffee alone can prove a major source of happiness for moments and all these moments build up your life and the story you are here to deliver. Materializing our happiness is a clear indication of our dependencies. Breaking yourself free of all the things that weigh you down, coming up as survivor all by yourself will boost you inner self and that boost which help you recognise your own self is a source of happiness. Have you found that boost or that inner self yet???

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Guest Post: How Betrayal Trauma Reveals Itself

This is a guest post by: Don’t Lose Hope, https://sexaddictionpartners.wordpress.com. Check this website if you would like to read more of their posts.

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The term betrayal trauma describes the damage caused when you experience a profound, and often unexpected, betrayal in a close or intimate relationship. This deeply undermines your ability to trust, and your sense of safety and security.

“You cannot experience betrayal where there is not a deep sense of safety and trust. But when there is a deep sense of safety and trust and you uncover an unknown addiction or infidelity, it can be the most debilitating moment in your life.”

How does betrayal trauma manifest itself?

  • 1. In the aftermath of the discovery, the person experiences a sense of crisis, one they feel ill-prepared to navigate. They are in a state of shock. They’re unable to think, and to cope with and manage the basics of life. It also greatly undermines their sense of confidence.
  • 2. Learning that you have been deliberately betrayed by someone you trusted, and was vulnerable to, causes you to feel extremely unsafe and insecure in all your relationships. Instinctively, you feel there is no-one you can trust.
  • 3. Also, the person doubts themselves and their ability to judge, and to accurately assess, anyone or anything, at all. In their mind, they have made such a huge mistake that they fear they can’t tell who, and what, is bad for them.
  • 4. They may struggle with excruciating feelings of shame related to their partner’s infidelity. Thus, they might attack and start to blame, and look for causes, in themselves. For example, a betrayed partner might start thinking things like: “Maybe if I had been thinner or had had a better figure then they wouldn’t have strayed.” Or, “It’s all my fault … because I wasn’t funny, or interesting, intelligent, or supportive enough.” Of course, they’re not to blame. This was not their fault at all. Cheating and deceiving are a choice their partner made.
  • 5. Society’s judgment of sexual betrayal and sexual addiction is often negative … and the partner usually feels that they’ve been tarred with the same brush. This can greatly exacerbate their feelings of shame, and can result in them withdrawing, and isolating themselves (which deprives them of the love and support they need).
  • 6. They are likely to experience a drop in self-esteem, and to feel they have lost their identity. Gaslighting (a form of manipulation and deceit) contributes to this loss of identity, too.
  • 7. Sex is now a painful source of anxiety and dread. Partly, because it’s now associated with being discarded, rejected, unwanted and replaced; but also because there is a very real fear of contracting some kind of STD (which could lead to having cancer, or even HIV).

Note: If you have been betrayed then it’s important that you know you’re not alone. There are those who understand. There are others who have gone through this – and they’ll be there for you. And although you are in crisis, you are going to make it through.

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Guest Post: Where The Stars Should Be

This is a guest post by: https://woodsydotblog.wordpress.com

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You’re not your age.
But they’ll still say you are.
You’re not your gender.
But they’ll still say you are.
You’re not your job status.
But they’ll still say you are.
You’re not your bank balance.
But they’ll still say you are.
You’re not your race.
But they’ll still say you are.

They’ll label you
and box you with it,
put you in small rooms,
prod you
and poke you
and let you rip each other to shreds
with the small,
sharp gaps
between the things you never were.

They’ll let you scream
in all these
small, harsh places,
put them on leaflets and posters
and TV adverts
with fake smiles,
and weave them into speeches
to get you quoting small things
where your real spirit could be…

where your vast inside
could swim and glide.

You’re not the small,
sad thing
they painted here,
with nothing but burning cars
and missiles
to draw yourself home with.

You’re a lost thing
on its way to so much more,

being sold the lie
of what a warrior you are
by small voices
that would rather see a sword in your hand
than a new word
stretching over burning cars
and broken streets
and small things
where the stars should be.

Check out this poets work here: https://woodsydotblog.wordpress.com

Guest Post: Curiosity Is A Movie


Curiosity is a movie
Which takes you to places
And people you didn’t expect.
Being a curious explorer
And being flexible to changes
Can take you higher than your plans.
When you stop trying to control everything
And let life be and let destiny take control
While delivering your best
That’s when magic starts unfolding.
Be curious like a child
Who is not limited by rules
Strong like an agent
And fight it out.
The world is yours to play.


Guest Post: All About India

Hello! Welcome to diosraw. Hope you are doing well!

I’m a guest on Amber’s blog.

My blog is: https://wwwrefreshingmingle.wordpress.com

This blog is all about INDIA so let’s begin.

India, which is also known as “Bharat” and “Hindustan” in Hindi. India is the second most populous country and seventh largest country by land area.

Indian constitution recognizes 22 official languages which are spoken across the India.

India is well known for its delicious cuisine, colourful festivals and for various diversity.

Some facts

* India is the origin of Yoga, Ayurvada, Shampoo and Sugar.

* Amritsar the Golden Temple serves free meal to thousands everyday.

* India has the current tallest statue in the world as well as the highest rail bridge of the world is located in India.

* India is a first country to mine diamond and the popular game “Snake and Ladder” originated in India.

* There are over 80 palaces in India. About 400 rivers are their in India.

* One more thing for which India is known for that “atithi devo bhava” which means “The Guest is equivalent to God”.

We don’t want this post to be so long. So yeah that’s it.

All I wanted to say “Proud to be an Indian.”