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Poetry #110: A Garden Of Heart

Our hearts are chambers

Some say, the seat of the soul

Where our love congulates

And envigorates our bodies with red iron rich blood

Flooding our god given flesh suit

This heart has carried much

Turning black, numb and dead

And fed many who were hungry for love instead

Beating around 104,000 times in a day

Each heart beat not needing to be wasted on ruminations

Dancing to it’s very own beat

This vessel has expanded and contracted in the face of loss

Broken open, a green chakra, coloured as moss

Expanding electro magnetic fields intersecting and blending across this city street

Souls some will never meet

Search for healing words and plant them into your wounds

Someday you will have a garden of love

Cheers to creating poetry to clean the dark walls of my heart

I hold you tight sweetheart.

~DiosRaw 21/02/21 09:19AM

Psychedelics #9: Cannabis

“Cannabis is a fast-growing, flowering plant native to Asia and the Indian subcontinent. For thousands of years, it has been cultivated around the world for use in textiles, medicine, and spirituality, and it now grows on every continent except Antarctica. Cannabis is the only known source of the psychoactive cannabinoids THC and CBD, which are proving therapeutic for a variety of physiological and psychological issues. Cannabis comes in a variety of forms for consumption, the most popular being dried buds, which are usually consumed in a joint, bong, pipe, or vaporizer. The resin may also be extracted to make hashish (hash), dabs (shatter, budder, etc.), oils, or tinctures. Oils in particular (or, more traditionally, cannabis-infused butter) can be used to make edible cannabis products, such as the classic “space cake” or pot brownies.

Despite its diverse and proven therapeutic benefits, cannabis has been prohibited in most countries since the early 20th century. Unfortunately, prohibition has also set research back decades. More recently, attitudes about the drug have substantially changed, thanks to the efforts of activists. Decriminalization and legalization in the United States and elsewhere have been both effective and relatively problem-free and has a created a massive global market for medicinal and recreational cannabis-based products.

What To Expect

Common effects of cannabis include mood enhancement and euphoria, accompanied by laughter and relaxation, as well as an increased enjoyment of music, food, tactile sensations, and activities you may normally find dull. Thoughts tend to flow more freely, often leading to creative, philosophical, or spiritual insights. At higher doses, the flow of ideas can even become overwhelming.

Cannabis is a mild psychedelic, so visual effects tend to be limited to color enhancement, moderate closed-eye patterns, and increased sensitivity to light. At very high doses, however, cannabis can induce psychedelic hallucinations—especially if you’re in the dark.

More negative cannabis experiences may include panic attacks, confusion, memory loss, and depersonalization or derealization, as well as dream suppression.


The benefits of cannabis are numerous and wide-ranging. For centuries, the plant’s medicinal qualities were used to treat pain and other ailments, from ancient Egypt and China to Greece and the Netherlands. Though cannabis has spent the majority of the previous 100 years under strict prohibition, the past decade has seen a convincing resurgence of research into its potential to treat a variety of ailments and symptoms, including (but not limited to) PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, autism, epilepsy, ADD/ADHD, and addiction.

On a more personal level, people also use cannabis to boost their creativity, productivity, and spiritual connection.”

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/thethirdwave.co/psychedelics/cannabis/amp/

Poetry #5: Roll It, Light It, Smoke It, Toke It

Roll it, light it, smoke it, toke it

Goodbye herb


You served me well

Until you clouded my vision

In this hazy fog of a mind

I no longer enjoy your smoke mother herb

Rather than love

I now feel anxious and paranoid with each toke

So uncomfortable I want to choke on your smoke

You helped me with the PTSD and getting to sleep

Now it is time to say goodbye

Withdrawals and symptoms here we go

Long nights ahead

Without your aid

Of using you to knock myself out so I didn’t have to think anymore

You raise vibrations

You kept me going

You were there for me

You gave me wisdom

You showed me new ways of looking at things

You silenced the ego

You made me feel some kind of peace at sometime

A relationship based a lot around you is toxic and unhealthy

Somehow I will find my way without you

Maybe we will meet again sometime soon

For an evening toke around the fire

Not abusing your smoke


-Amber @diosraw 11.12.20 01:08AM

Past – Silver Birch

“The only value of the past is that it is the pattern of the present and the future. It has lessons to teach. It is part of the tapestry of earthly life. All its threads play their part in forming a pattern which will emerge and show it is based on a unity and harmony of purpose.” – Silver Birch From The Book Of Questions & Answers