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Poetry #84: Screams Without A Sound

As the evening sets

And the day forgets

An ache builds in her chest

All she wants is a deep, replenishing rest

She screams silently into her pillow when no one else is around

And cries and screams without a sound

Her mind spins and pounds

Souls see her thinking she is doing well

But everyday she exists in a living hell

A bottomless well

Time hasn’t quelled her fears

Every day alone she sheds those tears

She knows her crumbling and overwhelming existence, her end, is near.

~DiosRaw 26/01/21 09:30AM

Photography: Lost Norfolk Capital, Iceni Tribe Echos

“Discover one of three major Romano-British towns which have not been buried underneath later towns and cities, situated just outside Norwich.

Known by the Romans as ‘the market of the Iceni’ (Venta Icenorum), this site has traditionally been connected with the Iceni revolt against Roman rule led by Queen Boudica in AD 60/61. The Iceni rampaged through the south of the region, burning towns including Colchester and London before they were defeated by the Roman army. The settlement at Venta began after the revolt, and may have developed from a Roman army base.

Today, the town is free for all to explore. Only 3.5 miles from Norwich and open from dawn to dusk, visitors can follow several walks around the Roman defences, along the river Tas and through the new hay meadow.”