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A Ranting Message To My Doctor’s Surgery That I Won’t Send

“To whom it may concern, hi, whoever reads this, I just wanted to say that I think the service I got is absolutely disgusting over the past year or so of dealing with different doctors.

You have put a young person on three highly addictive medications when that young person (me) asked for talking therapy not drugs. Hand the pills out and a year and a half later I am paralyzed with pharaceutical madness and have to deal with debilitating withdrawals and potential brain damage from three pharmaceuticals and another load you put me on over the past year. Does that seem right to you? Come on.

Where is the compassion from your doctors? Where is the kindness and an ear to actually listen to us patients? A five minute talk and off we go. Pretty much condescending experiences and being over talked by generally all the doctors at the surgery..

I created a plan with Dr._ to reduce the Pregablin and you left me with withdrawals from a highly addictive drug. No leaflet, no support, no check up to see how I am doing within my being. What is this disgusting service? This is not a joke or funny for me and many others dealing with the ramifications of your service.

It seems to be handing out pills that kill people, give people side effects and pretty much don’t help a lot of people and numb us all is the answer. Disgusting. We are cattle.

It seemed that when I asked for help I got a moaning and bordering on, shouting voice from Dr. _. Great help for someone in chronic pain. Brilliant. Thank you.

Where is the love and compassion in your service?

There is no point going to the “complaints” department, you don’t do anything or respond with some intellectual waffle, well that’s my subjective experience.


Honestly, people with eyes to see can see something is severely wrong with your service and how you treat and deal with us. We are not cattle or below you, we are all equal, maybe you could incorporate that into your service sometime…. never.


Silver Birch: Cancer

“Q: Do spirit doctors know the cure for cancer?

THERE is no specific cure in the sense that there is one remedy that will cure every type of cancer, because they do not all owe their origin to the same cause. Some are physical, some are mental and some are spiritual in their origin. It is not possible to treat them all alike. You must try to understand the way we work. It is not done by saying “Your world has a problem, here is the answer.” Your world must earn the answer. But if you have wrong living in your world, if you have the needless cruelty to which helpless animals are subjected, if you have not earned the right to be cured, then no one can give you a cure.

What is done is twofold. Where patently sincere and devoted individuals are working along truly spiritual lines, they are helped automatically because they attract wiser beings who were in their field and who desire to help them. The other method is by the outpouring of spirit power in healing which produces results when the sufferer is ready to recieve them. All healing from our world is accomplished through spirit power. It is not a magic wand that can be waved. That power is attracted to the soul of the sufferer. Therefore it cannot induce a response until the soul is touched. There is no magnetic link until the soul is open. If it is closed in, it cannot make contact. It also depends on other factors, too. It depends on what is the cause of the disease. It depends whether a choice has been made beforehand to express itself through a certain type of bodily mechanism. It is not a simple question.” – The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers