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The Brain On Psychedelics


“Your mind’s interconnectedness, placebo vs mushrooms:


Now that’s what integral thinking looks like! 😀


The Guardian: LSD’s Impact On The Brain Revealed In Groundbreaking Images
Journal Of The Royal Society: Homological Scaffolds Of Brain Functional Networks”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=25

Who Are The Machine Elves?

“Great video. But hold on to your hat. Radical openmindedness required.

Note: meeting entities on a few grams of mushrooms as this guy describes is very rare. He is clearly an exceptional case. Ordinary folk will have much better luck with N,N-DMT.”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=17


“Here’s some really interesting research on corruption:

Corruption World Map

Corruption is basically a measure of Collective Ego, or the consciousness level and the developmental level of a country. The less conscious a group of people are, the more corrupt their country is.

If you want to quantify which countries are the most evolved, don’t measure their GDP, measure their corruption index. If you want to know whether a country is advancing forward or regressing backward, look to see if their corruption index is improving decade after decade.

You want to live in a country which has the least corruption. Unless you’re a corrupt devil, in which case you want to exploit that corruption to benefit your survival.

A quick way to gauge whether a specific policy proposal is high consciousness or low consciousness is to ask the question: Does this reduce or increase corruption? You’d be amazed by how many laws, bills, and proposals actually increase corruption! This is by design. Corruption can’t help but to spread itself.

If the corruption index of your country is below 50, then you’re in a sketchy part of the world and development will be harder for you. Not impossible, just harder. Countries below 50 will have a lot of Spiral Dynamics Stage Blue and countries below 40 will have a lot of Stage Red & Purple. Don’t create a victim mentality about it. Do the best you can with the cards you’ve been dealt. And if you were born in a country with a corruption index above 50, consider yourself very lucky. You don’t even understand how bad life can get. You have been totally spoiled. Be grateful and use this gift to make something of your life and uplift the world. Countries below 50 badly need help from the countries above 50. Be careful not to demonize countries below 50. They need your help, not your scorn.”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=15

The Work

“All of my teachings are worthless unless you validate them in your direct experience. This stuff is far too profound to be heard or believed. Belief in what I say is a great obstacle to this work. You will spend years believing me only to realize that you made a big mistake. Yet at the same time, actively disbelieving me — trying to debunk me or debate me — is an even greater mistake. The correct method is to listen to what I say, consider it as an advanced possibility, and do the work to validate this possibility and feel it as your living reality. This work is about transforming your experience of reality.

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I have no desire to make you believe in God or my teachings. What you believe is such a shallow level that it is irrelevant as far as this work goes. What matters is what you’re conscious of, what state of consciousness you’re in, and what the meta, cognitive structures of your mind are. This work is not about the contents of your mind. This work is structural. Think of this difference as the difference between apps vs the OS or BIOS on a computer. In our work here, we’re not interested in changing the apps of the human mind, we’re interested in changing the OS & even the BIOS. This work is meta work. This work is experiential. This work is about changing what reality is for you. You don’t even know what that means yet. It will take you years of work just to appreciate what was just said. And that’s as it must be. You can’t know what you’re missing until years of trial and error.

It would speed things along greatly for you to realize that we are not interested in getting you to believe things here. Anything you believe is far too shallow to help you. Belief is like a veil of fakery which obscures the doing of the real work. So be careful not to get tricked into thinking you are doing the work when you are merely rearranging your beliefs. The real work requires hours upon hours of precise mindfulness and accurate self-observation. Precision and accuracy in this work is important.

Towards this end it would help you greatly to distinguish between what is a belief, and what is not. Spend some time observing in your direct experience what is a belief, and what is not. Get really clear about this without getting caught up in the trap of judging whether a belief is true or false. What’s more important than whether a belief is true or false is that you are conscious that it is a belief regardless. For example, “The Earth is round” is a belief regardless of whether its “true”. Just because a belief is “true” does not mean it isn’t problematic or doesn’t distort your experience of reality. In this sense, scientific beliefs can be more problematic than religious ones because scientific beliefs are not usually acknowledged to be beliefs, or problematic — yet they are both.

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Notice the distinct difference between believing a thing and direct experience. Notice that experience does not care what you believe. Although of course your beliefs greatly distort and color your experience.

And even though I call all this “work”, you must find a way to do it so that you enjoy the process, rather than making it some chore that you must do. You will never be successful in this work as long as it feels like a chore. You must find a way to connect it with your passion for life. It must become an organic part of your life.”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=12

Psychic Abilities

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A list of psychic abilities is needed in order to understand the different types of psychic powers and how they work. Some people believe that psychic abilities is something that anyone can develop over time, while others believe that extrasensory perception (ESP) is a psychic gift that you’re born with.

With so many different kinds of spiritual abilities, it can be overwhelming trying to understand them all. In this guide, we’re going to provide a list of psychic abilities and explain how each one works.

Clairvoyance means “clear seeing”. With the ability of clairvoyance, it is possible to see things like animals, people or objects that are not present physically. This sight is said to occur “in the mind’s eye”. For some clairvoyants, this is their normal state of vision. Others have had to train their minds to be able to achieve this state, either through practices like meditation or with the assistance of a spiritual helper. Some clairvoyants see this spirit as if it were a physical being, while others are said to see the spirit as if it were a movie or photograph visible in their mind’s eye.

Clairaudience, or clear-hearing, is a psychic power that is defined as being able to hear the thoughts and voices of spirits. Clairaudience can either take the form of a medium hearing the spirit as though it were a person speaking beside them, while others state the voice they hear in their mind is more like a verbal thought. The sounds from clairaudience can also come from inanimate objects like crystals or personal possessions. The sounds heard by clairaudients are not only voices, but can be the sounds of nature or music as well.

Clairsentience, or clear-feeling, is a supernatural ability that allows a psychic to receive intuitive messages via emotions, feelings, or physical sensations. Being an empath is a form of clairsentience, as they both can feel the emotions of others. However, people with clairsentience can feel the past and future emotions of other people, while empaths only feel emotions in the present time.

Clairalience, or “clear smelling”, is the power to gain psychic information through the sense of smell. For example, you may smell tobacco despite being in a non-smoking environment because the spirit present was a smoker while they were alive. Clairalience usually manifests itself with clairgustance, or “clear tasting”, due to the physical senses of smell and taste going hand in hand with one another.

Clairgustance (clear tasting) is a type of psychic ability that allows you to receive information through the sense of taste. This type of ESP is often experienced by psychic mediums during a reading. For example, if a medium is communicating with a spirit that used to enjoy eating cheesecake, the medium might get the same taste in their mouth during the reading.

Claircognizance, often referred to as clear knowing or clear recognition, is a form of extrasensory perception where the psychic knows something to be true without any prior knowledge on the topic. The knowledge received by a claircognizant is always unexplained, but many people believe that it’s imparted on them by spirit guides or a higher self. An example of claircognizance would be refusing to get in a car because you have a strong gut-feeling that something bad is going to happen. Claircognizance manifests itself as a strong gut-instinct that just can’t be ignored.

Astral Projection
Next on our list of psychic powers is Astral Projection. Astral projection refers to an out of body experience using the assumption that a consciousness, or soul, exists. This “astral body” is able to travel throughout the universe while outside of our separate physical body. This concept has occurred in many cultures for millennia, but the modern idea was popularized in the 19th century by Theosophists.
Some individuals claim to have perceived similar out-of-body experiences under the influence of hallucinogens or while under hypnosis. Due to the difficulty in proving the existence of a soul, astral projection is considered by many in the scientific community to be a pseudoscience.

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Automatic Writing
Automatic writing is a psychic ability that allows individuals to create written documents while not being conscious of actually writing. The words arise out of the subconscious from a source that is supernatural or spiritual. Automatic writing is a form of mediumship and is sometimes used by mediums during a seance or trance.

What is a medium or channeler? A channeler is someone that uses psychic powers to communicate with the deceased. Mediums either stay in control of their body or allow the spirit to take over their body, putting them into a cataleptic state. The main purpose of channeling is to allow spirits to communicate with people in the physical world. Many people seek out channeling psychics so that they can have closure after the loss of a loved one. While most spirits that are channeled are from the past, some mediums claim to be able to speak to spirits from future dimensions.

list of sixth sensesDivination is a type of psychic power that is used to gain insight into questions or a situation in ritualized way. Diviners often use divination tools such as tarot cards, crystal balls, pendulums, spirit boards, or runes to assist them. There are many methods of divination, with some of them being very ancient. An example of the different types of divination include bibliomancy, cartomancy, palmistry, cleromancy, and I-Ching.

Psychic Healing
Psychic healing is a branch of alternative medicine that stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal. There are several methods of this form of healing, including hands-off, hands-on, and distant healing, where the patient is healed by a psychic in another location.
There are many schools of energy healing. The most well-known are:

-Crystal healing
-Tai Chi

While these unique psychic powers have shown amazing benefits, that does not mean that it’s safe to completely abandon your physician and write off traditional medicine. Energy healing should be used as a way to improve your overall wellness, not as a magic disease cure.

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Precognition, also known as prescience, is the ability to see events taking place in the future. Have you ever had a dream about something that actually came true? You might have future sight. In addition to dreams, precognition may also present itself in waking visions, flashes of thought, or simply a feeling of knowing. What is seen in these visions tends to be random and difficult to control.

Psychic Surgery
Having first appeared in Spiritualist communities in Brazil and the Philippines during the mid 20th century, psychic surgery is a controversial practice. Psychic surgeons claim to have the ability to treat problems as small as cysts and conditions as deadly as cancer by calling on a spiritual guide to heal their patients. This type of healing should only be sought out as a last resort when all other medical options have been exhausted.

Many people on this website ask: “What Is Psychometry?” Have you ever picked up a piece of jewelry, held an article of clothing, or touched a piece of furniture and instantly got a strong impression of who the previous owner was? That’s psychometry. This psychic ability is based on the idea that the objects we use and wear every day become infused with our spiritual energy. By touching these objects, a psychic might get impressions of certain words, colors, or feelings that reveal more about the last person who used it.

Remote Viewing
Remote viewing is the ability to gather information about a person, place, or event happening in a distant place without using any of your physical senses. Like many other types of psychic abilities, remote viewing ability is a skill that can be learned, trained, and improved. Most people do not see a clear picture of what’s going on in their heads. Instead, information comes in sensory bursts that the viewer pieces together and interprets. For more information, check out our guide on how to remote view.

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Also known as postcognition, retrocognition refers to the ability to infer knowledge of past events that could not have been learned through normal means. Like precognition, this commonly occurs in dreams and in waking visions.

physic skills and giftsTelekinesis is defined as the ability to move physical objects without physically interacting with them. We often see these psychic powers used in films like “Carrie” and comics like the X-Men series, but can people really have telekinetic powers in real life? While no one is bending spoons or making things float with their mind, more subtle instances of telekinesis have been reported. Examples include the ability to influence the numbers on a dice roll or which side a coin lands on.

Telepathy occurs when an individual psychically imparts information to another person. It could be described as someone having the power to put thoughts into someone else’s head from a distance. It can also be used to read someone’s mind. You often hear about “twin telepathy” because twins tend to be on the same wavelength, making it easier to communicate through psychic means.

With so many types of psychic powers, it is easy to see why society is so fascinated with the subject. Whether you believe you may have one or several of these supernatural abilities or you’re just curious to learn about them, we hope that you were able to learn something new from our list of psychic abilities!”

Source: https://www.psychics4today.com/list-of-psychic-abilities/

Silver Birch: Astral Travel

“IT happens very simply that the real you leaves your body and is able to travel vast distances, sometimes into our world, and sometimes into the further reaches of your world. Actually every one of you travels astrally when you go to sleep.” – The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers

Silver Birch: Untouched Souls

“YOU should feel sorry for them because they have wasted their earthly lives. They have not fulfilled themselves. They are like children who have gone to school for the requisite time, learnt none of its lessons and thus are not equipped for the adult life that follows when the school period is over. Earth is an essential preparation for the existence that inevitably follows when death comes. Every happening is part of the price to be paid for evolution. Earthly life cannot be a monotone. It must have its light and shade, its sunshine and storm.” – The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers

Guardian Angels

“Guardian Angels are celestial beings that take care of us all of our life. They accompany us from the beginning of our life. But they are not only protecting us. They are also there to make sure that we follow the path we have to. The Guardian Angels are with us from the beginning of our lives. When the union of our soul and the body takes place, God appoints and angel or a group of angels to watch over us.

Angels are celestial beings created by God on the first day. When God created light, it doesn’t refer to the Sun. That light represents the angels that will help him create the rest of the world. Every human being gets one or more guardian angels to watch over him.

Every Guardian Angel has a name given by God. Knowing your guardian angel’s name can ease the way you communicate with him/them. Your Guardian Angels can also communicate with you. They can do it by using thoughts, images, feelings or even words. If there is a sudden thought, image or feeling that comes to your mind, it might be your guardian angel trying to guide you. But there a rare occasions when they talk clearly. These events are very rare and usually happen in dangerous situations.

You can ask your angels for signs that they are next to you. These signs can be thoughts, feelings or material things. When I say material, I don’t think of an angel appearing a a physical body to you. They are spiritual beings, but they can influence the material world. When you find coins, feather, butterflies. When you see a rainbow or feel a beautiful scent next to you, it may be a sign. You can also see angel shaped appearances. You can often see angel shaped clouds, shadows, etc.

As I said before, angels are spiritual beings. Our Guardian Angels are not connected to the material world. They are not influenced by the material laws we have on Earth such as gravity, heaviness, speed, etc. They move much faster then we would ever think. You can ask your angels to help out a friend or to send a message to God. You don’t have to wait hours, they will be back quicker than you could imagine.

Our Guardian Angels are the guides and protectors of our spirit. We are in this world to learn. We have to face certain events and situations. Out protectors will guide us through those events. They will protect us from situations we were not meant to get through. But if there is something we must learn from, they will guide us there and help us through. Learn to appreciate and thank them for their struggle to help you. Ask for their name and communicate with them everyday. Don’t forget to ask for their help. They can get you closer to God.”

Source: https://spiritualexperience.eu/guardian-angels/