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What’s Happening With The Weather?

I think that the weather is geo-engineered.. governments contol the weather to control the people. I think also that when we read about the weather we are collectively manifesting it. I think that contrails and chemtrails also add into the mix to control the weather and in turn, us…

Thoughts are welcome..

This post is inspired by my beautiful friend Ace: http://fearlessfreesoul.com

Silver Birch: Predetermination & And Stellar Control

“WHAT is true is that the whole of life is a series of vibrations, radiations and emanations, and that you are influenced by every part of the natural order or being. All these cause some influence on you, but none of them is so potent that it exercises a power that you cannot alter.

It is not true that your life is predestined because at the moment of physical birth some star was in the ascendant. All planets, all nature, everything in the universe, all beings have some effect on you. But you are the master of your soul; you have personal responsibility, and you fix your own destiny according to your spiritual progress. That is how I see it.” – The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers