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The Human Family Community Open Threads #76: You Are Loved

This is a project called “The Human Family Community Open Threads.” These open threads will be for anyone to comment on and express how they feel, if you need a friend, any ideas, to make new friends, thoughts, topics, quotes or simply if you feel alone or lonely or suicidal or want to speak to others; feel free to comment below and start a conversation. You are not alone.

The Human Family Open Thread #76

~DiosRaw 25/02/21

Symbols #42: Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum is a mantra of benevolence and is often recited to inspire compassion. The syllable “Om” represents the body, spirit, and speech of Buddha; “Mani” is for the path of teaching; “Padme” for the wisdom of the path, and “Hum” indicates the union of wisdom and the path to it. Though commonly associated with Tibetan Buddhism, meditators across various practices find this mantra inspiring. Compassion, after all, isn’t exclusive to any one belief system.

Symbols #41: Mudras

Mudras are sacred hand gestures and expressions of inner wisdom. Each mudra represents a different action or form of energy. In meditation, mudras help maintain focus, allowing the meditator to channel a specific energy for their practice.

Mudras are also a common feature of Eastern art, as various figures and deities are often shown gesturing with a specific mudra. In fact, mudras are some of the most distinguishing characteristics, helping the viewer better understand the meaning behind a specific statue or image.

Vitarka Mudra

Thumb and forefinger touch to create a circle

A gesture of instruction, wisdom, and intellect, this mudra represents transmission of knowledge. The mudra’s circle also represents the perfection of dharma.

Abhaya Mudra

Right palm faces outward, fingers are straight

A gesture of protection, reassurance, and comfort, this mudra means “no fear.”

Bhumisparsha Mudra

The fingers of the right hand touch the ground

A gesture of determination and steadfastness, this mudra represents the strength necessary to overcome temptation.

Amber & Raffaello’s Self-Empowerment Series: Tantric Love

Welcome to Raffaello’s (raffaellopalandri.wordpress.com) and Amber’s (diosraw.com) collaboration project called “The Self Empowerment Series.”

Together we will provide you with the tools through words on how to empower yourself and face the world in your own divine sovereignty.

Tantric Love

We can define Tantric Love for what it is, at its most intimate core: awareness, unity, and holistic love. So, to be even more clear about it, Tantra requires you to limit the basic, immediate gratification of the self to create a deeper, stronger, and mutually enriching bond with another (and yes this means ONE other) person.

Being a Tantra Master, I am often asked about Tantra and how we can easily and pleasantly incorporate it into our daily life.

Many think that Tantra advocates easy sex and multiple partners. That is not what I have been taught and what I teach. I am convinced that to reach Tantra’s ultimate goal, the transcendence of the basic needs of body, mind, and soul, you should avoid occasional partners.

The Origins Of Tantra
Tantra is a millenary holistic practice that combines meditation, spirituality, sexuality, sensual massages, personal growth, awareness, and awakening.
It is diffused in different cultures and traditions like the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain ones in India and it’s known to be referred to in Yoga, Meditative, and religious practice across the Indian subcontinent and today, the world.
It dates back to the 6th century as a standardized set of practices, but its first references come from the Rigveda, a collection of Vedic Sacred Hymns in Sanskrit, back to a period ranging from 1700 and 1100 BC.

The concept of Tantric Love in its more ancient and traditional understanding represents the path toward awakening using the same path of god Shiva and the goddess Shakti, who represented male consciousness and female power respectively. From their union, mental, physical, and spiritual, a new awareness and awakening have born, available for everyone to reach.
Tantra is a millenary set of practices, deeply rooted in the Indian and Tibetan culture, which aim at letting the practitioners reaching a higher awareness by getting free of the basic understanding of body and mind. In the last decades,
Tantra has experienced a resurgence in Western cultures when it has been incorporated into some New Age spiritual practices which had the advantage of spreading the knowledge of the practice but also gave it a general twist toward sexual activities that were not present in any of the original texts.
That said, I want to show you some key points about Tantric Love, hoping that you may find it worth a try. I am sure that once you start to incorporate it into your life, you will never leave it.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Tantric Love is not the same thing as Sex

Following the most traditional and ancient tradition of Tantra, you will discover that sex is just one of the parts of the life-enriching experience of Tantric Love. So, if you are thinking that Tantra is all about sex … you are wrong.

There are schools and traditions that favor sex in a specific way as a tool to transcend the body and the mind, and they are usually said to be following what is known as Red Tantra or left-hand (“impure”) path, or also Vama Marga in Sanskrit. These schools are historically considered focused on sensuality and sexuality, so focused on developing the use of the energy coming from and into the lower chakras. Of course, all of the chakras are involved in the sex act, thus creating a connection between the partners. Red tantra also includes lovemaking not only with one single partner but also with other partners.
The path that I follow is more into what is called White Tantra: a tradition that is mainly focused on holistic, complete growth. It is basically an individual or a couple path: the path of the right hand or Dakshini Marga in Sanskrit. White Tantra has as its goal to transcend the limits of your current situation and understanding of life. It’s about transcending the limited ego through disciplined mental, physical, and spiritual practices that have to be learned through the expert, loving guidance of a master or teacher. White Tantra works with practices that include meditation, mindfulness, yoga, Kundalini, and Pranayama.
During this practice, your body, mind, and soul get rid of all limiting thoughts, behaviors, and mindsets by setting you free.

You will learn and use mantras, mudras, yantras, and visualizations. You will also learn meditation, breathwork, physical, mental and spiritual practices. All of the major chakras are involved in this practice, and the goal is to open the upper two.
So, White Tantra and Tantric Love have nothing to do with just basic sexual expressions. This path recognizes the importance of the body and its intimate energy and uses physical touch and sexual practices as useful and powerful practices, even if not absolutely necessary, in order to advance to higher levels.

In White Tantra and Tantric Love, your sexual energy is added with the energy of your soul partner and joined to Universal Energy. In this way, you can add this transformed, augmented energy to your love and life. It means merging two embodied souls, into a greater awakening that surpasses pleasure and. The connection between the two soul partners is a connection with a higher form of existence.
To complete the description of the traditions of Tantra, there are also what are called Black, Grey, and sometimes Pink Tantra.

Black Tantra is oriented towards discovering, developing, and using some specific practices, called siddhis in order to reach specific goals. It represents the most esoteric path of Tantra and usually involves practices that are not used in the other paths. Its study is usually left to adepts and it’s often kept secret to those who are not part of a specific school.

Grey Tantra implies the use of siddhis to reach spiritual development. Usually, those who practice Gray Tantra want to cultivate their sexual energy to reach a spiritual development, using all the chakras with a partner, without giving up to the lower, most instinctual practices and needs.

Pink Tantra as it’s easy to be guessed, it’s a middle way between White and Red Tantra, and can be seen as both an individual and a duo practice. It’s individual as it involves meditation and solo exercises. It’s also a duo practice as many of the practices are specifically designed to be performed with a partner. Sex is part of this practice, but it’s possible not to have sex acts. The practices focus on integrating both the lower and the higher chakras. Pink Tantra works on body awareness and transforming sex into lovemaking.

Tantric Love is Not (Just) About Desire or Lust

By nature, in its most basic form, sexual intercourse can be seen as a quite selfish act, as the main goal for each of the partners could be getting pleasure and satisfying sexual desire for themselves only. Once they have achieved this goal, so once one of both have reached the orgasm, the intercourse is over.

Tantric Love, on the contrary, focuses on creating, keeping, and growing a strong, authentic, and mutual bond with the partner.

While making love, the two partners are involved in a dialogue that allows their individual energies to merge, balance, and grow in resonance, so as to join their energies to the universal energy, creating a whole bigger than the sum of the two singularities.
Each partner takes care of the other, making love so to amplify the partner’s pleasure and intimacy. There is no place, in this love, for an egoistic search of pleasure or satisfaction, as the ultimate goal is mutual growth and awakening, achieved by transcending the limits of the lower existence using the energy of the Kundalini involved in lovemaking.

Tantric Love is a sacred and a selfless act.

Tantric Love Requires Time, Awareness, and Commitment
Research shows, since a 2005 study, that sexual intercourse lasts 5.4 minutes on average. This means that when one is driven only by the desire to feel pleasure, the result is usually achieved in quite a short time. This can be seen as a sort of quick satisfaction, that is aligned with today’s requirement of this consumeristic society where everything must be done quickly, from food to lovemaking.

While experiencing Tantric Love, on the contrary, you must take all the time both the partners need to establish a deep connection, to exchange feelings, emotions, energy, to make love, and to spend quite a good amount of time after all of this to express gratitude to and reinforce the connection with the partner.

During Tantric lovemaking you consciously and attentively move slowly, taking your time to feel the slightest variations of pleasure with the other person. You will be practicing meditation, breathing exercises, body and intimate massage to establish, set, and grow a deeper, intimate, and pleasant connection.

The emphasis in Tantric Love is in taking the time to experience the deepest possible union with your partner, through time, love, awareness, commitment.

Tantric Love Is Holistic
Tantric Love is not limited to what you experience with your genitalia.
It’s about learning to experience, develop, and grow your sexual energy to create a deeper connection with your partner so as to be able to progress to a higher level of awakening.

Tantra let your Kundalini, your vital energy, freely and powerfully move from your genitals to the rest of your body every time you want, not only during lovemaking.

So, after some practice, you will discover that you are making love with every part of your body. But that’s not all! Tantric Love involves lovemaking using your mind and your spirit, too.
That’s why Tantra is a holistic set of practices: you will learn, under the skilled guidance of your Master, how to use all of your body, mind, and soul to get rid of the limits of your mindset, behavior, and attitudes so to set you and your partner free to achieve a better personal, professional, holistic life.

Tantric Love is Sacred and requires some (pleasant) Ritual
Western society, especially for religious cultural tradition, has created a stigma against sex, sexuality, and pleasure. In those environments, sex is still taboo and people who openly talk about it are usually considered reprehensible.
Tantric Love obviously has a completely different approach in that it considers sex as a source of positive connection, as a way to transcend the limits imposed by culture and religion.
Lovemaking, sexual activity in Tantra, is considered to be generated from and maintained by an extremely powerful creative force within us, called Kundalini.

Even more, sex is a form of language. It’s a source of Sacred Love, and the human body, as well as the genitalia, are seen as a tool to experience, cultivate, and share this sacred power, this universal energy that we have inside us. From this point of view, our bodies must be taken care of with full love, devotion, and reverence.

What you want to achieve, in your sacred love relationship with your partner, is that you take all the time you both need to take care of, worship, and respect the gift you both offer one to each other of the sacredness of your bodies and their sexual energies. This will bring you to a higher level of intimacy, connectedness, and awareness.

When we speak about Sacred Love, we also imply that every time that we approach making love, and touch our and our partner’s body, we should follow a ritual of love. We, as practitioners of Tantra, use specifically designed rituals and practices like meditation, breath control, full body massage, intimate massage and touch, prolonged eye and body contact.

Photo by Hoang Loc on Pexels.com

Benefits of Tantric Love

Tantric Love practices can bring you and your relationship some very desirable benefits:
-A more intimate Connection with your Partner
-At the core of Tantric Love, there is its most desirable outcome: the creation of a more intimate connection between the partners on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.
-Practicing Tantra will give you the chance to create, establish, and grow one of the better experiences you can have as a couple: one common path of awareness, compassion, commitment toward mutual enrichment and awakening into a higher level of your relationship.
-Developing more Trust, better Dialogue, and higher Awareness
The obvious, positive consequence of a better connection between the partners is, of course, developing more reciprocal trust. Both the partners can rely on each other, as the path they are following is the same, and the steps are done coherently and lovingly, without pressure, stress, tension.
-Both the partners can share their vulnerabilities, their fears, and work to control them or even getting rid of them, in a supportive relationship.
Trust is built on and builds better dialogue. Dialogue is what allows everyone to exchange sensations, feelings, ideas, knowledge without prejudice, in a non-judgmental relationship of mutual interaction.
-Dialogue is what allows you to tell and listen, to share and learn.
This trust, associated with dialogue, will build up awareness. A deeper, more involving awareness that will set you free to achieve the next steps in your journey toward a better you and a better relationship.
-An inclusive, accepting, loving relationship with yourself and your loved one.

More Variety in your Lovemaxing Experience

Tantric Love brings a lot of variety, practices, and new experiences to your Lovemaking.
You will learn how to listen to your body, to better know it. Also, equally important, you will learn what your partners’ body and mind are asking. You will learn what makes your lovemaking more intense, more involving, more connecting.
Tantra has a millenary tradition of practices that range from massage to lovemaking, from relaxing to intense, from totally physical to totally mental. And all of this is done with and for your partner. Both of you will learn mutual practices to enhance your loving experience.

Increased Pleasure and more Orgasms

One of the most surprising things that Tantra novices discover is that when you do not put your focus on desire, you actually end up feeling more pleasure.

This is possible because of the improved connection between the partners, that now dialogue using not just their genitalia, but their whole being, body, mind, and soul.
In this way, learning how to delay the climax, both men and women also learn how to experience more intense, more involving, and longer-lasting orgasms.

For men and women, Tantra Love means experiencing multiple orgasms. That’s why it’s not uncommon for Tantra practitioners to make love literally for hours.

Holistically Improved Health

Better, more intense, and more frequent orgasms have a deeply positive effect on our body and mind, thus improving our mental and physical health.

Some of the benefits your health will get from practicing Tantra include:
-Improving your fitness level, reducing high blood pressure, giving you more stamina, and strengthening your cardiovascular system
-Reducing stress, anxiety, and even depression, as orgasms cause a strong release of endorphins and dopamine in the brain
-Reduction of pain perception, thanks to the same mechanism as above
Strengthening of the immune system
Production and increased release of -HGH – Human Growth Hormone that helps to maintain, build, and repair tissue in the brain and other organs
improve creativity, intuition, problem-solving thanks to the positive effects of dopamine
-Helping you relaxing and then sleep better

How to Start Practicing Tantric Love
Now you have a general idea of what Tantra Love is about.

Of course, it’s possible that you still may be thinking about how to incorporate it into your actual life and relationship. Some people, at the very beginning, ask me if all these attentions, rituals, and added time are easy to experience, especially if they are not familiar with practices as meditation, body and intimate massage, or yoga.

The good news is that you don’t need any previous knowledge or any special skill to start practicing Tantra today.
Introducing Tantra Love in your routine is really straightforward, especially if you do it under the expert guidance of a master.

I usually see that my students are able to immediately practice Tantra by following just a few easy and effective suggestions.

Commit to this journey
As Tantra is a tool, a journey into a deeper awareness that will ultimately bring you toward a new awakening, you should be clear with your intentions.

Why do you want to follow Tantra?

What are you bringing into the journey, as a solo traveler and as a partner of a couple? Which goals would you like to pursue individually and as a couple?
Take your time to ask yourself these questions and once you have the answers, talk about them with your partner. Remember that this is a journey that you will do individually with regards to the process of understanding yourself, who you really are, what you really want, why you do things the way you do. Personal growth, finding your most intimate purpose, are individual journeys into yourself.

Yet, this is also a couple’s journey into creating a lifelong connection that will become better day by day. You will decide the common steps, the milestones, the purpose of this experience with your partner.
It may seem complicated, but trust me when I tell you that this journey will give you more than you expect. And the more you invest in it, the bigger the reward in terms of awareness, communication, commitment, and awakening.

Dedicate time and attention to your lovemaking experience

The first thing you can do to start practicing Tantra Love is to show full commitment, awareness, and devotion to your partner.

This means that you can start a brand new approach to lovemaking by dedicating specific time to it and by starting with communication, meditation, a full body massage that will bring you to an intimate massage.
All of this is Tantra.
So, to share with you a practical example of what a Tantra Love session can be, here it is: meet and spend time together, turning off all phones and notifications, this time is just for the both of you.

Take time to talk, while looking one each other in the eyes, holding hands, flirting. Dedicate some time to prepare a light meal that you will eat together.
Then you can meditate, while sitting face to face, in the dedicated place of your home. While meditating you can also sit keeping your legs wrapped around each other and keeping eye contact.
Honor this time and start to feel the energy between you raising and aligning.

Start coordinating your breath, keeping one hand on your partner’s heart. Deeply inhale and exhale to feel, manage, and grow your Prana (vital breath).

Do all of this starting with loose, comfortable dresses, then take your clothes off and continue breathing and touching your bodies while naked, to share your openness, mutual vulnerability, and full respect one each other.
Then, you can have a shower or a bath together before massaging all of your body with all your body. This will share energy and create intimacy.
Then start with an intimate massage, that will bring you to your lovemaking experience, that will be calm, relaxed, long.

It will not end with your orgasm, but it will continue for a long while after.
Remember that you need quality time before and after lovemaking. Show that you are present, show that you want to open yourself to this new experience, show reverence and respect for your partner’s needs, body, mind, and, of course, soul.

Love starts and continues all your life long, it’s not limited to the time you need to reach an orgasm.
Tantra Love will shift your perception about love and lovemaking from a simple act to an important moment of individual and reciprocal growth, understanding, communication.
At its heart, Tantric love is about mindfulness. Be aware of how you’re feeling at each stage of the experience and communicate your feelings to your partner. Tune in to how he or she is feeling, too.

Ask a Master / Teacher … like me!
So, are you interested in Tantric Love, now?

If you feel nervous or unsure about how introducing Tantra in your relationship, or if you would like to discover how to talk about it with your partner, you can ask for the expert, caring help of a Master or a Teacher.

And, of course, you can ask me to help you, and your partner, in learning more, in studying Tantra, in using it to explore new intimacy and connection with your partner to progress together toward a better relationship and a common awakening.

Poetry #105: Wilting & Shrivelled Into The World

That glow, smiling frontal to the sun

A pure free soul, creating wonder

Then she heard the crashing of thunder

Unknown to her she’d be initiated into a blunder

Stepping out into the world

Wilting at every criticsm

Flower head turned upside down

Twisting the beaming smile, denigrates into a frown

Life smacks her left and right, turning her into a stuttering fright

Turning for comfort here and there

Ending with a harsh sharp glare

Creeping around

Trying not to make a sound

Burying under old archetypes she found

She’s shrivelled up, broken and bitter

Her love for the earth, she still picks up litter

There’s good inside

She doesn’t let the light hide

Fuck the rest

This life is a test

Let her be with open arms

Smoking her coping mechanism of a cigarette..

~DiosRaw 16/02/21 09:40AM

Chakras #5: Anahata (Heart)

Heart Chakra (Anahata)

The Anahata, or heart chakra, is the bridge between the lower chakras (associated with materiality) and the upper chakras (associated with spirituality). As the name suggests, this chakra can influence our ability to give and receive love—from others and ourselves. Someone with a blocked heart chakra will have difficulty fully opening up to the people in their life. If someone’s heart is open, they can experience deep compassion and empathy.

Location: Center of chest, just above the heart

What it controls: Love, joy, and inner peace

Mantra: “When I love myself, loving others comes easily.”

Color: Green

Element: Air

Stone: Rose Quartz

Yoga pose: Camel Pose

When it develops: 21-28 years old

Symbols #34: Vajra

A ritual tool used for spiritual worship, the Vajra scepter is a combination of two powerful symbols: the diamond and the lightning bolt. The diamond, a substance which cuts but cannot be cut, represents resolute spirit. The lightning bolt, with its overwhelming force, represents great power. Together they represent compassion, the most powerful force of all and the ultimate path to enlightenment.

The Vajra sometimes appears as a Double Vajra, also known as Visvavajra. Depicted as an X or shown in vertical form (like a plus sign), it represents the indestructible foundation of the universe. The Double Vajra also stands for protection, harmony, and all-knowingness.

Symbols #33: Kuan Yin

Compassion Personified

Greatly revered across different Buddhist traditions, Kuan Yin is an example of the “sacred feminine”. Also known as Kwan Yin and Guan Yin, Kuan Yin first appeared in Chinese scriptures around 400 CE. She is believed to be the female manifestation of Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion.

Depicted as an ethereally lovely Goddess, Kuan Yin is a symbol of unconditional love, kindness, and mercy. She shields and cares for the sick, the unwanted, the unlucky, and the poor. As one who protects women and children, she is also linked to fertility. Followers turn to her in times of need, fear, or misfortune. With just a glance at her graceful countenance, you too may find her to be a source of calm and comfort.

Spiritual Healing #1: H’oponopono Prayer

“Depending on what you believe in, prayer can always bring comfort in an overwhelming situation. One of the most talked about and effective prayers is the H’oponopono prayer. Here is the story behind it.

The Hawaii State Hospital for the criminally insane was a clinic for those who had committed the most heinous of crimes. Criminals who had committed murder, kidnap, rape or other crimes of such magnitude were either sent there because of their mental condition or to determine whether they were sane enough to stand trial. According to one of the nurses who worked there, it was a place with no hope; the atmosphere was so congested with evil and negativity that not even paint wanted to reside in the building and would not stick to the walls. Everything was rotting, decaying, repulsive and terrifying. Not a day would go by without someone being physically attacked.

The doctors and nurses were bound by fear; when an inmate was walking in their direction, even though they were shackled hand and foot, they would walk as close to the walls as possible to keep away from them. However, not even shackles could stop the attacks, and so the inmates were never taken outside unless it was an absolute emergency. Staff were absent the majority of the time and would often take sick leave to escape the depressing and dangerous environment that they were working in.

Every few months, a new doctor was hired because they were unable to handle the inmates, but one day Dr. Stanley Hew Len entered the clinic. The nurses were not at all enthusiastic; they were convinced he would be like the rest and bombard them with his supposed superior strategy that would get the place in order and then leave within a few months when he realized the reality of the situation he had got himself into.

They soon discovered that everything about this doctor was different; he wasn’t doing anything significant, but his demeanor didn’t fit the environment. Where everyone else was depressed and angry, he was always naturally relaxed, cheerful and smiling. Every so often, he would ask for the files of the inmates; he rarely saw them personally, but he would sit in his office and look over their files. To the members of staff who were interested in the way he chose to operate, he would tell them about something he referred to as H’oponopono. As the months went by, things started to change in the hospital, the walls were painted and the paint actually remained on the walls, which gave the place some life. The gardens were being pruned, the tennis courts were repaired and prisoners who ordinarily were never allowed to go outside began to play tennis with the staff. They began to allow some of the prisoners to move around without their shackles and the inmates started to take fewer psychotropic medications.

The shift in the atmosphere was astounding; the staff began to come to work, and where there was once a shortage of applicants, there was now a high demand to work at the clinic and they slowly began to release the prisoners. Dr. Hew Len was employed by the clinic for almost four years; by the time he left, there were only a few inmates remaining who were eventually housed in another location because the clinic had to close, as the prisoners no longer required their services.

It appeared that Dr. Hew Len didn’t apply any specific technique or give the prisoners any medication. All he seemed to do was look at their files, but what he did do was heal himself with a traditional Hawaiian spiritual remedy referred to as H’oponopono. In Dr. Len’s own words, “I was healing the part of me that created them.”

While he sat in his office looking at each individual patient file, he would feel pain and empathy towards them. Dr. Len would then use what he was feeling to heal himself, taking on full responsibility for what each patient appeared to be going through. The prisoners were healed because their doctor took on their pain and healed them through himself.

H’oponopono is based on the belief that we create our own environment; there are no external forces responsible for what is taking place within our surroundings. If your boss is evil, you are responsible. If your children are not doing well in school, you are responsible. World wars and poverty are your responsibility. The bottom line is that the world belongs to you and it is your responsibility to take care of it. Taking responsibility doesn’t mean that the problems are your fault, it simply means that you need to heal yourself in order to heal the situation that you find distressing.

Some may agree with this theology, and to others it may appear completely nonsensical; but if you really choose to analyze it, you will find that your perception of the world is your reality. If you think the world is depressive and pointless because you choose to focus on all of the negative that is surrounding you, that’s how you perceive the world. You could change it if you would focus on changing yourself. Two people can live in the same environment but perceive it completely differently simply because of their perception.


Repent: Say you are sorry for the part that you have played in the things you perceive as evil or problematic that are surrounding you. As an empath you can say that you are sorry for the pain that the people you have met recently are experiencing. Whatever you feel responsible for, say you are sorry for it; feel the remorse and mean it.

Ask for Forgiveness: You are probably wondering, “Well, who am I asking?” We all have our different belief systems. The majority of us and especially empaths believe in some kind of higher power and so that is who you ask to forgive you.

Gratitude: Say thank you; there is so much power in gratitude. If you take your focus off the negative, you will find that you have so many things to be thankful for. Say thank you that you woke up this morning. Say thank you that you have eyes to see, a nose to smell, legs to walk on, that your internal organs are all in working order. Find something to say thank you for and say it continuously.

Love: Love is the most powerful force in the universe; saying the words, “I love you” over and over again will bring love into your life. You can say I love you to your cat, your house, your car, the sky, the trees! Whatever you feel love towards, say it.”

Judy Dyer

Source: https://thegalacticfederation.com/128bb?utm_content=12238673&utm_medium=Email&utm_name=Id&utm_source=Actionetics&utm_term=Email

The Human Family Community Open Threads #59: What Is Magic For You?

This is a project called “The Human Family Community Open Threads.” These open threads will be for anyone to comment on and express how they feel, if you need a friend, any ideas, to make new friends, thoughts, topics, quotes or simply if you feel alone or lonely or suicidal or want to speak to others; feel free to comment below and start a conversation. You are not alone.

The Human Family Open Thread #59

~DiosRaw 07/02/21

Guest Post: Blossom

This is a guest post by: https://thewideblue.wordpress.com

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To feel nourished and valued,

To be authentic and honour your unique gifts

To flourish, to have your days filled with gratitude

To stand up for yourself and be available to you

To love yourself and lay your claim to a healthier life

To have compassion and genuine regards for humanity

Always 🐝 around those who feel like ☀️

Because you worth it.


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