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Poetry #119: This Is What It Did To Him

Hurrying into a taxi in the dead of night

The driver told me a man stood on a bridge

It happens very often he says

Standing on the bridge

Lockdown had brought him to crack

His spirit and soul yearned to go smack

My heart dropped, I felt sick

Trying to gently coach him down

The police had blocked off roads into town

Hours and hours

On the verge between life and death

This is what cold isolation had done to him

Alone day after day

Contemplating when to make his move

He completely had enough

No more, no more

He couldn’t bear another living breath

And if only for some human connection

He had to stand on a bridge

Hours later the taxi driver said

He’s gone now, he’s not dead

Hopefully he will get help

This world is upside down

I pray he smiles one day instead of a psychological frown.

~DiosRaw 26/02/21 10:42AM

Inspired by a true story a few days ago. In the local city people are jumping off bridges during lockdown.