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Spirituality #21: What Is A Bodhisattva?

“In Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is a person who delays enlightenment in order to help all living beings achieve liberation (Nirvana). The word itself is composed of the Sanskrit words bodhi which means “enlightenment, awakening” and sattva which means “essence, being.” Put together, Bodhisattva can be translated as “one whose essence is enlightenment.”

And do you know what’s so beautiful about this term? What I love is how inclusive and universal it is. Everyone’s essence is enlightenment. We’re all unique expressions of the Divine. Therefore, we can all become Bodhisattva’s if we so choose.

“But do you need to be a Buddhist to be a Bodhisattva?” you might wonder. No. This is a term that refers to the fundamental essence within all of us that ultimately transcends all religions and labels.

“Do I have to be special or spiritually elevated to be a Bodhisattva?” might be the next question. Again, no. This is a path for everyday people living everyday lives – it’s not reserved for the “spiritual elite” (p.s. there’s no such thing!).”

Source: https://lonerwolf.com/bodhisattva/?utm_source=LonerWolf&utm_campaign=1fd4e29ede-weekly_220221_bodhisattva&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4b168bb5ac-1fd4e29ede-100777074&goal=0_4b168bb5ac-1fd4e29ede-100777074&mc_cid=1fd4e29ede&mc_eid=440df01dc3