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Poetry #104: Tantric Orgasmic Lotus

Becoming one body, one aura

Growing immeasurably

The borders melted and thoughts mingled

These space vehicles spread hues of tingles

That opened horizons unknown to the human mind

Trying new practices, you never know what you may find

Fingernails drag down the warmth of my back

You know I like it like that

Sweet one

Lips curving into flirtatious grins

Obliterating the game of losses and wins

You captivated my tongue

Bending me over and shining your torchlight

Touched on the inside with your tender love

As sweet as a white pure dove

Your hands play a sultry note

Gently touching against my neck and delicate throat

Entering the lotus

Unleashing my poetess

The siren sings her song

Hearts entwined all along

All sentient beings joined us in this cosmic dance

Putting our consciousnesses in an electric trance

Immersed within the tantric light

We become unity in the night

Kundalini rising

Bursting through the meridians

Into a merging of juices and energies

Dazed and awakened into the universal field of oneness.

~DiosRaw 15/02/21 10:30AM

Symbols #26: Gayatri Yantra

This symbol represents the illumined mind and far-sighted wisdom. The words and sounds of the Gayatri Mantra comprise the most powerful of Vedic affirmations. using this symbol removes the possibility of making wrong choices in life by empowering all truth. It ocalizes complex and cosmic wisdom about all earth elements, plants, trees, animals, insects, fishes and birds, making an understanding of the whole life creation. Enhances the ability to sharpen one’s intellect and spiritual awareness. Used on water, it carries the harmonic resonance of the wisdom of all life. On a larger, universal scale, the use of the Gayatri Mantra and the sacred symbol, the Gayatri Yantra, representing those enlightened sounds, radiates vast and powerful knowledge to all beings.

Crystals #2: Clear Quartz

“What is Clear Quartz?

Clear Quartz is also known as Crystal Quartz or Rock Crystal. It is colourless Quartz, a natural form of silicon dioxide. Clear Quartz is a 10th Anniversary gemstone.

Clear Quartz Associations
Chakras – Crown Chakra
Birthstone – April
Zodiac – All birth signs
Planet – Sun
Element – All (Earth/Fire/Air/Water)
Vibration – Number 4
Typical colours – Pure Quartz is colourless or white

Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer” and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. Clear Quartz draws off negative energy of all kinds, neutralising background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations. It balances and revitalises the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind. Clear Quartz enhances psychic abilities. It aids concentration and unlocks memory. Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. Clear Quartz (Crystal Quartz, Rock Crystal) harmonises all the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies.

Other Varieties of Quartz
Quartz is found in a huge range of varieties and colours, of which there are many different names, which include:

Cat’s Eye
Green Quartz / Prasiolite
Rose Quartz
Rutilated Quartz
Smokey Quartz
Strawberry Quartz
Tourmaline Quartz”

Source: https://www.charmsoflight.com/clear-quartz-healing-properties

How To Enter The New Year Calmly

Welcome fellow souls to « The Human Family Crash Course Series, » a new project collaborated together by empress2inspire.blog and diosraw.com. Together we will be working on a different topic for each crash course; our first topic is focused on « Self Love. » Each topic will have eight posts with posts on Mondays and Thursdays. We hope you enjoy our series and we look forward to knowing how our posts have inspired you!

What a year 2020 has been full of transformations, confusion and a shift in consciousness!

To welcome in the 2021 New Year calmly here are some suggestions to contemplate:

Reflection. Take some time to reflect on the past year. What has changed within you? What has entered or left your life? What can you work on within yourself? What are you proud of?

Intention. What is your intention for the year ahead? What are you focusing on? Set your intention for the year ahead. I will have a year full of opportunities, love and new experiences for my soul.

Surrender. When we surrender we sync with the flow of life and let go of resistance. This will make you feel more at ease and relaxed. You can’t control everything but you can control who you want and decide to be for the year ahead.

Embrace. Welcome new friends, experiences and possibilities this new year. Be open to all that is coming to you. Everything is a blessing in disguise.

Get Creative. Make some plans for 2021 such as projects that you have always wanted to start; You then have some things in your life to look forward to. What have you been meaning to do all your life that you can start now?

Family and Friends. Spend some time with people who you love and who love you. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with high vibrations and positive energy to boost you into the new year.

Hope. Keep the hope, things will change and this too shall pass. Change is the only constant in this universe.
You are loved. Know that you are loved beyond your comprehension by the intelligence of this universe.

As we leave 2020 behind here are some quotes for us to ponder:

“We will open the book. It’s pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” – Edith Lovejoy Pierce

“What the new year brings to you will depend on a great deal what you bring to the new year.” – Vern McLellan

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” – Brad Paisley

Based on the above, how will you decide to enter the new year calmly?

Chemicals #1: Anandamide

“Anandamide is an endocannabinoid belonging to the class of fatty acid amides. The word “ananda” comes from the Sanskrit that means beatitude, since it produces happiness. Anandamide interacts with CB1 receptors in the nervous system and CB2 receptors in the peripheral nervous system.

Also known as “the molecule of wonder”, it is a substance produced naturally by our body. It usually improves mood when it attaches to neurotransmitters. In addition, similarities can be observed in the structure of anandamide compared to that of THC, a cannabinoid with therapeutic benefits that also activates the CB1 receptor.

How does anandamide work?
Anandamide can fix itself to the cannabinoid receptors in our body, although it is a very weak substance that decomposes very quickly. Anandamide synthesizes in areas of the brain where memory, motivation, superior cognitive processes and movement control are managed. In this way, it influences physiological systems such as pain, appetite regulation, pleasure and reward.

Anandamide and CB1 receptors have a fundamental role in ovulation, as well as in the implantation of the fertilised gamete in the endometrium, or the lining of the uterus. It has been specifically demonstrated that high levels of anandamide are needed for a successful ovulation and that the lowest levels are useful during the implantation of the gamete in the lining of the uterus. The same study also indicated that the levels of anandamide are high during the 4th and 5th week of gestation and that anandamide falls to lower levels during the 6th week of gestation. The AEA in different degrees of concentration is key for the reproductive cycle and the correct fetal development during the first weeks of gestation.

A study on mice from 2017 tested its effects on motivation and reward. With different possibilities of choice and after receiving an injection of this endocannabinoid, the mice proved to be able to choose more quickly and were motivated to choose the best solution.

The relationship between anandamide with medical cannabis
As with THC, anandamide causes a sensation of happiness. Until now, how anandamide works has not been understood in both animals and the human body. However, after discovering the endocannabinoid system, it was observed this endocannabinoid can influence and interact with the receptors in our bodies just like some cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Although several studies have confirmed their very close relationship with cannabinoids and brain receptors, it does possess psychoactive effects, but they have not yet been explained.”

Source: https://www.kalapa-clinic.com/en/what-is-anandamide/

Silver Birch: Cancer

“Q: Do spirit doctors know the cure for cancer?

THERE is no specific cure in the sense that there is one remedy that will cure every type of cancer, because they do not all owe their origin to the same cause. Some are physical, some are mental and some are spiritual in their origin. It is not possible to treat them all alike. You must try to understand the way we work. It is not done by saying “Your world has a problem, here is the answer.” Your world must earn the answer. But if you have wrong living in your world, if you have the needless cruelty to which helpless animals are subjected, if you have not earned the right to be cured, then no one can give you a cure.

What is done is twofold. Where patently sincere and devoted individuals are working along truly spiritual lines, they are helped automatically because they attract wiser beings who were in their field and who desire to help them. The other method is by the outpouring of spirit power in healing which produces results when the sufferer is ready to recieve them. All healing from our world is accomplished through spirit power. It is not a magic wand that can be waved. That power is attracted to the soul of the sufferer. Therefore it cannot induce a response until the soul is touched. There is no magnetic link until the soul is open. If it is closed in, it cannot make contact. It also depends on other factors, too. It depends on what is the cause of the disease. It depends whether a choice has been made beforehand to express itself through a certain type of bodily mechanism. It is not a simple question.” – The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers