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Astronomy #6: Why Study Astronomy?

“Looking at the stars and galaxies helps us understand how our universe came into being and how it works. For example, knowledge of the Sun helps explain stars. Studying other stars gives insight into how the Sun works. As we study more distant stars, we learn more about the Milky Way. Mapping our galaxy tells us about its history and what conditions existed that helped our solar system form. Charting other galaxies as far as we can detect teaches lessons about the larger cosmos.There is always something to learn in astronomy. Each object and event tells a tale of cosmic history.

In a very real sense, astronomy gives us a sense of our place in the universe. The late astronomer Carl Sagan put it very succinctly when he stated, “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”

Source: https://www.thoughtco.com/astronomy-101-3071080

What Is Community Spirit?

According to Amitai Etzioni, community spirit is a unity of people in society who uphold and share similar values and resources. … Meaning, when people come together in such near proximity and share the sense of group, it generates a high degree of happiness.

What Is Community Spirit?

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Poetry #97: You Are Loved

Recollecting who you are

You came and are made from the stars

Contorting within the melting pot of cosmic dust

You were thrust

Into this exsistence

Remembering you are loved

Never forgetting the universe is conspiring in your favour

Taste your soul mission in all its flavour

All the hues and colours blending

Fragments of your soul entwined together, mending

You’ll never be forgotton

I’m by your side

You don’t have to exert far and wide

Just close your eyes and look inside

Go beyond this earthly realms’ spells of divide

May you see the love that surrounds you, in all you do

And the love infinitely around you

The universe’s eyes tell me they love you everyday

No matter what may approach, you are there to stay

Venturing as an eternal spirit that you are, forevermore.

~DiosRaw 09/02/21 10:00AM

Poetry By Ace & Amber #4: Emerging Whole

Source is whole

Yet a paradox of ever-changing and evolving soul

Thoughts of every kind taking a stroll

Reading the lines of this universal scroll

Some voices trying to be my troll

Swimming through dualities of the cosmic magnetic pole

Always reaching for new heights

High expectations are in the realm of human sights

Illuminationing the spark of all my lights

Don’t waste your nights

Thinking about tormenting frights

And ruminating about other people’s highlights

Mandalas made out of vibrant sand

Monks wipe away the whole with the swipe of a hand

And symbolizing the transient journey our soul’s have planned

This connection to heart is oh so grand

Bringing us home to the free land

We see and feel the intuitions song

Travelling on it’s lyrics back to where we belong

Realizing the illusion of right and wrong

Sometimes we have to let go of being headstrong

Let’s feel this rippling effect of the gong

Beautiful versions of brokenness prolong.

-By Ace (fearlessfreesoul.com) and Amber (diosraw.com)

Poetry #79: Fake Inauguration

Fake inauguration

Corrupt election

What is the real infection?

Brainwashing of our minds?

Time after time

The media lies

And spins webs of confusion

We all need diffusion

Stolen ballots

Carts of ballots taken into

Hidden buildings

Corrupt politicans

Are they real?

They all conceal

Are they cyborgs?

Do you see their glitches

Sometimes it makes me laugh in stitches

At the absurdity of this life

You could cut the silence with a knife

Psychological warfare is rife

The world is a stage

We are in an age

Where we believe we have choices

But what is a choice if you only have two voices?

Distorted realities


Dirty transactions

All we know is a fraction

Of the real truth

America was once the land of the free

Or so we thought, see

That held a key

To influence the world

Now it’s lost in a dreamworld

Of freedom willingly given up

We are all in the same boat

I gloat

That to love all, for all are us

They are us

And we are them

In the end

But I contend

To infinity and beyond

Leave the worldly drama

Look from above at the panorama

And return to your inner soul bond.

~DiosRaw 20/01/21 10:36AM