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The Stone People

“The old myths talk about the grandfathers and grandmothers who have been on the Earth well before human beings existed. Some of them may be as old as the earth herself.

These ancient beings are the stone people, which also includes crystals and minerals.

Stones have consciousness and their
own unique experience of life. They have been on Earth for so long and
have witnessed many changes. The
stone kingdom is deeply connected to
the consciousness of Mother Earth. Even though a stone may have been part of something bigger, for instance a large boulder that broke into smaller stones, or a crystal that was cut out from a mountain, the stone people do not lose their awareness of the whole. No matter how many parts they are broken into, they retain the qualities of their original state.

The reason for this retention of awareness is that, in the etheric plane, the crystal or stone is not broken. In the spiritual plane the crystal is still whole. Most of us are not aware of this, but the same thing happens to us. Even if part of our body is removed, due to an operation, in the etheric plane our body remains whole. This is why some people who have had a limb amputated can still feel that the limb is there.

Because of this awareness and longevity the stone people can speak to us about time, perspective, and also wholeness. And through them we can also expand our own awareness and perspectives.”

Source: The ISIS School Of Holistic Health Newsletter, Issue March 2021

Poetry By Ace & Amber #7: Dancing In The Trance

I am a tree, alive and free

And now with this warm touch

Human auric fields blending, I aid them as a crutch

Embracing arms around my trunk in times so clutch

Grounding and spreading my underground network

Expanding my leaves even through the murk

Each one of us has our own beautiful quirk

No matter what creatures lurk

Painting the scenery with my artwork

The wind makes me shiver

My branches shake and quiver

Then hits the sun as the ultimate giver

The night pours over but the star’s light leaves a sliver

Shedding what needs to go, as it flows away into this endless river

Sucking up nutrients as they deliver

No concept of appearance or time

Hearing the nature spirits’ chime

There is no prime

For life’s journey is the eternal climb

Energies latch on and if ever there’s slime

Clearing through cells and enzymes

Holding gracefully this wisdom

Beyond the veil, there’s a geometrical prism

Protecting me from society’s system

I lean into my vibrations rhythm

Swaying in this mystical and magical dance

My name is truth and I’m a tree in a trance

~By Ace (fearlessfreesoul.com) & Amber (diosraw.com)

Poetry #111: Down The Rabbit Hole

Down the rabbit hole

This girl could not sleep

Her thoughts were far too deep

Her mind had ventured on a stroll

Down the rabbit hole

Conspiracy theories intrigued her

Conspiracy facts now stand the ground

Whos sitting around the table at the builderberg group

Black magic casting spells

Calcified pineal glands, do tell

Who owns the mainstream media?

Was 9/11 an inside job?

Factory farming going on the rob

Monsantos protection act

Illegal government spying not taking the wrap

A shadow government

What’s the royal bloodline?

What’s in this sacred trine?


Bohemian grove

Child trafficking

Big pharma corruption

GMOs, frankenstein crops

Taxation is theft

Agenda 21




Pesticide ladden food

Animal agriculture

Climate change

Cern’s hadron collider

Government insiders

Pentagon loosing trillions of dollars

Operation mockingbird

Who owns the federal reserve?

9/11, what really was that?

The shifting of consciousness is a fact


These are some things to spin your mind

Maybe you’ll look into these with time.

~DiosRaw 22/02/21 08:29AM

Did You Know #57: What Is Happening To The Uighur (Chinese Muslims) In China?

“China is facing mounting criticism from around the world over its treatment of the mostly Muslim Uighur population in the north-western region of Xinjiang.

Rights groups believe China has detained more than a million Uighurs over the past few years in what the state defines as “re-education camps”.

There is evidence of Uighurs being used as forced labour and of women being forcibly sterilised.

The US has accused China of committing genocide and crimes against humanity through its repression of the Uighurs.

Who are the Uighurs?
There are about 12 million Uighurs, mostly Muslim, living in north-western China in the region of Xinjiang, officially known as the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR).

The Uighurs speak their own language, similar to Turkish, and see themselves as culturally and ethnically close to Central Asian nations.

They make up less than half of the Xinjiang population.

In recent decades, there’s been a mass migration of Han Chinese (China’s ethnic majority) to Xinjiang, and the Uighurs feel their culture and livelihoods are under threat.

Where is Xinjiang?
Xinjiang lies in the north-west of China and is the country’s biggest region.

Like Tibet, it is autonomous, meaning – in theory – it has some powers of self-governance. But in practice, both face major restrictions by the central government.

It is a mostly desert region, producing about a fifth of the world’s cotton.

It is also rich in oil and natural gas and because of its proximity to Central Asia and Europe is seen by Beijing as an important trade link.

In the early 20th Century, the Uighurs briefly declared independence, but the region was brought under the complete control of mainland China’s new Communist government in 1949.

What are the allegations against China?
The US has accused China of committing genocide against the Uighurs. According to international convention, genocide is the “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group”.

It follows reports that, as well as interning Uighurs in camps, China has been forcibly mass sterilising Uighur women to suppress the population and separating Uighur children from their families.

On his final day in office under the Trump administration, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said: “I believe this genocide is ongoing, and that we are witnessing the systematic attempt to destroy Uighurs by the Chinese party-state.”

A UN human rights committee in 2018 said it had credible reports the Chinese were holding up to a million people in “counter-extremism centres” in Xinjiang.”

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-asia-china-22278037

Out Of The Reptilian Era

The new earth is being birthed out of what we’re going to say “out of the reptilian and draconian era” into a whole new level, into an entire upswing, into not only going to the fifth dimension but into that knowing that what once was in this third dimension and what once was down so low and all those who strive to keep this planet and humanity now down that has ended.

You are being birthed to a new earth, a new generation for humanity, a new level of awareness, a new level of clarity, a new level of peace and compassion and justice, a new level of unity is being birthed as well as unifying this beautiful collective of humanity up into the cloud as ONE.

Source: https://thegalacticfederation.com/01-07?utm_content=12135395&utm_medium=Email&utm_name=Id&utm_source=Actionetics&utm_term=Email

Have You Seen Me? : The Tragedy of Johnny Gosch (Trafficking is Connected to Porn)

This is what kids used to see on little milk cartons during lunch time at school. Warning: Please watch the documentary below with caution. It contains triggering information and images. I especially don’t advise watching it if you were sexually abused. Once you see something it can’t be unseen, I don’t want to traumatize you […]

Have You Seen Me? : The Tragedy of Johnny Gosch (Trafficking is Connected to Porn)

Blogger: http://seoulsister.blog

Animals & Universal Consciousness

“More often than I like to admit, I’m forced to realize that some people are simply a lot smarter than I am – doggone it. At other times, I catch myself in one of those moments of spontaneous prideful arrogance, thinking how much smarter I am than somebody else.

It’s easy for me to see that there are lots of people smarter than I am, and maybe a few who aren’t. I think, therefore I think I know what intelligence is – but that intelligence has let me down many times in the past, as it has for even “the greatest minds of their times” – former members of The Flat Earth Society and all.

For much of my life I thought that, at least, I was smarter than an animal – an assumption taken for granted in our modern, technological culture. Now, I think that assumption was wrong. I think animals are smarter than all of us, and it all has to do with the arrogant, typically human way I think about what intelligence is.

My intelligence seems to be a function of how well my senses and capabilities work, especially in terms of feeling “successful” about my life; but what if I could hear, see, or smell, thousands of times better than I can? What kind of world would I perceive, and how much more would I know about it? What if I didn’t have to worry about wearing clothes (believe me, I do), or whether I had a roof over my head? What if the supermarket were closed, or I was dropped in the middle of the ocean or the woods – could I feed myself, or would I end up becoming somebody’s dinner? Suddenly, I don’t sound much like ‘the top of the food chain.’

“Stay calm. Share your bananas.”—Koko the Gorilla

Profound Consciousness in Animals
One of the most difficult barriers for people to break is the one that prevents us from perceiving the profound levels of consciousness alive in our animal relatives. This kind of prison of the human ego that demands we place ourselves above all other creatures is possibly the most soul-depleting (and destructive) obstacle to human spiritual evolution there is, forcing us to live life through the limited filter of human sensory experience, generally misinterpreted by our collective and personal ego, and the delusions of “intellect.” As a result, we tend to destroy our home and hurt those from whom we could learn the most.

Science Demonstrates Animals Are Self-Aware
Let’s consider a couple of different realities about animal intelligence that science is demonstrating with increasing regularity; the first reality being what we’re most familiar with – the intelligence described by language, cognition, and problem-solving abilities.

Recent studies indicate that dolphins, and other cetaceans, display so much of this type of intelligence, in so many ways, that they should be considered as “non-human persons.”

“Science has shown that individuality – consciousness, self-awareness – is no longer a unique human property.”

– Ethics Professor Tom White, Loyola Marymount University of Los Angeles, in BBC News

Cetaceans efficiently adapt rational processes to overcome problems and take part in team efforts – even between species. They clearly possess complex language skills, so much so, in fact, that even whale songs which originate in one area of the earth’s oceans can become popular, and migrate to other parts of the world, like hit songs. Cetaceans also demonstrate compassion and are unquestionably self-aware.

“These are ancient, sentient Earth residents, with tremendous intelligence and enormous life force. Not someone to kill, but someone to learn from.”

Dr. John C. Lilly, on his research with dolphins

Crows possess human-like intelligence that includes problem-solving on a level greater than most six-year-old human children. They also exhibit an elaborate and nuanced language, as well as self-awareness, superb personal recognition, character determination, personal attachments, and cooperative, community-oriented behavior. These are all characteristics also shared by elephants, whose infra-sonic speech (which they can hear up to six miles away) when speeded up, sounds remarkably articulate, like talking.

Even man’s best friend, the good ol’ family dog, has been shown through the science of MRI brain-scan analysis to demonstrate neurological activity very similar to that of humans. In addition, dogs, cats, and other animals demonstrate cognitive, and even what we may consider ‘extra-sensory’ skills that relate to another, more profound kind of intelligence – one that may add credence to the assertion that the wholeness of animal intelligence is, in some very critical ways, superior to our own.

Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., in his direct, video-documented experiments on dog telepathy and his book, Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, has demonstrated how dogs are aware of when their distant owners (partners) even start to think about returning home. His experiments, although roundly dismissed as unscientific, feature dog owners returning home after absences of different durations, and the video-documented simultaneous responses of the dogs, back at home, clearly indicate an awareness of their owners’ intentions and actions from afar.

Animals and Telepathy
It’s long been known that many animals demonstrate a reliably ‘telepathic’ awareness of oncoming earthquakes, tsunamis, and other catastrophic phenomena; and dogs, with their largely unexplained ESP, can read emotional states more reliably than a lie detector and are currently employed working to sense and warn of oncoming seizures in epileptics, as well as detecting cancer in hospital patients – well before standard medical tests can.

All of us can psychically connect with animals. Learn how with James Van Praagh in Spirit Talk{.inline-media .inline-video}.

All of this relates to what Dr. Sheldrake refers to as “morphic resonance,” the existence of invisible connecting fields of energetic coherence, of sorts, essentially described by the larger concept of a shared field of consciousness, where the material world is imbued with the energy of intelligence, the physical realization of spiritual life. It’s the spiritual life of the planet and all of its occupants, a reality known for millennia by the indigenous peoples of every continent, but mostly denied by “modern” man. Here we know it as Gaia.

Animals, unlike humans, simply live their being. Their consciousness is joined with that Source intention, so they attain purity of conscious, highly developed multi-sensory experience that humans never realize mostly due to the interference of our intellect.

Unburdened by superficial, egoic thought, animals’ senses allow them to participate in an infinitely richer world, directly joined to what we may refer to as the Divine field of being.

They are highly sentient, extraordinarily conscious, and deeply intelligent, in a very real way. In a world that is, in fact, much more real than common human sensory perception and thought ever allows.

Animals Enhance Our Spiritual Evolution
Alex, an African Gray parrot, became a practically conversational research associate of Dr. Irene Pepperburg of Brandeis, after more than thirty years of working together on a daily basis; and, by her testimony, he was her best friend. His final words said to her as she left the laboratory the night before his death were: “You be good. See you tomorrow. I love you.”

I like to think that I’m smart, that I know good from bad, and right from wrong. I’ve guess I’ve eaten that mythological forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That’s what got us humans kicked out of The Garden, wasn’t it? As it is, we’ve been struggling with what our real role is here ever since, and still insist on imposing our self-entitled destruction on all the Divine life that we remain ignorant about – on all the Divine life that I like to think I’m smarter than.

“I do not see a delegation for the four-footed. I see no seat for the eagles. We forget and we consider ourselves superior, but we are, after all, a mere part of the Creation…the elements and the animals, and the birds, they live in a state of grace. They are absolute. They can do no wrong. It is only we, the two-leggeds, that can do this. And when we do this to our brothers, then we do the worst in the eyes of the Creator.”

Oren Lyons, to the United Nations, 1974″

Source: https://www.gaia.com/article/animals-and-universal-consciousness

You Are An Energy Being

Firstly, consider that everything in the universe of form or matter, is comprised of energy, of ‘vibration’ – including you. You are an energy being (a being of pure spirit) who’s core intelligence is SOUL. As a soul and a vibratory ‘spiritual’ energy being, you are also a light being, creating your human life and all of your physical experiences via the direction of your thoughts, your feelings and your divine will. It’s your intentions, whether conscious or not that direct and therefore, form your reality. The more aware you become of your energy being and your power to create (and destroy) the more conducive your manifestations become. In other words, you realise that what you focus upon, you can create. So, you can choose to create conscious experiences which uplift and inspire, rather than creating unconscious experiences (unwise choices) which may cause you frustration or pain. All choice is with you.