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The Human Family Community Open Threads #83: Head In The Clouds, Feet On The Ground

This is a project called “The Human Family Community Open Threads.” These open threads will be for anyone to comment on and express how they feel, if you need a friend, any ideas, to make new friends, thoughts, topics, quotes or simply if you feel alone or lonely or suicidal or want to speak to others; feel free to comment below and start a conversation. You are not alone.

The Human Family Open Thread #83

~DiosRaw 03/03/21

Ace & Amber Poetry #8: Immortal Illumination

The waves within are starting to settle

Ferocious and powerful yet soft as a petal

Swallowing humanities inventions of metal

Yet exhaling the fumes of this seaside kettle

The sun’s effortless glow

Will stay no matter what vibration the ocean choices to throw

Creating this synchronicitic flow

It’s this intuitive feeling I’m growing to know

Dolphins diving deep into the low

Whales arising to the surface of the plateau

This cosmic dance is the eternal universal show

Golden orange beams wrap my arms in silky still

The freedom of the moment gives this magical thrill

I allow the thoughts to go when they nag me in a chill

This balanced sway leaves my soul to fulfil

Wandering through the sand, my auric body leaves a spill

Shimmering and glistening

The higher self is listening

While the heart is speaking

It’s the truth that we are all seeking

The sun illuminates, the ocean falls, but it’s the breathe of it all that keeps shrieking

We are all collectively one

But the harmony of our uniqueness will forever stun

No matter where you are, inside is this gleam

The ocean and the sun forge this immortal team

We live within a dream within a dream within a dream.

By Ace (fearlessfreesoul.com) & Amber (diosraw.com)

~Scapegoated & Blamed~

“As well as being considered weird, black sheep are often scapegoated and blamed for the majority of a family’s problems. This tendency to scapegoat is known in psychology as the “Identified Patient.“

The “Identified Patient” or IP, was a term that emerged in the 1950s to describe the actions of sick and dysfunctional families and their tendency to assign one person in the family as a scapegoat to their problems.

Essentially, the Identified Patient is said to be a way that families avoid their own internal pain, disappointments, and struggles, by pointing the finger at another family member as the cause for all the problems they experience.

If you were the Identified Patient in your family, you were most likely chosen as the “trouble maker” or “problem child” due to your status within the family (e.g., young, naive and abusable, or older, headstrong and threatening), or your differing Soul Age and personality, which drew attention to your contrasting likes, tastes, and habits. Naturally, these qualities placed a big bullseye on your head and were used against you throughout your life.”

Source: https://lonerwolf.com/black-sheep-of-the-family/?utm_source=LonerWolf&utm_campaign=fffd8c0ffb-weekly_010321_black_sheep&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4b168bb5ac-fffd8c0ffb-100777074&goal=0_4b168bb5ac-fffd8c0ffb-100777074&mc_cid=fffd8c0ffb&mc_eid=440df01dc3

~Energy Vampires~

An energy vampire is a person who drains your energy; they are also referred to as energy suckers and psychic vampires. Some energy vampires are conscious of what they are doing and others are not; they have a desperate need to draw life from those who have healthy and strong energy. Empaths will usually feel dizzy or drained when energy is being drawn from them by a vampire. There are also conscious energy vampires who have been trained by negative and dark forces to collect positive energy. They do this for several reasons: to gain recognition, power, boost their self-esteem, boost their ego and for youth or health. It is essential that you protect yourself from energy drainers.

Poetry #122: Lullaby Blues

Soothing whispering voices

Mother’s lullaby blues rejoices

Swerving between feeling choices

We are a gift from above

Sent from heaven tranformed and metamorphosed into a dove

An angel of joy

From our pure home

Lands of gaia, we are here to roam

Grunts and groans

Bound along the way

Samsara cycles as we sway


Abstract insights

Amidst mountains and rocks

In a synchronous heartbeat

The road is steep

Once both feet on the path to truth

You cannot forget

Let go of regret

Falling into the matrix net

Are we nearly there yet?

~DiosRaw 02/03/21 10:27AM