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~Dream Dictionaries~

“They are fascinating, very much so! I used to study dreams, their meaning, symbolism.. dream dictionaries are good however we each have our own symbols that mean something represented in the dreamworld, we can decode them ourselves once we understand our own symbols and what they represent.”

~Inspired by Ace: fearlessfreesoul.com~

Poetry #81: Chess Duality

To see the real things

That seekers see

The beauty of chess

Transcending language

Traversing time

Early forms of chess originating in India

Roots spreading out across the fields of multidimensions

For us all to collectively play

I decided I didn’t want to be a pawn anymore

The pawn representing the human being living here on earth

We humans take very small steps

Along our path of moving one step in our cosmic evolution

Protect the God, the king

The queen representing the divine manifestation of the feminine

Earthly thinking wants to win

Is that an egoic sin?

If I did not sacrifice pieces of myself?

How would I generate my soul journey?

How planned

How mathematical your life

Why do some lives end

And some continue on

Maybe life is a chess game

Each one of us a pawn, the same

Chess is philosophically interesting

An abstraction

Minimalized model of conflict

Remember at the end of the game

Both sides, black and white

This universal duality

Go back into the same box

What a paradox.

~DiosRaw 22/01/21 09:30AM