Spirituality #10: The Dark Night Of The Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul is a period of utter spiritual desolation, disconnection, and emptiness in which one feels totally separated from the Divine. Those who experience the Dark Night feel completely lost, hopeless, and consumed with melancholy. The Dark Night of the Soul can be likened to severe spiritual depression (it’s a type of spiritual emergency.)

Traditionally, the Dark Night of the Soul refers to the experience of losing touch with God/Creator and being plunged into the abyss of godless emptiness. The modern understanding of having a Dark Night of the Soul, however, is not exclusively a religious one, but can often mean losing all meaning in life, feeling out-of-touch with the Divine, feeling betrayed or forsaken by Life, and having no solid or stable ground to stand on.

Symbols #15: Khanda

This spiritual symbol is the most sacred in the Sikh community and is made up of four weapons. It comprises of two single-edged swords crossed at the bottom (Kirpan), a chakkar in the center along with a two-edged sword (talwar).

Representing the Sikh doctrine Deg Tegh Fateh, the sword in the symbol represents the divine power. It manifests the destruction of falsehood and re-establishes truth. The two swords at the bottom are known as Piri-Miri (Left-right) that shows the integration of spiritual and materialistic supremacy.

Philosophy #7: Empiricism

Empiricism is a theory of knowledge that asserts that knowledge comes only or primarily via sensory experience. Empiricism emphasizes evidence, especially as discovered in experiments. It is a fundamental part of the scientific method that all hypotheses and theories must be tested against observations of the natural world rather than resting solely on a priori reasoning, intuition, or revelation.

The Human Family Community Open Threads #46

I decided to start a new project called “The Human Family Community Open Thread.” These open threads will be for anyone to comment on and express how they feel, if you need a friend, any ideas, make new friends, thoughts, topics, quotes or simply if you feel alone or lonely or suicidal or want to speak to others; feel free to comment below and start a conversation. You are not alone.

The Human Family Open Thread #46

~DiosRaw 24/01/21