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Nutrition Tips For 2021

Welcome fellow souls to « The Human Family Crash Course Series, » a new project collaborated together by and Together we will be working on a different topic for each crash course; our second topic is focused on «How To Thrive In 2021.» Each topic will have eight posts with posts on Mondays and Thursdays. We hope you enjoy our series and we look forward to knowing how our posts have inspired you!

The objective of this post is to empower you to get well, prevent disease and fill your body with energy. We are working as hard we can to be your resource, the light in the midst of the storm and hoping to cut through the clutter and provide you all with tips and information that will really make you maintain calmness and develop a strategy as we enter the new year 2021.

So what are the key nutrition takeaways as people look to prevent illness, disease specifically Covid -19 in 2021?

Immune boosters – We are all beginning to see these immune boosters all over the internet. Honestly, there is no such thing like an immune booster that comes in a can, pill or a package. Immune boosters go back to gut health, nutrition and getting enough sleep and controlling your stress.

Avoid Sugar – Sugar is detrimental to overall health. Sugar is really inflammatory specially in the form of white processed sugar. Processed sugar drives up that insulin and drives up that glucose and eventually causes repeated hikes resulting in something called insulin resistance. Having sugar in small amounts like in the form of fruit or whole foods is normal and physiological.

Intermittent Fasting – Our bodies have cells which have a clock in it and needtime for cleanup. Especially in the time of Covid, people are stressed so they are constantly eating and going into unhealthy habits to cope with their stress leaving no time for the body to rest and deep cleanse its cells. The best thing you can do for your immune system is optimise your body by increasing your nutrition and staying on your 16-8 fasting program. If you are not used to fasting, don’t try to push yourself beyond normal fasting limits because you’re just creating more stress in your body. So stick to a protocol you’re familiar with and keep doing it.
Vitamin Supplements – Vitamin D3 works as a hormone in your body and helps the immune cells fight off the viruses and bacteria. Check your Vitamin levels before trying on any supplements only if you are on the lower side. It is more common in women and people who spend a lot of time indoors.

Elderberry – There is a lot of confusion & controversy about elderberry and its effect on Covid -19. Do your research before you decide to take it. Elderberry is long known to be a great natural supplement for boosting your immune system. Elderberry works by increasing the cytokines in our bodies. So when we are sick, the cytokines get released and that’s why you get a fever etc. Now, Covid -19 works by causing a cytokine tornado and damaging our organs. If you want to take an elderberry, it is entirely up to you.

Hope this was helpful. Take Care.

Spain Becomes First Country To Create Register Of Those Who Refuse Covid Vaccine

“Spain has become the first country in Europe to create a register maintained by the government with a list of the names of citizens who have refused the COVD-19 vaccine, a list which will be shared with other European governments. Spain’s Minister of Health Salvador Illa recently announced that the country will be setting up a register of citizens who have refused the COVD-19 vaccine when it was offered to them and the reasons why they refused.

Although Spain has not mandated COVID-19 vaccinations, the threat of being placed on a list looms over every Spanish citizen when they are contacted by regional authorities that it is their turn to get the vaccine. Should they refuse the vaccine, their name will be added to the list, which will then be shared with other European nations. Illa said that this list will not be accessible by the public or employers but will be maintained in order to keep a record of who was offered the vaccine and refused it.

However, if the stated reason for keeping a list of names of unvaccinated citizens is to simply have a record of those offered the vaccine, why would it be necessary to note who accepted or rejected the vaccine and for what reason? And why would it be necessary to share names of the unvaccinated with other countries?”