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~Water Healing~

Water has extraordinary balancing and healing properties during times of hypersensitivity. When consumed with consciousness, it provides inner alignment. You can balance the surrounding energy by putting a drop of water on your third eye area. When you apply water that you have energized, it leads to even more powerful results. You can energize water by praying over it or putting a word on the bottle with the intention of infusing the frequency of the words into the bottle. Words such as healing, calmness, and peace work well. Taking a hot shower works well for aura cleansing and for the restoration of energetic balance. Take a shower and imagine the water washing away negative feelings, impressions, and thoughts from others and envision all of the negative energy being sucked down the drain.


Spiritual Healing #1: H’oponopono Prayer

“Depending on what you believe in, prayer can always bring comfort in an overwhelming situation. One of the most talked about and effective prayers is the H’oponopono prayer. Here is the story behind it.

The Hawaii State Hospital for the criminally insane was a clinic for those who had committed the most heinous of crimes. Criminals who had committed murder, kidnap, rape or other crimes of such magnitude were either sent there because of their mental condition or to determine whether they were sane enough to stand trial. According to one of the nurses who worked there, it was a place with no hope; the atmosphere was so congested with evil and negativity that not even paint wanted to reside in the building and would not stick to the walls. Everything was rotting, decaying, repulsive and terrifying. Not a day would go by without someone being physically attacked.

The doctors and nurses were bound by fear; when an inmate was walking in their direction, even though they were shackled hand and foot, they would walk as close to the walls as possible to keep away from them. However, not even shackles could stop the attacks, and so the inmates were never taken outside unless it was an absolute emergency. Staff were absent the majority of the time and would often take sick leave to escape the depressing and dangerous environment that they were working in.

Every few months, a new doctor was hired because they were unable to handle the inmates, but one day Dr. Stanley Hew Len entered the clinic. The nurses were not at all enthusiastic; they were convinced he would be like the rest and bombard them with his supposed superior strategy that would get the place in order and then leave within a few months when he realized the reality of the situation he had got himself into.

They soon discovered that everything about this doctor was different; he wasn’t doing anything significant, but his demeanor didn’t fit the environment. Where everyone else was depressed and angry, he was always naturally relaxed, cheerful and smiling. Every so often, he would ask for the files of the inmates; he rarely saw them personally, but he would sit in his office and look over their files. To the members of staff who were interested in the way he chose to operate, he would tell them about something he referred to as H’oponopono. As the months went by, things started to change in the hospital, the walls were painted and the paint actually remained on the walls, which gave the place some life. The gardens were being pruned, the tennis courts were repaired and prisoners who ordinarily were never allowed to go outside began to play tennis with the staff. They began to allow some of the prisoners to move around without their shackles and the inmates started to take fewer psychotropic medications.

The shift in the atmosphere was astounding; the staff began to come to work, and where there was once a shortage of applicants, there was now a high demand to work at the clinic and they slowly began to release the prisoners. Dr. Hew Len was employed by the clinic for almost four years; by the time he left, there were only a few inmates remaining who were eventually housed in another location because the clinic had to close, as the prisoners no longer required their services.

It appeared that Dr. Hew Len didn’t apply any specific technique or give the prisoners any medication. All he seemed to do was look at their files, but what he did do was heal himself with a traditional Hawaiian spiritual remedy referred to as H’oponopono. In Dr. Len’s own words, “I was healing the part of me that created them.”

While he sat in his office looking at each individual patient file, he would feel pain and empathy towards them. Dr. Len would then use what he was feeling to heal himself, taking on full responsibility for what each patient appeared to be going through. The prisoners were healed because their doctor took on their pain and healed them through himself.

H’oponopono is based on the belief that we create our own environment; there are no external forces responsible for what is taking place within our surroundings. If your boss is evil, you are responsible. If your children are not doing well in school, you are responsible. World wars and poverty are your responsibility. The bottom line is that the world belongs to you and it is your responsibility to take care of it. Taking responsibility doesn’t mean that the problems are your fault, it simply means that you need to heal yourself in order to heal the situation that you find distressing.

Some may agree with this theology, and to others it may appear completely nonsensical; but if you really choose to analyze it, you will find that your perception of the world is your reality. If you think the world is depressive and pointless because you choose to focus on all of the negative that is surrounding you, that’s how you perceive the world. You could change it if you would focus on changing yourself. Two people can live in the same environment but perceive it completely differently simply because of their perception.


Repent: Say you are sorry for the part that you have played in the things you perceive as evil or problematic that are surrounding you. As an empath you can say that you are sorry for the pain that the people you have met recently are experiencing. Whatever you feel responsible for, say you are sorry for it; feel the remorse and mean it.

Ask for Forgiveness: You are probably wondering, “Well, who am I asking?” We all have our different belief systems. The majority of us and especially empaths believe in some kind of higher power and so that is who you ask to forgive you.

Gratitude: Say thank you; there is so much power in gratitude. If you take your focus off the negative, you will find that you have so many things to be thankful for. Say thank you that you woke up this morning. Say thank you that you have eyes to see, a nose to smell, legs to walk on, that your internal organs are all in working order. Find something to say thank you for and say it continuously.

Love: Love is the most powerful force in the universe; saying the words, “I love you” over and over again will bring love into your life. You can say I love you to your cat, your house, your car, the sky, the trees! Whatever you feel love towards, say it.”

Judy Dyer


Spiritual Healing #1: Quantum Healing

How Does Quantum Healing Work?

Dolores’ method of QHHT revolves around the use of hypnosis among patients so they can enter their past life’s regression. The hypnosis relies on a patient entering the Somnambulistic stage, which is normally experienced prior to waking up from sleep or shortly before entering sleep.

Dolores claimed that past lives can be recalled and was proven with her patients using hypnosis. This reportedly allows her to explore the past life or lives of her patients, which they wouldn’t be able to recollect in a fully conscious state.

The point of exploring past lives is to help a patient get in touch with that inner part of the self, which Dolores called the Sub Conscious (SC). Dolores claimed that the SC is the aspect of a human being’s consciousness that’s connected to The Source, or what other people may call ‘God.’

As a healer, Dolores’ aim was to find ways to heal ailments by primarily accessing the past lives and learn about ‘lessons’ that the patient is meant to learn. Sometimes, the ‘trauma’ from past lives will result in ailments being felt in the patient’s current life.

Can QHHT Heal Their Patients?

This is a rather subjective question since hypnosis is a method by which the ‘healing’ of the patient is done. There are testimonials among advocates of QHHT attesting to the effectiveness of this form of hypnosis. The fact that Dolores was able to write bestselling books about her findings as a hypnotist shows that there are people willing to read about her experience in this field.

There are also some people willing to be trained in the QHHT process so that they, too, can become healers as Dolores was. This style of ‘healing’ may not match the beliefs of followers of traditional Western medicine, so there needs to be more concrete proof that a patient with a chronic illness, such as cancer, can indeed be healed through the QHHT process. At present, there are mostly testimonials about the ‘physical’ healing that patients received after being subjected to QHHT by Dolores.

For those with chronic illnesses, they may also try QHHT if traditional Western medicine can’t treat their symptoms or even cure them.

Quantum Healing In Relation To The Sciences

There are some who believe that Quantum Healing can be based on the discoveries in Quantum Physics. For one, they may believe that everything in our physical world emits energy. This may be matched with the discovery in Quantum Physics that everything in the world has its own energy frequencies.

There are also some unique beliefs in Quantum Healing such as the belief that human thought can affect physical objects, including the bodies of people. However, to actually conclude that the material world can be changed just by changing the way you think may require more evidence for it to be generally accepted by skeptics.

Another unique belief in Quantum Healing is that a person can only be healed if the person really wants to be healed; it’s important to focus on your inner self. Also, the healing can only happen if it’s part of the person’s goal during their lifetime.

Dolores claimed that part of the QHHT process is to ask the SC if healing can be done right away for the patient. At times, the SC may deny the request, either because that person agreed to undergo that illness when they were incarnated or because the person hasn’t learned to take care of their body the right way. This may explain why some patients are healed instantly while others aren’t.

What Illnesses Has the QHHT Process Helped Heal?

There are some chronic illnesses that QHHT has played a part in healing. Although there is yet to be a scientific explanation, some people anecdotally claim that QHHT is the one responsible for healing their illness. Among those ‘proven’ to be healed through QHHT are the following:

-Skin problems
-Lung problems
-Neck and/or shoulder pain
-Back pain
-Intestinal problems
-Faulty eyesight
-Wound regeneration without scarring
-Regeneration and restoration of kidney and liver health
-Healing of the heart without resorting to surgery
-Elimination of HIV
-Healing of joint cartilage
-Elimination of cancer

Many people may be interested to see if their own illnesses that aren’t in this list can be cured as well. So, this helps make the QHHT practice more popular since these patients may have tried traditional Western medicine but found no relief from their symptoms.

It’s important to document these cases to arrive at empirical evidence that QHHT really does help cure a patient of their illness.

Final Takeaway

After decades of serving as a hypnotist and healer, Dolores Cannon passed away on October 18, 2014. But she left behind a thriving community of QHHT practitioners.

Her daughter, Julia Cannon, is now taking up the reins of Dolores’ work at the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy. In the academy, many people are being trained in QHHT so that they can help heal others.

Dolores’ books are still being published by her publishing company Ozark Mountain Publishing. It may be safely said that her work will be carried on by this new generation of QHHT practitioners in the coming years. For now, it remains to be seen what new developments will result from this.”