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Guest Post: Multidimensional Drops

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I want to share an idea with you, one I have used myself and has multiple uses. It can be tailored for any intended purpose they are put towards.

Can you imagine never again needing any kind of medicine? What about supplements? Can you imagine reversing your age, or healing any part of your body?

Multidimensional God drops are my astral invention, though they are not given by me, nor any entity other then your highest god-like aspect of self. I don’t even have any part in the process besides I was in the receptive state to get the idea to pass on.

Imagine the possibilities in your life as you sit and take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and focus on your highest self, the most evolved version of you. Imagine you can see yourself now, see how amazing you look and feel how amazing your energy is.

Tell your god-self what your intention is for your multidimensional God drop.
When you have told them what your intention is, imagine lifting your head back and sticking your tongue out. Your highest self cups your head and puts a sherbert filled multidimensional God drop into your mouth.

Feel the fizzing of the sherbert on your tongue, can you taste anything?

Confirm you have taken it as you would a medication, though within the astral realm in your imagination.
Imagine now the instant, intended change occurring and finally imagine merging your physical form with this version of you.

Psychosomatically, you will change instantly your body chemistry but I must stress, they will not work unless you believe they will, same as any other healing or biohacking technique.
Imagine the possibilities, imagine the uses that you could find for them.

Be the placebo!

All things, as in everything created or not in physical reality, are possible to him who believes. Your body can do so much more then you even know.
How will you use yours?
Pain relief? Hayfever? 100% pure, organic vitamins?

There is no limit to what God is, or what it can do.

You only have the limits you place upon yourself.

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Guest Post: The Un-Dead

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It is a replacement to trial,
Quite unfortunate, we are no different than the UN-DEAD,
So we were told,
This is how we walk,
Now we were told,
This is how we should hide .
So much price we can’t pay, that left us UN-DEAD,
The mice, the lab rats, the test subject,
Are we not like the undead?
Some more alive than others,
This is how we were told,
Take precautions, the vaccine are coming.
The fear of survival is hunting the soul of men,
Running towards what we were been told,
Dose that not makes us the undead?
Brains we can’t use,
Education and more without result,
And then we were told to do so.
Just like the undead.
Irritated by lives and meaning,
We are so lost we need help,
This is like the blind leading the blind,
Oh, no the slaughter house are killing,
With just syringe and needles,
Now the vaccines have arrived.
We will queue up like the undead to feed,
On the living to stay alive.
Some times it’s good to second guess.

Now we need vanhelsing to vanquish Dracula once more,
The long fight is causing more undead living,
Let’s be sure to wake up,
We slept long and hard.
Its either we all get infected or we stay clean.
Food for thought.

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Guest Post: Phoenix Eagle Angel (I Hear You!)

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This is for your honour, & written in your memory; for some only see now, some never saw and others never knew, but to others, we always saw, we always knew.

Trapped eyes, I saw.

your will yearned for more,

Riddled by hows

& whys…!

These questions were your demons whisper! I know that because it was in me to a demon whisper but this was not you nor me and we both knew this.

Dark cubed abyss, haunting voices chipped the YOu down. I had been there too to know this was what you were trying to hide.

Hearing; that deviled, demoned voice,

tapped, tap – tapping you then with no respite only haunting taunting and torture For all those years. For me all this is pledged for you for they hurt you and took you from me.

Your action was a self sacrifice of THE self for others and for us.

A mode of declaration to be Heard

A STAND against it in your way

This is now my way for you also

For the will of that shadowed forked tongued beast GROUND You down till you saw no hope at all and I know this too.

Yet Your convictions: standing firm then is as now and I stand hear now because I hear you still.

For there is always a mastery of answer from the higher gained.

And from Mythologised book thee have thine at hospital all those years ago so you also I know knew. For thou saw & thou art knew instinctively but this was the key.

And you also felt tied too to the lost scriptures thine & thous key, to the higher knowing.

Which brought us back here & there.

reforged…. Within different plains.

To me you are as you always were. Always was & forever will be

For to me you had the might of a Golden Phoenix Eagle Angel and I know your here.

(I Still Hear You I feel you and I see you too!).

SHALLOM MIGHTY ONE For you can do what you set out to do from that paralleled reality now in a bigger and brighter way on your side with no bounds and I can do my side here our unconscious promise!

So Shine Brightly beautiful one loud and proud

Radiant One!!!!

You will always be remembered, and cherished!!

Copyright Myfanwy 2019

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Guest Post: Life Of Mine Who Owns?

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Life of mine who owns?

To keep living or go for euthanasia
Will I decide or will someone else’s
Life of mine who owns?

The years with the tears
I respired and I died
I died to live now I am dying to die
Barefoot and naked
I watch my heart juggling the beats


Not lost the belief on the one above all
But I see how precisely he chose his puppets
And ones like me to beg for death

Made paralyzed below spinal
Out from the world of motion and feels, he keeps
Magic, miracles and hope
For me are the biggest myth

I can’t clasp my hands
As if in the form of prayer
Please tell me god!
Why you have depended me on wheelchair?

-Worse than being dead-

Doctors kept me alive
But its even worse
than being dead

I can’t touch, I can’t feel
I can’t pass, I can’t try
I have literally nothing
For everything I rely

To breathe: Ventilator
To eat and move:
Machines and nurses
What brought me here
Is the one watching? Who owns these curses

“My Spirit to Live”

For me, my presence is equal to my absence
My squeaks and cry for help is not cowardness

Just push me to death

the death of my spirit to live
I don’t wish to witness

I see it breaking daily
In sunshine, in moonlight or in the rain
By it I was breathing and bore the pain

Set Me Free…

I will to free
My eyes from wailing
My heart from sympathies
My body from sickness
My soul from prison
Let me jump out of
Open the doors of
Mercy Killing
& Let me walk into it…

by @thecloudfeels

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Guest Post: Lightsongs And Jellyfish

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Was that you when the mist rolled in,
bell-shaped and awesome in eerie wet light?

Was that you,
giant like some deep sea thing,
building a new sea floor
from a vast army of uncried tears?

Unshed jellyfish,
carved enormous in the magic stone.

Was that you,
filling those gullies
with the ink
of unwritten dialogue?

Was that you,
plugging me into your secret songs
through the tingling storm drains in my feet?

Was that you,
singing me free
at fifty sobs a minute?

Were those your tentacles,
bursting loose from the softly jagged moor?

Envelop me now, then.

Wrap me in billow,
in cloud…

Rewrite me in your crown of tears,
your crazy safe place,
rolling down across your pulsing flanks –

jellyfish sobs…

streams of your galloping, weeping poetry,
burning down through awestruck eyes,
soaking through my soul…
down leviathan pleats…

guiding me home
in spite of all timetables…

guiding me to you,
to somewhere elsewhere.

Build me a place in your heart,
out of driftwood trees…

pulled out of burning moss
and chain.

Build me a place,
here in your bottomless,
fire-weave embrace…

where you can gaze down…
where you can smile…
just like the eyes of mountains do.

A wetness to dissolve in…
to lose myself
in the communion of
all things washed away
and all things coming up for air,
unzipping stars
and forests
from the ocean you left on the soles of my shoes…
from feet
that would never walk dry again.

I am the lone candle,
and you are the thing that floats,
pulsing with lights
that only the deepest,
freest shade of darkness
can recognise.

I am a life rekindled
in a grip vast enough for giants,
deep enough for clouds,
close enough to hold.

I have no motorcade,
no television crew,
no authority,
no claim,

but my spirit swims with tentacles
and swirling stars –

and when they land on your mountains to weep?

I am what stands in every pore

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Guest Post: The Fine-Tuning Of Unicorns

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As extinct as they are, you can still keep killing them, over and over. There a unique beauty in that. I guess it works equally for dragons, for unicorns and for lost souls, depending on where your sympathies lie.

“I hate being like this,” she used to say, as each new indignity stole a little more of her freedom. “I have never been so scared.”

What people saw when they looked at her was absolutely not the person she had always felt herself to be.

What they saw – or, at least, what she felt they saw – was an old woman… an obstacle in a shopping queue… a victim in an armchair… something less than what might have been.

It was all too much for a woman who had always resisted the stupidity of defining people by numbers – a woman whose spirit reached so much further.

In my eyes, she was still something truly miraculous. In fact, she was probably more that person to me than she had ever been –

which I guess is the curse of a society that somehow expects people to live the wrong way round.

In a world filtered to ponies, she was what I used to call my unicorn person.

You know what I mean, right?

It’s when you see something that rises bigger and bolder than anything you’ve ever known before. Maybe it’s a cloud whose entire journey through the world’s dying skies, whose entire cargo of ocean treasures, suddenly explodes in your eyes. Or maybe, for the purposes of the story, it’s a horse with a magic twirly horn, galloping where the traffic ought to be.

Doesn’t matter what it is. It could be any one of a gazillion tiny experiences that touch you deep down in the secret places of your spirit and leave you a little closer to forever –

and you know there is only one person you can truly share it with.

So let’s pretend it really is that galloping unicorn you saw.

Go to most people saying: “Seriously, I just saw this stunning unicorn!”

and they will say: “It sounds like a very nice pony.”

“No, really – this was a unicorn! Had a big twisty horn and everything… glowing like a big twisty glowing thing!”

“Yes, ponies can look strange when they gallop past you, can’t they?”

You can speak unicorns ’til you’re blue in the face, but they will filter it to ponies every time.

Not my sacred unicorn lady. Not her. She always heard my unicorns.

A unicorn voice will always save you from the limitations of ponies. It’s the kind of voice that holds your soul together when everything else seems to want to steal it.

It’s the kind of voice that tells you how needed you are, when every part of you that matters feels like it’s been endlessly dissolving in it’s own invisibility.

It’s the kind of voice that will still look deep into your eyes when you struggle to look back.

It’s the kind of voice that will tell you, over and over again, that you have no idea how loved you are, almost as though it is sharing some cosmic secret that was only ever meant to fall on your ears.

It’s the kind of voice that looks deep into the wreckage of your heart, sees through the scars and the pain and the anger and tells you, without a trace of irony, that you are one of the gentlest people on the planet.

It’s the kind of voice that sees what you can’t see in yourself, that says you are her rock when all you can feel is a heart full of jagged stony splinters.

It’s a voice that nobody but you has ever really believed in; a silence that nobody but you has ever heard speak.

At least, that’s what it was for me.

It’s the one thing I’ve ever known that really knew how to nurture me, and it will never stop living behind these eyes, no matter how many ways the world finds to burn the skies out of them.

There have been times when that truth alone has been enough to get me through the day.

It isn’t always like that. Sometimes, it’s a truth that breaks me.

Sometimes, I’m back with the jagged stuff again – the harshness, the lack of kindness, the indifference that creeps in between all the better stuff we ache to be.

And the unicorns are always lurking there, stalking the jungle of small judgements and unseeing souls. But they don’t really look like horses, whatever the storybooks say.

They’re the darkest, smokiest pieces of what we truly are, impossibly hard to pin down and painfully difficult to scrub off after the storm…

and they’re the greatest things we will ever say.

They’re not looking for a resolution or a justification. The world has more than enough right answers already, and they know this.

They’ve heard it all, sideways and backwards and filtered always into the same kind of pony.

But they don’t care. They don’t really look like magic horses.

They look like us… unfiltered.

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Guest Post: Blossom

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To feel nourished and valued,

To be authentic and honour your unique gifts

To flourish, to have your days filled with gratitude

To stand up for yourself and be available to you

To love yourself and lay your claim to a healthier life

To have compassion and genuine regards for humanity

Always 🐝 around those who feel like ☀️

Because you worth it.


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Guest Post: Lyrics To Farewell Embraces

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by M. Jay Dixit

I’m tired of trying to find new muses
The once I’ve found don’t quench my thirst for you.
I pour my heart on a piece of paper
The ink, your eyes; my muse, our goodbyes.

Drunk writing all alone, in a world of my own
Where you & I, near like
moon & stars, so near and so far
Where you and I like moon & stars
so near yet so far.

I held you close as you started leaving
Kissed your neck to keep you guessing
Don’t you know too much already?
Farewell embraces, but I’m not ready.

But I’m gonna have to
Let you go now
I’m guiding my heart
Away from you
I’m going away from you.

Drunk writing all alone, in a world of my own
Where you & I, near like
moon & stars, so near and so far
Where you and I like moon & stars
so near yet so far.

A/N: This poem is set to music from “When the Party’s Over” song from Billie Eilish.

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Guest Post: I, Downpour

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I, downpour

…so, if i’m rain…

i guess i must be billions…


a holocaust in a puddle,


like wet, galactic dog,

spinning those drenched,

those newborn stars…

and pleading with you,

rusted listener though you are,

to hear the oceans falling home…

and simply,

simply let me go.

I am a slate,

washed clean with words

that only the rain will ever understand.

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Guest Post: Majestic Creature

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A deer wandered through the yard

at sunset tonight.

It was proud and beautiful,

standing tall as it plucked leaves

from a tree by the driveway.

I enjoyed the time

to admire the animal

in the fading light

before it disappeared into the woods.

A few minutes later

I heard a pair of gunshots

and my mind turned to the deer

I’d just seen.

Had those shots been intended for him?

I’m not against guns or hunting,

but it still saddens me

to think this magnificent creature

I watched from the window

was cut down moments later.

There’s a delicate balance

between nature and humanity

that forces us to rely on nature

to sustain our lives.

But that doesn’t stop me

from regretting the inherent destruction

caused by that relationship.

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Guest Post: Targets Of Bullying & Social Anxiety

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After being bullied for so long, targets can develop social anxiety. They withdraw from people because they fear future attacks. The target’s spirit has been beaten down and broken and the person has been abused to the point of losing faith in humanity. Also, they’re reprogrammed to believe the bullies’ lies that they aren’t worthy of love and friendship. They are under the presumption that it’s much safer not to engage in any social interaction.

But what the target doesn’t realize is that in closing himself off from the rest of the world, he unknowingly limits himself in all aspects of life.

Humans were created to socialize and to have relationships. When targets create this invisible fortress around them, it doesn’t ensure their safety but only brings about more bullying. Bullies get their power from our fear. They are like ferocious animals who can smell fear from a mile away and believe me. They take full advantage.

Moreover, targets miss out on relationships that, otherwise, could be and would be fulfilling and rewarding. They unwittingly forego opportunities for friendship, dating, even good jobs that can produce personal success and financial well-being. Because if a person doesn’t believe in themselves, no one else will- that includes potential friends, dates, and company managers and supervisors. No one wants to be friends with, date, or hire someone who isn’t sure of himself unless they have low self-esteem themselves.

People recognize, if only subconsciously, social anxiety when they see it and not only through the more obvious signs, such as quietness, avoidance, trembling, blushing, stuttering or sweaty palms.

Social anxiety can also be more covert, showing itself in less obvious ways:

-Excessive laughing and giggling
-Appearing normal on the outside but nervous and shaky on the inside
-Excessive humor and being overly funny or no sense of humor at all
-Excessive sarcasm/having a smart-alicky attitude
-Being overly friendly/too nice
-Shutting down/freezing up- unable to talk or move
-Fidgeting/can’t sit still
-Lack of or too much eye contact
-Poor posture/looking down all the time
-Having a hard time keeping up with a conversation
-Talking too loudly, too fast, too soft, too slow, or not at all
-Excessive use of foul language
-Wearing attire that is provocative or super-revealing
-A style that is “perceived” as separatist or out of the ordinary (goth, punk-rock, etc.)

The difficult thing is that those covert signs don’t always mean that the person has social anxiety. Many people just have their own sense of style or they may be naturally introverted. They may also have a boisterous personality. If you do not know the person or aren’t close to them, it’s hard to tell.

But one thing that is noticeable is if the person never exhibited this kind of behavior or look before and suddenly, or within a short amount of time transitions into it. And these kinds of changes can only be noticeable to those who are close to the person or have been around the person for years.

Therefore, if you know a person who is showing these signs, instead of pointing a finger and judging them cruelly, ask questions and find out why. You may not realize that person could be a target of bullying or another form of abuse.
And if you are a target of bullying and struggling with social anxiety, I want you to know that you don’t have to live in that invisible prison forever. Bullies do not deserve value and you shouldn’t place any worth to their opinions of you. Understand that you are enough and that your bullies haven’t earned your respect nor your attention.

Only value the opinions or thoughts of the people who love you and whose opinions deserve your consideration, attention, and acknowledgement.
Start loving yourself and practicing self-care. Relax and be yourself. Embrace your flaws and quirks because we all have them whether we admit it or not. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. I promise you that you’ll be much happier and have more peace of mind when you do.

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Guest Post: Cloud Of Dust

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become airborne

those fine dry particles of matter

blown by the wind

of little worth

like a burial ground

badly lost its fate

i am not a cloud of dust

of anywhere

i’m not the cause of your tears and pains


it’s the chance that blew me away from you

i stuck on but you wiped me out

of your dreams

time pushed me away farther…

if luck returns to give it a try

once more

willing to be a cloud of dust again

and get your eyes blinded

and let your heart beats for me anew

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Guest Post: Royal King 3rd Interview (Book Release)

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Can you introduce yourself and your book?

My name is Kai Miller, I go by Royal King, being the rightful owner of my franchise business “Royalty Incorporation.” I live in North Carolina in the United States. I have been writing for 9 years, but it feels like my whole life. I just started focusing on doing books 2 years ago and as of now I can say it’s been successful ever since.
Not with being financially stable but being able to find knowledge in my career path and talent. I mostly write about spiritual knowledge, wisdom, free thinking, God and my inner thoughts.

My whole 2020 I was focused on poems, the reason the first book I released was a poem book! A collection of poems I have done since the start of last year.

Don’t get me twisted I love poetry, but I am not a poet.

In my eyes, a writer has to fully express themselves in every aspect of writing to better the talent in retrospect. Yes I admit, I love to venture off and do new things, I love to bring versatility to the table because that’s best what’s known to market in any field. Not the need of change, but the need of something different so the mind can dream and wonder again. [Amazon:] My Poem book is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to achieve a great goal in the coming challenges they face in life. These poems describe me and everything of what I went through. But it’s just not here for me but for everyone who can find knowledge in it. I write to inspire so everything, even if it’s just 3 words carefully written in a way to heal and motivate the individual.

Nothing left but a… written by The Royal King, Amazon:

1. What are the books you have written and what are you currently writing?

I have written at least 50% of my 2021 books planned to be released this year. Each one offers a different aspect into the game of writing and what an author can achieve through his words. Throughout the year I plan to release a cookbook, 2 self help, journal, fictional book, a marketing book utilizing any tools in the marketing for any business. As well as, short stories and a manuscript for a show I’m planning on submitting to Netflix!

Yes I have a busy schedule, but this practice good wealth in becoming an author. Writing your books a year ahead offering room and time to grow and expand. Me writing all or at least the majority of my books before even considering a release gives me so much room to make it a tool to utilize as a full time writer throughout my career.
The current book I’m writing now is my journal book, focusing on random journals I wrote throughout 2020 as well. I’m doing this because out of 365 days I only have 50 journals. Laughable as a writer but that year was more focused on me gaining the knowledge instead of applying it. And so much knowledge and energy was written in those 50 journals it should be looked at as enlightenment, so together it’s my scriptures. And the first 50 is an interesting way to start off once writing.

2. Why did you decide to write this book?

Telling you why I wrote this book doesn’t just describe this book, but every book that I have written and will write in the future. Because I love to write. I wake up with inspiration in my mind, I go to sleep with inspiration in my mind and I’m just like “dang that would definitely be something interesting to write about.”

What I don’t do is write it down and this where I think most authors make a mistake. Writing down your thoughts for a later novel being written is good but not every idea. In the sense I only write down one idea a month and then utilize it throughout that month. How can I expand and what can I change is an always mood for me when I write down an idea.

Repetition is common as a writer and one of the known ways to break a writer. Having to write the same things over and over again. It’s not our fault it’s just our Brain brainstorming millions of ideas. Saying that this will be good or this will be good but already acting similar to work you already released. Producing the same quality work is something an author should never do, nevertheless a writer. Even in the retrospect of a book series, the following book should outdo the last in every aspect. Change should be common and acknowledged.

3. Can you take us through the process of writing a book?

It has been my mistake to mention that I wrote the majority of my 2021 books in 2020. This presents me with something I read about today and that’s “going the extra mile”. I didn’t have to write all that knowledge, I just was every day, working and just writing with no purpose. Using this to exercise my skills gave me the greatest gift of all. I say this because you asked a question but also because my blog suffered majorly from this. It gave my readers this sense of urgency of where I was. Thinking I haven’t been focused on my blog not seeing the bigger picture, but In reality I was up each and everyday working, improving and writing all night till I fell asleep with my work ethics. Was I rewarded with something or a blessing? No! Even if everyday I strive and had the mindset for achieving…that was developed.
But I was blessed in the long term with the quality of four to five books ready to be released to the public. So there’s no real writing process.

If you ask a teacher they’ll say “come up with an idea, outline each chapter along with the main plot, write 3,000 words a day for this book. Once the book is complete, edit it, then find another editor to edit it, along with family members, then edit it yourself again and submit to the highest publishers.”

That’s good and overall a good way to write. But do you want to be an author or a writer? I say the best writing process is picking something you want to write about and then write something for it each day until you feel it’s complete. For my poem book, some might say this is a poor decision, but none of my poems have an ending. Neither did the book itself. I just said “yup this is good enough” and published it! After editing it of course, but I did not come up with the ending. I just stopped and now it’s a habit I use for writing In every text now.

Follow that rule and I promise your writing experience will change in a direction you’ll love.

4. What inspired you to write a book? What books have inspired your writing process?

No writer or books has ever inspired me to write.

Let me explain this; I have abundant of authors I love and who have gave me triumph when I was down but in short retrospect, None of them ever inspire me in the perspective that I said to myself “reading this book has motivated me so much to write a book about the same topic or any topic that it follows.

There have been books that have inspired me and motivated me to push my writing career but no to any book or author to cause me to write that book
In other words my books were inspired to be written off the versatility of being a writer. The books I read inspired me to achieve my greatness, the only reason it’s a book that I’ll write is because God deemed my purpose to be a writer. I don’t know my future but I have yet to read a book and say “ I want to write a book like this, because I felt so touched by the words to copy it. Heal with what you read and write with what you feel. Be original, let other books enlighten you but don’t let it be the way of your current books as an author. You don’t need any books to give you that inspiration but I can only speak for myself. That tool is still great to utilize even for me. I might experience this in the future, but as of today I can’t speak on it.

5. How do you think your book will help other people?

I think my books will heal people mentally & spiritually to better their lives. I feel as though each individual who reads my book will gain a sense of humbleness, happiness and safety. I think it’ll inspire people to accomplish their own goals in life and to never feel fear from anything. I give my all to heal the world. Every last word I wrote is meant for a positive attitude. I want people to look at my books and find wisdom for their own life spiritually even in my poems.

Also I have to address another mistake a lot of writers do and that’s ‘how I think vs what I wish.’ How I think it can heal people is the vast of what I just said but what I think is different what to be wished and I only say that to say I don’t know how my words will heal people only God will know that part and the individual, I just wish my words and books do just that and heal. Whatever way is beyond me I just want every living being to be happy and flourish inside their life and soul purpose. I hope you understand that fully.

6. If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

– “Keep writing everyday, each day you write you’ll draw closer to the actions you dream at night.”
– “Never lose faith”
– “Never tell any ideas before others see on the release platform”
– “Always give 300%, that’s how you secure your luck.”
– “Never let anything or anyone steal your happiness”
– “Continue to speak your truth”
– “Don’t give up”
– Expand your versatile
– Stop stressing and start learning about faith
– Always pray…with everything you need. if you feel down or upset about, pray.

I just wanna say I know this off topic but God or the infinite intelligence you believe shows us he’s real each day. I have expressed this in the new material I have planned later this year for my blog and books, but just never think that you’re alone in this world. Never base off what you can see but what you can feel and I promise you’ll never feel lonely again.

7. What’s the best way to market your books?

Get on fiverr or any freelance site , do your research for the best freelancer in marketing, be confident in and invest in a marketing gig for either Facebook ads or email marketing. Don’t do Facebook groups or any groups. Those aren’t direct towards your book demographic so it’s wasted money. Never invest money for marketing that doesn’t include your demographic or niché. Afterwards find a niche you can blog about that hasn’t been done and utilize it fully so you can have articles produced with your link to your book. (Doing forget to incorporate that link somehow in the article) doing this allows you to submit articles to other platforms that might help excel your book expectations.

In this article alone count how many links I have alone including social media links. I expanded my networking to many platforms in one article utilizing every thing that’s given for you and what god offers, everyone’s blessing is different.

Never buy paid blog articles spots, only blog placements and these are expensive like 300$ for one blog. Paid blogs gets you nowhere not even verified on Instagram.

8. Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?

Yes! I love secrets. Every one of my books for one, will never be in order, and will never tell the main plot. For instance; my first fictional book will have a plot but the real issue will never be told only by intense reading of ALL my books. I want to allow my readers to read my books fully to find out the real reason why I write and to want what I’m trying to expel in life. I even do this in my poem book and in my journals. Even more, both aren’t in order so that offers more secrets and scandals them.

I just feel as an author you have that right. Everything to music starts off with books. But even musicians have their own way of creativity in their projects. I think offering that does not only offer a mystery but as well as capturing the reader to come back to your book to see what will happen in the next book because of what they might think the author slipped up and told In the first Book. Get inside being a writer, it’s truly adventurous.

9. What does literary success look like to you?

Literary success isn’t having New York bestsellers for the week or month or year. It’s accomplishing the goals you set as an author invoking all aspects of creativity, marketing, and actions.

To be successful you have to be creative enough to write a book that’s worth reading that no other author has written. Self help books in marketing and etc. can be hard but simple fictional books are easy due to everyone having an imagination let’s not forget. Nonfiction is to because everyone offers their own truth. Market that book to its full extent even a year before release. between those two you developed great action at your definite purpose in being a writer. At that point after your book has been released and you did everything to see the formidable luck, only then will you be successful literary.

So when you ask me what it generally looks like I have to say it looks happy to be able to write each and every day. Have an opportunity to broad and produce their writing projects that they believe will give them exposure. Having the ability to improve each and every day in being an author and writer in their creative and marketing workspace.

I don’t see success as nothing more than something that is inner and mental, something that money and material things can’t offer.

10. How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

It offered a sense of stability in being an author. Once I released my first book I said to myself, “King you truly are an author now.” Only because I published my first book. All thanks to the platform Amazon ceo created. I only say that because, my writing process changed to just to fit the marketing scheme for being a self published indie author. Once you release your book you have to know you’ll always find errors to help you start developing more steps to bring better quality for your supporters and books. Editing and writing skills will improve to the point you won’t need an editor anymore, but still get one. You’re an author now, only few can hold that to be true. At that time I’ll say it just energized me to put out more books! Just seeing a new product that I wrote up on a platform brings tears to my heart. [] My poem book, ‘Nothing Left but a..’ available on Amazon and kindle unlimited, will always be my baby and my soul. It’s my first and the start. I can’t wait to see my end because I’ll say even then that my first book is my best.

11. How long on average does it take you to write a book?

The average writer in my eyes is supposed to write 3,000 words per day. If you accumulate that everyday you can write up to 90,000 words a month. that alone is a 200 page book. Which offers a vast book ready for it to be released to the world. So in pure honesty I would say 1-3 months. But if you’re a true writer like me I’ll say 9-12 months. One of my old professors said they have been working on a book for 7 years and still say “I can’t write if I don’t feel inspired.”

12. How do you come up with the titles to your books?

I started off by picking something that just sticked with me. I stated to myself that I wanted one word to represent my writings in a formal way that nobody uses in today’s age. I love Egyptian history and scribes so I took the word scriptures and scribes and made it my signature title in almost all my books that I have planned for series. It took time to figure it out. When you hear scriptures you promote it with god and ancient text that describe a great lesson in life. For me I won’t the same. I not only won’t my writings to be heard now but for years to come. For centuries to come. So to be able to do that I have to let the world know, King taught amounts of Good through his scriptures. ‘The guide to life within every secret.’

I follow a system I set up myself. But mostly I’ll just pick whichever one that fits right in my head and spirit. I just brainstorm then go through and pick whichever one really captures the real truth of the book so I don’t have to give a descriptive description on it. Most of it ends with me liking the one with scribes or scriptures in, But All of my titles hold an important flex in my novels. Dissect it and you’ll find truth to soo much more than even what just that book offers. So I can’t answer that question fully. I just know when my brain says yes, that’s perfect because what is tobe the real plot twist of the story fits that title.

13. Describe a typical writing day.

A typical writing day consists of me reading a quote from the Bible. Then I’ll try to read at least a chapter of the current book I’m reading. I also try to read 100 pages throughout the day. Then I’ll start on my journal then I’ll write 3 poems. One for that day writing exercise and two for today’s articles then tomorrow article. That way I can set up a post for the next day to insure something will get posted. Then I’ll edit it to my blog adding everything needed for it to look professional. Spend my day with my love, then at night I’ll write. I’ll take an hour to write 3,000 words of one of my books. I only pick three books that I really want to work on. Regardless if its editing or brainstorming or actually writing, I work on it fully and give it my undivided attention. I go to bed and restart the next day the same.

14. What is the most difficult part about writing for you?

The most difficult part is not having the motivation to write. Life situations happen and usually that can depress us or bring us to a state of feeling de-motivated and objected to see our definite purpose. I think this is something every writer deals with as well as the author.

Something else is coming up with good content or thinking your work is bad content. Your books are never less bad than they are good. If you put out bad work it’ll be bad. If you deem it good work, it’s a good body of work. It is what you make it just like a bad book can sell off of good marketing.

15. Do you plan on writing more books?

Yes, to simply say I will write everyday for the rest of my life and post them on a platform that’s mine as well as produces books with knowledge that I have accumulated over the years of living life. It is my goal to heal the world and one simple book or books is not nearly enough. I plan to achieve a billion words before I even think about quitting. So until I write a billion words, You’ll always know where I’ll be for the remainder of my life.

[] You can get Royal King’s first book ‘Nothing left but a…’ volume 1 poem scribes 1 on Amazon $2.99 and kindle unlimited. Go check out an excellent extortion of poetry from a new and improve author and writer in today’s 2021 world.

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Guest Post: A Time Of Age

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A time of Age

a bomb

In the wind your cool adage

upon dusk

the sorrow of your dying light

In the specks of falling dust

your power, your might

Into their lungs, they inhaled it

Covet it

In copies and repetitions

They hate you, but you’re their religion

The sincerity of a pounding waterfall

The realization at dawn

You are the spawn

of the soul

you’re bold

your story told

the stories so old

In their reflection

they’ve totally forgotten.

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Guest Post: Moods

This is a guest post by:

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I used to live
around those heavy moods of yours,
breathe from them
and shape myself
to suit the face you wanted to see.

So much so
that these are often my moods now,
killing the ones I hoped would rise
and find their place in better skies.

I used to live
in fear of them,
the trigger points and warning tones
that crept into your voice
and eyes,
causing my own to retreat
as alarm bells rang inside my heart.

Seems like now
they’re everywhere,
these moods of yours,

burning the softness from all the world’s eyes

To see more of this poet’s work, you’ll find it here: