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Gratitude #2: Making A Blogger Cry

Yesterday I published a guest poem for a blogger friend who regularly likes my posts. I asked her if she’d like to write for and she said yes. Today, on a comment, underneath the guest poem, she wrote that “I don’t know why but there are tears in my eyes, happy tears.” This warms my heart to see that I’ve touched someone, that I care and love their work. I am grateful for the experience.

~DiosRaw 27/01/21

Gratitude #1: A Beautiful Son

I was having a hard day yesterday, a lot of body pain that’s getting worse.. but still kept going.. I layed in bed, sad and tears coming down my eyes in the dark from fibromyalgia and mental pain. My partner’s son came, layed next to me until I felt I could get up, said “I love you Amber” and snuggled up next to me. It was so heart warming for a six year old to help me and care. He boosted my energy and spirits. The “Gratitude” project is born.

~DiosRaw 23/01/21