Poetry #111: Down The Rabbit Hole

Down the rabbit hole

This girl could not sleep

Her thoughts were far too deep

Her mind had ventured on a stroll

Down the rabbit hole

Conspiracy theories intrigued her

Conspiracy facts now stand the ground

Whos sitting around the table at the builderberg group

Black magic casting spells

Calcified pineal glands, do tell

Who owns the mainstream media?

Was 9/11 an inside job?

Factory farming going on the rob

Monsantos protection act

Illegal government spying not taking the wrap

A shadow government

What’s the royal bloodline?

What’s in this sacred trine?


Bohemian grove

Child trafficking

Big pharma corruption

GMOs, frankenstein crops

Taxation is theft

Agenda 21




Pesticide ladden food

Animal agriculture

Climate change

Cern’s hadron collider

Government insiders

Pentagon loosing trillions of dollars

Operation mockingbird

Who owns the federal reserve?

9/11, what really was that?

The shifting of consciousness is a fact


These are some things to spin your mind

Maybe you’ll look into these with time.

~DiosRaw 22/02/21 08:29AM

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