14 thoughts on “Notes #536”

  1. I join WordPress 6 months after I got out of prison. It was recommended to me for therapy.

    I’ve been on here cents 2016. It’s helped me in so many ways and it’s great for people who want to be heard.

    What about u?

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  2. That’s great man, good for you, I am glad you have found a place here. I joined WordPress in 2019; I had a blog for a year but deleted it because it was too dark.. and started this one last year in 2020. The reason for starting this blog was also for therapy, share knowledge and love. 🙏


  3. Thanks for the acknowledgment of my words on my page! I do appreciate!

    What do you mean by to dark? Cuz if it’s how you feel or what you are into and about. Then man do that shit Ya know.

    Don’t do it for a audience. Do it cuz that’s what you do.

    I know your not me but when I write. I write for me. I don’t need likes or complements. But if what I write is acknowledged then I’m kool wit that.

    I don’t really read like that. I don’t no puncuation or even spell right. I just write about whatever and I tell it like it is. Sorry for this long ass messages lol!

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  4. You’re welcome.

    No, I mean it was suicidal, very very dark, not good for me or for anyone else. I needed to delete that energy. I don’t write for likes or comments, I write for myself and I am authentic.. if I want to write dark I do, if not I don’t. 🙏


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