Poetry #110: A Garden Of Heart

Our hearts are chambers

Some say, the seat of the soul

Where our love congulates

And envigorates our bodies with red iron rich blood

Flooding our god given flesh suit

This heart has carried much

Turning black, numb and dead

And fed many who were hungry for love instead

Beating around 104,000 times in a day

Each heart beat not needing to be wasted on ruminations

Dancing to it’s very own beat

This vessel has expanded and contracted in the face of loss

Broken open, a green chakra, coloured as moss

Expanding electro magnetic fields intersecting and blending across this city street

Souls some will never meet

Search for healing words and plant them into your wounds

Someday you will have a garden of love

Cheers to creating poetry to clean the dark walls of my heart

I hold you tight sweetheart.

~DiosRaw 21/02/21 09:19AM

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