Astrology #2: The Moon – Urge For Emotional Fulfillment & Nurturing

“The MOON represents the urge for emotional fulfillment and nurturing by connecting with others on a personal level.

Wherever the MOON is found in your chart, is where you will be most aware of the emotional component of any situation. You will also have many changes and ups and downs in that area of your life. The position of the MOON reveals how you experience and express your needs for closeness with others. This area of your life can activate and satisfy your deepest hunger for emotional completion.

Key ideas for the MOON: moods, non-verbal communications, feelings, subtle perceptions, need for nurturing, the mother, women in general, instinctive response, intuition, food, caring, empathy, protectiveness, memory, impressions, reflection, sensitivity, ESP, home, deepest needs, the unconscious, tendencies from past lives, ancestry, self-image, attachment, all-encompassing mother love, security/insecurity, and a sense of belonging.

Rules the SIGN of : Cancer

Rules the natural HOUSE : 4th House

Time in each Sign : 2-1/4 Days

The challenge of the MOON : to grow beyond identifying yourself with changeable emotional states. The challenge is to stop expecting other people or external circumstances to be responsible for your inner state of being.

The goal of the MOON: to gain emotional balance and inner security. This opens you to experiencing the satisfaction of emotionally nurturing interactions with others.

Use to increase the MOON’S power in your life: The metal, Silver; the stone Moonstone, Sardonyx and Pearls.”


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