Forgotten Knowledge

Alexandria was a place of true wisdom. All the texts mingled together there. It had the knowledge of all antiquity. There was millions of manuscripts. When the libraries burned down we lost more knowledge than we could ever get back. Only legends and fables remain from Alexandria. The entire structure of the Hermetic was developed […]

Forgotten Knowledge


4 thoughts on “Forgotten Knowledge”

  1. I doubt the burning down was an accident.. I wonder.. what do you think Francis? Yes, there are many rumours about Alexander’s tomb.. any thoughts? If we accept the narrative..

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  2. I doubt it was an accident too. There’s the legend of Alexander, I’ve read the books, they’re good to read. Troy was apparently discovered by Schliemann and it’s siege was a real event but the era of those ten years is debatable, ranging from about 1100 bc to 600 bc. We simply don’t know for sure… yet.

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