Poetry #108: A Venom Of Many Names

Darkness through darkness

Claustrophobic thoughts concealed me

And every day I dived deeper

Into these illusionary thoughts

Many times I tried to end my life

Sometimes I held a knife

Taking pills to send me into a wakeless sleep

Jumping off dams into deep bottomless lakes

Suicidal ideations and thoughts fixated my view

Pain was in every corner, every ounce of my body

There was no cure for my pain

Sending me into a realm of insane

Venom had spread across my body

Searching endlessly for the antidote

Feeling closer to death than being alive

I wonder how you stand so tall

You never give in

You bend, you do not fall

Near death experiences time after time

Death stared me dead cold in the face

You have the power to hurl out of darkness

Seek and it will come

And take you out of this black hole

But only when you decide to..

My name is mental illness

Many names have been given to me

I have existed since man was created

Trauma and mental issues are related

In past times I was named a loony and a nutter

In modern times, I take on a more sophisticated tone, labelling had begun, depression, manic, hyperactive, borderline, bipolar

Do not judge the lives I have claimed

Until you have walked in their shoes.

~DiosRaw 19/02/21 08:14AM

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