Poetry #104: Tantric Orgasmic Lotus

Becoming one body, one aura

Growing immeasurably

The borders melted and thoughts mingled

These space vehicles spread hues of tingles

That opened horizons unknown to the human mind

Trying new practices, you never know what you may find

Fingernails drag down the warmth of my back

You know I like it like that

Sweet one

Lips curving into flirtatious grins

Obliterating the game of losses and wins

You captivated my tongue

Bending me over and shining your torchlight

Touched on the inside with your tender love

As sweet as a white pure dove

Your hands play a sultry note

Gently touching against my neck and delicate throat

Entering the lotus

Unleashing my poetess

The siren sings her song

Hearts entwined all along

All sentient beings joined us in this cosmic dance

Putting our consciousnesses in an electric trance

Immersed within the tantric light

We become unity in the night

Kundalini rising

Bursting through the meridians

Into a merging of juices and energies

Dazed and awakened into the universal field of oneness.

~DiosRaw 15/02/21 10:30AM

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