Poetry By Woodsy & Amber #4: Conjuring

caressing this nose, blankly staring into the abyss of the white paper beneath me,

thoughts swirling around questioning my existence and why I would be here..

sadness like snowflakes

leaving a trail so much wider than the heart they came from

common feelings drift along the human psyche as to where we belong

melancholic hues strangling my vision

when did I freeze too deep to get up again?

or reach for those coats I used to write myself?

one decision I made took this story in a whole new direction

can I ever be redeemed and find redemption?

I remember when those blizzards were galaxies,

laughing me down hills as they rolled

and the northern lights lit up the halo above my head

as a child playing, dancing and near the veil of forgetting, amongst the stars

By Woodsy (https://woodsydotblog.wordpress.com) & Amber (diosraw.com)

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