Poetry #102: City Insinuating Signs

I’m disappearing, transparent amongst city streets

Nobody turns their head to greet

In between these two invisible sheets

Stricken by fear

Thinking their end is near

Grand antiquated buildings take centre stage,

Ancient history, time lapsed to turn to the present page

Where in every corner a soul has wandered

Where in every lonely venue, a dream was lost

Contemplating this over a cigarette, resting aching limbs on a shop window, what will our souls cost?

How can this world trudge along and continue?

Shops bordered up, big supermarkets dominate

What are all these signs really trying to insinuate?

Masks giving birth to bacterial pneumonia, initation into a cult and starving the soul of oxygen

The fearing of our fellow human

In our own version of the truman

Scuttling across the floor like animals into our cages

This feels like it will go on for ages

They’ll break us down in stages




Can I step out of this city yet?

Into a blossoming world bursting with vitality and thriving with life

If we all came together and said no, we could end this strife

Brain washing and ignorance running rife..

~DiosRaw 13/02/21 10:15AM

4 thoughts on “Poetry #102: City Insinuating Signs”

  1. Hi,
    My name’s hello…
    and I’ve come such a long way
    to catch your attention.

    I used to be a great little hello,
    bouncy like a bunny
    over trampoline hills
    and smiles
    that could boing off across the Universe.

    But there’s so much paperwork to do now,

    just to cross the street.

    My heart is a treasure map,
    navigated from my name

    and charted through feelings
    they tell us not to play with anymore.

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