Poetry By Woodsy & Amber #3: Iridescence

They said I had a massive heart –
said they could see it
sucking up the juice from lonely tides,
like that one long snake of evening billow,

coming home from the oceans and the stars

strolling the coastline, contemplating and reminiscing, searching for some place they call home

my footing on the rocks give way, climbing steep hills, symbolizing and summing up my life’s slippery stability

my lights fade a little in my eyes –

like little jewel stars,
too far from the ocean to be recharged

and too deep between the cracks to be glued

I yearn for the times where I could hear the gulls above and the wind whispering between the hills

incessant loud noise invades my mind, stealing moments of serenity

Now the tide comes from dark places,

the shadows behind closets I’m too big to hide in –

too big not to be seen,

held accountable
for my little patch of shoreline
where telescope eyes weep over long-abandoned sand,

waiting for the big wave that’s already drowning my heart

as night strolls in, returning back to base, hanging the iridescent glow of candlelight above the cavern by the sea

this gentle flicker burns itself out, darkness makes itself a home;

Into the astral planes of mystery my consciousness goes to work out my demons there..

riding a trail that nestles down low like the streetlights,
woven from toxic vapour trails and cars..

rebuilding the rest of me with stars

the mysterious nature of reality and my own mind unfolds forevermore..

By Woodsy (https://woodsydotblog.wordpress.com) & Amber (diosraw.com)

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