Uighars (Chinese Muslims).

The Uighars are Chinese Muslims. Upto a million have been interned in camps by the Chinese authories..citing they are extremist, the women are being raped & the men tortured into giving up their beliefs. This is another example of the old dark.energy being forced into the open for all to see.. I make no judgement […]

Uighars (Chinese Muslims).

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8 thoughts on “Uighars (Chinese Muslims).”

  1. More needs to be done have you alerted the UN formally? I will try and do the same this is beyond horrific no person should have to face this in the 21st century of an age where we all know better apparently?

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  2. We have to strive to make it better if we all wrote to them it would be recorded formally and it is then up to them to decide what they can do based on the numbers opening their eyes to the real issues they are not seeing
    Ie safety in numbers all do our bit together everyone achieves more 🙏🤩🥰💕

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  3. I agree, however, China is very secretive it seems and those letters probably would go “missing.” Keep bringing awareness to this..


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