2 thoughts on “~Spend More Time In Graveyards~”

  1. Reblogged this on CRAIN'S COMMENTS and commented:
    When I was a youth soccer coach, a key concept I tried to teach the players was/is “field awareness.” That’s seeing and absorbing not just where the ball is but also the context — locations and directions of the other players, empty spaces, opportunities. You are called to make snap decisions and you have to base them on all of the information, not just what’s in front of you or what you want to see.
    Field awareness applies to life as well as to the game. As this post notes, everything has an ending. The only thing that outlasts death is your legacy. And what will that be? That’s largely for you to make happen.

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  2. Hello Vic, thank you very much for reblogging this post, I appreciate you! That is a greatly articulated comment my friend, field-awareness is important in life so as to get us out of tunnel vision. I like your comment about legacy.. what will that be? For me love, awareness, knowledge spreading and truth.. and you? 🙏🖤


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