Guest Post: Life Of Mine Who Owns?

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Life of mine who owns?

To keep living or go for euthanasia
Will I decide or will someone else’s
Life of mine who owns?

The years with the tears
I respired and I died
I died to live now I am dying to die
Barefoot and naked
I watch my heart juggling the beats


Not lost the belief on the one above all
But I see how precisely he chose his puppets
And ones like me to beg for death

Made paralyzed below spinal
Out from the world of motion and feels, he keeps
Magic, miracles and hope
For me are the biggest myth

I can’t clasp my hands
As if in the form of prayer
Please tell me god!
Why you have depended me on wheelchair?

-Worse than being dead-

Doctors kept me alive
But its even worse
than being dead

I can’t touch, I can’t feel
I can’t pass, I can’t try
I have literally nothing
For everything I rely

To breathe: Ventilator
To eat and move:
Machines and nurses
What brought me here
Is the one watching? Who owns these curses

“My Spirit to Live”

For me, my presence is equal to my absence
My squeaks and cry for help is not cowardness

Just push me to death

the death of my spirit to live
I don’t wish to witness

I see it breaking daily
In sunshine, in moonlight or in the rain
By it I was breathing and bore the pain

Set Me Free…

I will to free
My eyes from wailing
My heart from sympathies
My body from sickness
My soul from prison
Let me jump out of
Open the doors of
Mercy Killing
& Let me walk into it…

by @thecloudfeels

To see more of this poet’s work, check here:

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