Poetry #97: You Are Loved

Recollecting who you are

You came and are made from the stars

Contorting within the melting pot of cosmic dust

You were thrust

Into this exsistence

Remembering you are loved

Never forgetting the universe is conspiring in your favour

Taste your soul mission in all its flavour

All the hues and colours blending

Fragments of your soul entwined together, mending

You’ll never be forgotton

I’m by your side

You don’t have to exert far and wide

Just close your eyes and look inside

Go beyond this earthly realms’ spells of divide

May you see the love that surrounds you, in all you do

And the love infinitely around you

The universe’s eyes tell me they love you everyday

No matter what may approach, you are there to stay

Venturing as an eternal spirit that you are, forevermore.

~DiosRaw 09/02/21 10:00AM

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