Guest Post: Lightsongs And Jellyfish

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Was that you when the mist rolled in,
bell-shaped and awesome in eerie wet light?

Was that you,
giant like some deep sea thing,
building a new sea floor
from a vast army of uncried tears?

Unshed jellyfish,
carved enormous in the magic stone.

Was that you,
filling those gullies
with the ink
of unwritten dialogue?

Was that you,
plugging me into your secret songs
through the tingling storm drains in my feet?

Was that you,
singing me free
at fifty sobs a minute?

Were those your tentacles,
bursting loose from the softly jagged moor?

Envelop me now, then.

Wrap me in billow,
in cloud…

Rewrite me in your crown of tears,
your crazy safe place,
rolling down across your pulsing flanks –

jellyfish sobs…

streams of your galloping, weeping poetry,
burning down through awestruck eyes,
soaking through my soul…
down leviathan pleats…

guiding me home
in spite of all timetables…

guiding me to you,
to somewhere elsewhere.

Build me a place in your heart,
out of driftwood trees…

pulled out of burning moss
and chain.

Build me a place,
here in your bottomless,
fire-weave embrace…

where you can gaze down…
where you can smile…
just like the eyes of mountains do.

A wetness to dissolve in…
to lose myself
in the communion of
all things washed away
and all things coming up for air,
unzipping stars
and forests
from the ocean you left on the soles of my shoes…
from feet
that would never walk dry again.

I am the lone candle,
and you are the thing that floats,
pulsing with lights
that only the deepest,
freest shade of darkness
can recognise.

I am a life rekindled
in a grip vast enough for giants,
deep enough for clouds,
close enough to hold.

I have no motorcade,
no television crew,
no authority,
no claim,

but my spirit swims with tentacles
and swirling stars –

and when they land on your mountains to weep?

I am what stands in every pore

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