~Why Is This Being Done?~

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control in the U.S. (CDC) has lumped COVID-19 deaths in with influenza and pneumonia for reporting purposes. Why? Because the recovery rate for COVID-19 is more than 99%, but lumping COVID deaths in with deaths from other causes gives the appearance of increasing the death rate from COVID-19! Why is this being done?

And why are we fast tracking a vaccine for a disease that has a 99.9% recovery rate when the vaccine has a 3% adverse reaction rate, and when inexpensive preventatives and therapies exist?

Source: Dr. Christine Northrup Email Article

4 thoughts on “~Why Is This Being Done?~”

  1. My son tested positive for Covid a few months back and though he quarantined here at home, he did not stay apart here. Thanks to the Good Lord and supplements such as at lot of Vitamins C, D, Zinc and magnesium if I had it, there were no symptoms at all. Interesting art work, souls headed for their eternity, or as one dimension dissolves on to the next?

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  2. I am glad he is ok. Testing postive with no symptoms.. seems fishy. The PCR tests have been shown to result in many false positives, the test wasn’t created for detecting viruses and they amplify the cycles of detection, meaning they can find a virus cell from a year ago.. it’s all smokes and mirrors. The flu and influenza are lopped onto the statistics and being reported as covid deaths.. It’s a mess.

    All we need is there. Healthy foods, boosting the immune system..

    The old will die because they are isolated, not recieving Vit-D for their immune systems and loneliness kills.

    The art is interesting, many interpretations! πŸ˜˜πŸ–€πŸ™


  3. He did have symptoms. He lost his sense of taste and smell and had a couple days difficulty breathing. It was I who even though in close contact never took ill to my knowledge. I agree on the isolation concerns because I see the effects on my own parents.

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